Zebraman (2004) Script

Here we see the seals heading upstream. This is unheard of this time of year.

Now, we take you to Yokohama.

People are discovering a lot of strange things lately, including oversize fish.

Also, reports of kidnappings and rape are on the rise...

That's some weird stuff.

The world sure is crazy.

Ya know...


I need another drink.

Please stop it.

Just one more.

Save some for the other customers.

There aren't many other customers.

You're right.

I'm always right. Remember that.

Human-like lifeforms have been spotted.

And the police?

It's only between us.

This is difficult. We're not "ultra police".

Hear me out.

America has had reports of similar sightings.

No one knows for sure what they are.

You believe it?

Our defense force is ordered to investigate these incidents.

We cannot panic the public, so all investigations must be in secret.

We're leaving it to the two of you to solve the case.

We have no other choice.

Do you accept?


I don't know.

Are you afraid?

You won't have much backup in the field.

This is crazy.

I feel like an idiot.

Super Power Sentai!

Aleki Thunder!

But, I'm your mother!

You're lying!

Damn you. I'll get you now.


I won't allow you to do what you want!

What was all that?


Ota, it hurts. It hurts.

Please stop it.


It's camouflage.


It's weird for two men to be in the same apartment.

This is less suspicious.

Ah, now I understand.

I'll be more careful.

What a dump!

Give me the lunch.


Please don't do anything weird.


No worries. No worries.

Are our orders here?

Yes, it's here.

The alien lifeform in Yokohama gives off a certain sound wave...

Skip that.


Do you have a girlfriend now?

Yes, I do.

It gives off a wave...

Enough of that.

What do we do when we detect the wave?

Call headquarters.


What are you doing?

Calling headquarters.


I have a girlfriend now. Really.

We've been dating for one year.

Please wait for love.

This evening in Yokohama, a criminal wearing a crab mask...

Is it good, Kazuki?

Starting today, I will be your regular teacher.

No way.

Your father is your teacher! Idiot!

Pathetic! Pathetic!

Get lost!

Cut the crap! Pathetic! Get lost!


Just give me more time.

But I...

It will all work out in time.

Hey, where are you going?


Wadda ya mean "out"?

You can't go out.

Why not?


You still have chores to do.

I'm going.

I'm telling you you can't go out. It's a school night.

I'm home.

You going out?


I see.

Let me give you some money...

Thanks. I'm going.


You're home early...

I'm home.

What a pain...

No one listens...

Midori is at that age...

I guess it can't be helped.


Black and White Ecstasy!


Zebra Screeeew Punch!

Zebra Back Kick!

Zebra Bomber!

You're not gonna...

keep me down!

Not again!

Prof. Ichikawa.


This is Asano Shinpei-kun. A transfer student.

Transfer student?

Don't scare him. Do your best.

Yes. I got it.

I'll leave you three alone. Bye.

Nice to meet you.

This is our newest teacher, Prof. Ichikawa.

Nice to meet you.

We'll be sure to treat you great.

He's normal.


Even though he can't walk, he's still a regular junior high student.

Excuse me.

So, Asano-kun, let's go.


Take care.

Okay, from today we have a new class mate. Asano-kun.

I'm Shinpei Asano. Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

That's good everyone.

His paralysis was very sudden.

All the hospitals we went to didn't understand it.

Each day I wonder if he'll ever be able to stand again.

His dad?

I'm a single parent.


It's no problem.

I see. Sorry.


I don't want him to be treated special.

I don't want any bad things to happen.

What do you mean, "bad things"?

Other students may resent him.

I understand.

I'll treat him like any other student.

Thank you.



What kind of person are you, Kitahara-kun?

I may not look it, but I'm a ghost-man.



No way.

Then prove it.

Okay. Here.

It's a white panda?

How'd you get it?

I told you I'm a ghost man.

It's really cute.

Hey, hey. What does your father do?

Ah! A school teacher!

It really sucks. He's not even popular.

It's my dad's fault that little brother is picked on...

And mom is unhappy...


Yes. It really is his fault.

So, are we done?

No way. One more time.

One more time.

Yes, yes.

Yes, yes.

Yes, yes.

Yes, yes.

I could just go to the corner and buy some juice...

No, no, no...

I might catch cold.


I finished.


Teacher, do like sports?

To be honest, not really.

Hey, what were you working on in class?

Who was it?

Did you draw it?

It's Zebraman.

You know him?

Uh... yeah.

I watched him on TV when I was in Junior High.

Now, everyone, let's all watch Zebraman's TV preview together.

In the year 2010, a mysterious hero appears.


Fight, Zebraman!

Fly, Zebraman!

Black and White Ecstasy!


Jyumonji Yuzuru defends the Earth against evil alien invaders!

The series was cancelled after only 13 episodes, but fans still remember it.

There's a lot of news about it on the internet.

Turn on the Black and White!

Here's some printouts.

Zebraman isn't just about a super hero,

It's about believing in your dreams.

Whether we had a color TV or not,

we would still sing the theme song after it was over.

That's really good.

Yeah, it is.

It's great, teacher.

That you remember this show.

I feel like I'm talking with my father.

Ah. What about the main character?

He was a junior high school teacher.

A teacher like me.

But, my students don't really take me seriously.

Maybe I should practice my yelling at them?

Teacher, do you know what year this is?

This year?

It's 2010.

That's right. It's the same year that Zebraman took place.



From today, can I call you Asano?


Hey, I wonder...

If we find this lifeform...


Let's beat its head in.

No way.

We have to follow orders.



I feel like spoiled milk.

Air conditioner?

No air conditioner.


There's no space for one...

Prof. Ichikawa...


I think it's good.

What is?

You haven't heard anything.

Today, Prof. Ichikawa will go on patrol with Prof. Ippongi.

Nice to meet you!

Everyone, count on me.


What are you guys doing here? It's late. Go home, go home!

Are you sure that's okay?

What do you mean? It is for their own good.

Professor, are you hungry?

Have some, have some.

The thing I hate the most is perverts.

At least yakuza punks live by a code of honor.

But perverts, I can never forgive them.

Now, I'll eat.

It's really good.

It is good.

Ah yes, well you see...

I'm an expert on this kind of food.

But my real passion is to be...

An English teacher at a girl's school.

But I'm so embarassed!

So what's the problem?

The problem is the Sailor Suit.

Why is that a problem?

It's difficult to walk.

That's it?

Oh look! It's 9 o'clock. We'd better get going.

It's still bad.

But I want to show Asano.

Asano, Asano, Asano...

Nakayama-cho 2-chome 553

Nice neighborhood.

What? That's not it.

Not Asano's address. Sakura-machi 30.





Sakura-machi 3-chome 15. Asano.

There's no doubt.

Can't be seen like this.

You're fired. You're fired. You're fired...

I'm a fan.

What are you?


I'm Zebraman.

I'm Zebraman.


That hurt.

Be careful.

Be careful.


What the hell?

Hey, Hey! A wave reaction.

Let's go.


Hurry up!

Zebra Screw Punch.

It's Zebraman...

Hey, what's going on?

Ah, nothing.

Nothing, huh?

It's late.

You're alone?

Is your mom nearby?

Seigawa. Seigawa!


There was another murder.

It seems connected to the others.

Of course, we want everyone to be on guard.

That's it.

The victim last night seemed to be covered in green goo.

I heard it from my friends, even though the police deny it.

And there's nothing about it on TV.

Hey! What are you doing?

Zebraman Punch!

Take this.

I'm good.

This way?

Take a look at the body.

Ready? It's a bit hard to look at.

How could that have happened?

Look at the wound...




I'm done.

I don't get it.

I'm done.

Burn it.


Light up!


The cases seem to be around the general area of this school.

Can I speak freely about the cases?

Yes, of course. You can ask me anything.

What's weird about these cases is that They haven't been reported on TV or in the newspapers.

Hey, what are you implying?

Last night, a lot of people were unaware of the danger.

Do you intend to let more people die?

Prof. Kyoto...

Are you afraid of something?

Well, there might be a panic...

Our first concern is for our students.

Our concern is to solve the cases.

Professor, these two cases are...

I won't answer you!

You make me sick!

I wonder if it was the real Zebraman?


I hope that I can meet him again.

I see.

I see.

You can watch Zebraman on here.


It's the first episode of Zebraman.

I remember, I remember. It's Zebraman!

Ah! There! There! The Screw Punch, right?

I'm home.

Welcome home.

Ah, professor...

Ah, excuse me.

He was teaching me.

Professor Ichikawa is a fan of Zebraman!

It makes me feel very nostalgic.

Now I'll make dinner.


Ah, no, no. I should go.



What is it?

Professor, you should eat your vegetables.

Oh, really?

Well, the truth is...

Need help?

I got it.

I see.

Your family?

Oh, that's right. I forgot. I should go.

That's not what I meant.

A wife and two kids.

I see.

What about you?

His father committed suicide.

I'm sorry. I shouldn't burden you.

He was a junior at the university hospital.

My son saw the whole thing.

He jumped from the building.


I really should go home.

Zebra Nurse!!


Don't worry, Zebraman.




Sorry. I'll be back soon.

Zebra Bomber!

White and Black Man!


Horse Man!


Zebra Double Kick!

Ah, sorry, sorry.

Where were we...

Sorry to keep you all waiting.


The time is up.

Sorry, sorry. Let's go.

A striped man?

Well, if there is such a man running around like that, then he must be an idiot.

Zebraman isn't an idiot!



Did you see him?

No, I didn't.

But, Zebraman isn't an idiot.

He's a savior.


I'll be there soon.

What did Asano tell you?

That kid...

What are you doing?

That kid...

What he said...

Cut the crap!

I have to solve these cases! I don't have time to waste with this crap!

I'm trying to analyze its programme.


Mr. Kanda.

I think it's impossible to find out any more.

But headquarters is waiting for results.

Having to examine in secret slows me down.

What we need to find out...

Is how this is spread from person to person.

It can spread from Yokohama to cover the whole country.

Please don't rush me, Oikawa-san.

Enough of this crap!

Whose idea was this anyway?!

We're not getting anywhere. It's beyond human comprehension.

What do you mean transfer?

To another school?

We had no choice. The kids are in danger.



Shinpei Asano is in danger.

I don't understand what you mean?

If the students are in danger...

You don't have to know.

Don't worry. As of tomorrow, they'll be safe.

Prof. Kyoto...

The families all agree.

What is it you know?

What do you mean?

You know something about the case.

I'm asking you to stop.

It's not just the cases that put the students in danger.

What is it?

What do you know?

Excuse me. I'll go fix it.

I'm not done talking with you.

But, my hair...

Who cares about your hair?

I have to go to the toilet.


Why do you need your bag?

Is there something in there?

Let me see what's inside!

W- what?

What could be so important?

Hey, wait!

We're not finished!

Eh, uh, eh, uh...

Great food and great prices. Have some now.

What would you like, kids?

Where are your mothers?

What are you doing?

Why'd you do that?

Don't eat all that!

Wait! Wait!

Do you guys have money?

Stop it, you brats!

Stop it you brats!

Hurry, hurry! Help me! Shoot them!

I can't shoot children!

What's up?

Chief, there's big trouble.

Come on, stop it.



Okay, stop.

Hey, Kazuki. It's dad. It's your dad!

Stay away!

Stay away!


My son is sick. Where should I take him?

Now is bad.


Someone gave birth to a green baby.

You really helped me.

Thank you.


He's sleeping in his room.

I see.


Can I ask you something?


Are you really...


It's true.

You were in one of my dreams.

You healed a big wound.

I wanted to help you.

It seemed so real.



I understood it.

The reason why I fight...

Is for dreams.

Not for my dreams, but for...

but for his.

That's what I believe.

Kazuki? Are you all right?

Are you okay?

He's okay.

I'm sorry for before.

"There's no more time"

"I leave the rest up to you"

"Anything Goes"

Anything goes?

Hey, what are you doing?

Hey, what are you doing?

I'm looking for Prof. Kyoto.


Yeah, here.

I'm there.


That's close.

During the incident that just passed, There was a striped man who helped save the kids.

I'm trying to find out who he is.

Excuse me.

What is this?

It's a dump, right?

A real dump.

Is Kyoto okay?

Excuse me.


"Car stealing kids"

"Crab Man"

"Green Baby"

Zebraman scripts.

What I'm about to tell you is surprising.

These scripts contain everything that's been going on lately.

Crab Man.

Kids stealing cars.

Green baby.

Wait a second. I heard nothing about those.

But, Prof. Kyoto knew about it all this time.

It's all here.

Prof. Kyoto?


He must know about Zebraman.

Hey, did you ever hear anything strange from the professor's room?

No, I never did.

Too bad. I think Kyoto knows what's going on.

I think Kyoto is in alien hands.

Who told you that?

Wait a sec!

Find him.


In Yokohama, 34 years ago, a UFO crash-landed.

The aliens mixed in with humans around the area of the junior high school.

Soon after, the alien's began using the Zebraman scripts for their plans.

The program was cancelled early.

The UFO aliens used the junior high school to further their plans.

They began to further experiment on humans.

Prof. Kyoto began a one man fight against the aliens.

That's why he wanted to transfer the students to another school.

He said...


Anything goes.

He believed...

Dreams come true.

Kyoto is an alien. But not just a normal alien. He's an original alien from the UFO.



We can't let you interfere with our plans for invasion...


Seigawa-san is dead.

I need a bike.

I should have a bike.

Heroes always have bikes.



Your father...

Needs to fly to the sky...


Your mother...

And sister...

Take care of them.


Do your best.

Did you read the script for the final episode?


How about Asano-kun?

He didn't read it either.

That's good.

I don't think I can fly.

When fighting the alien boss,


Gets defeated.

But then...

What happens?


Flies into the sky.

Then he...

saves the earth and humanity...

From the alien invasion.

That's the final episode.

What the heck is that?

Who would watch such a show?

You've been practicing flying?


How long?

10 days.

I think to fly...

is impossible.

I wish I never read that script!

My son believes in you.

He believes that Zebraman will protect the earth.

For my son's sake...


learn how to fly!



Did you...

understand my story?


There is one man who can help.

Who is it?

It's Zebraman.

It's Zebraman!

You mean that striped guy?

Sounds weird, doesn't it?

But I think he's the only one who can help us.

No need.

The order has been given.

Tonight, the Junior High School will be no more.

Our operation will be over.

In a moment, the school will cease to exist.

I expect your support.

How can you say that?

Everyone has gone crazy.

It's all we can do to survive.


Do your best.

He believes.

Believes in dreams.

Believe in dreams, believe in dreams.

Why did you come here? If something bad happened tell me...

No, no. I had something important to tell you.

You should not give up.

I really believe that you are a big hero, defending the earth.

You look terrible.

Well, I'm sorry for saying such weird things.


Take care.


Where are you, Shinpei?



Please stop, please stop.

What is it?

We're sorry, but the road is closed.


We're sorry, no one can pass.

But my son went to the school...

Everything is in order here.

Please! I need to go to the school!

You're good, Professor.

Clear a path.

Open it, open it.

Let's go. To the school. Get on.




Help me, Zebraman!

Do your best, Zebraman!


Zebraman, look out!

You're not gonna... keep me down.

Hey? What's going on?



Now what?

There's only 3 minutes left until the chopper gets here! Let's clear out!




What now?


Zebraman, fly and fight.


Zebraman has to fly.

Zebraman has to fly to the sky.

You have to believe that you can fly.



Now it's Zebraman's turn.





He flew.


Thank you...



Can I ask you something?


My mask...

I was finally having some fun.

Yes, yes. Everything is fine now.

Japan is safe!

We're here.


Everyone is waiting for Zebraman.

He looks like a fine man.

He doesn't look like dad?

No way! Don't say such a thing!

Thank you, Zebraman!

Turn on the black and white.