Zero Dark Thirty (2012) Script

United 1523, did you hear your company... Did you hear...

We were just answering your call.

We did hear that yelling, too.

We couldn't tell what it was either.

United 93...

Has he turned to the east now? Please state your emergency.

The flight attendant is advising our reps that the pilot and everyone's been stabbed.

And we can't breathe.

I don't know. I think we're getting hijacked.

...hijacked aircraft headed towards New York.

Is this real world or exercise? No, this is not an exercise.

Can anybody get up to the cockpit?

What's going on, Betty?

Betty, talk to me.

A plane just crashed into the World Trade Center.

I think we might have lost her.

Hey, Mom, I'm sure that you've heard that a plane crashed into World Trade Center One.

We're fine. We're in World Trade Center Two.

I'm on a plane that's been hijacked.

I hope to be able to see your face again, baby.

I love you. Bye.

We got reports of another incoming plane.

We may have to take cover in the stairwell.

Lieutenant Brown, Ladder 18. One of the towers just collapsed.

Hello, ma'am? Help!

That towerjust came down on top of everybody!

Are they gonna be able to get somebody up here?

Of course, ma'am. We're coming up to you.

Well, there's no one here yet, and the floor's completely engulfed.

We're on the floor and we can't breathe.

Hold on one second, please.

I'm gonna die, aren't I?

No, no, no, no, no, no!

I'm gonna die. Ma'am...

I'm gonna die, I know it.

Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm.

Please, God.

You're doing a good job, ma'am.

You're doing a good job. You're doing fine.

It's so hot. I'm burning up.

Ma'am, you are fine. They're gonna come get you.

Can anyone hear me?

Oh, my God.

I own you, Ammar.

You belong to me.

Look at me.

If you don't look at me when I talk to you, I hurt you!

You step off this mat, I hurt you!

If you lie to me, I'm gonna hurt you!

Now, now look at me!

Look at me, Ammar!

Come on.

Nobody talks to him.

Roger that.

Are we gonna board these windows up or what?

Just off the plane from Washington.

Rocking your best suit for your first interrogation.

And you get this guy.

They're not always this intense.

I'm fine.

Well, just so you know, it's gonna take a while.

He has to learn how helpless he is.

Come on, let's get a coffee.

No, we should go back in.

There's no shame if you want to watch from the monitor.

All right.

Might want to put this on.

You're not wearing one.

Is he ever getting out?


Let's go.

Right now, all this is about, simply, is you coming to terms with your situation.

It's you and me, bro.

I want you to understand that I know you, that I've been studying and following you for a very long time.

I could've had you killed in Karachi, but I didn't, I let you live, so that you and I could talk.

Then you beat me when my hands are tied.

So I won't talk to you.

Well, life isn't always fair, my friend.

Did you really think that when we got you, I would be a nice fucking guy?

You're a mid-level guy.

You're a garbage man in the corporation!

Why should I respect you, huh?


And you're a money man.


A disgrace to humanity.

You and your uncle murdered 3,000 innocent people.


I have your name on a $5,000 transfer via Western Union to a 9/11 hijacker.

And you got popped with

150 kilograms of high explosives in your house!

And then you dare question me?

Come on, man, I'm fucking with you.

I don't want to talk about 9/11 yet.

What I want to focus on is the Saudi group.

That there is Hazem al-Kashmiri.

And I know this dude is up to some serious shit.

What I want from you is his Saudi e-mail.

Ammar, bro, I know that you know this dude.

Just give me his e-mail and I will give you a blanket.

I will give you a blanket and some solid food.

I know that you know him.

I told you before, I won't talk to you.

Have it your way. Let's go.

Come on.

When you lie to me, I hurt you.

Grab me the bucket.

Come on, grab the bucket!

Put some water in it.

Come on, let's go!

Come on, give it to me.

Hazem was a friend of Ramzi Yousef.

You guys met in Iran, back in the '90s.

I don't know!

Fuck you!

Give me the e-mails of the rest of the Saudi group.

Give me one e-mail and I will stop this!

Who's in the Saudi group?

And what's the target?

Where was the last time you saw bin Laden?

Where was the last time you saw bin Laden, huh?

You know, when you lie to me, I hurt you.

This is what defeat looks like, bro.

Yourjihad is over.

Get him up.

Try to understand the concept here.

Okay, I have time, you don't.

I have other things to do, but you don't.

It's cool that you're strong. I respect it, I do.

But in the end, everybody breaks, bro.

It's biology.

Can you open the trunk, ma'am?

It's clear.

How'd it go the other night?

It was good. I mean, the local cops needed a little tactical help, but he's Tier fucking One, baby.

That's your moneymaker right there.

And this is the guy that's K.S.M.'s nephew?

Yeah. What's his issue?

He's being a dick.

If he's trying to outsmart you, why don't you tell him about your Ph.D.

Yeah. No, but I am gonna have to turn up the heat on this asshole.

He needs to give up the Saudi group now.

He's got to have that, given the family ties.

He's tight with his uncle, he's got his prints all over the 9/11 money.

He's got them in his head, he needs to disclose them.

All right.


Bill, she's good to go.

I'll get her the right one tomorrow.

Was I lying or what?

Maya, this is Joseph Bradley, our illustrious station chief.

Joe and I did Iraq together.

It's nice to meet you.

You, too, sir.

How was your flight? Fine.

And she's been having a great time since she got in.

Isn't that right?

Good. How do you like Pakistan so far?

It's kind of fucked up.

You volunteered for this, didn't you?


Third floor, northeast corner.

You don't think she's a little young for the hard stuff?

Washington says she's a killer.

Children's Crusade, huh?

They want to put the next generation on the field.

Listen, I've got a meeting with ISI in 20 minutes.

They're slow-rolling us in Lahore, you might want to bitch about that.

My fellow Americans...

Did I tell you this?

That this dude in Malaysia, he tells the Malaysian station that his nephew works with a guy who knows a guy...

Here we go. Hold on.

He goes to a big feast in Bangkok about a year ago.

Guest of honor?

Usama bin Laden.

I said, "Was Tupac there, too?"

This is worth five million bucks.

You know we're gonna have to chase it down.

Hey, that's me, man, no job too small.

That's why I have a gift for you, my friend.

Everyone, this is Maya. Hey.

Maya, everyone. Please don't ask her how it's going with Ammar, 'cause she's not gonna fucking tell you.

Ammar is withholding?

Washington assesses Abu Faraj is officially our new number three.

He's the best man for it.

Yeah, the London station's already asking if he's contacting anybody in the U.K.

Like we're just keeping it from them? Yeah.

Jordanians are being really helpful with Ammar's transit papers.

Any imminent threats in here?

They want a consulate, a Marriott, it's low security.

And they've got Majid Kahn talking about gas stations in the U.S.

And that's a conversation?

Honestly, there are 600 questions in there.

I'd do Heathrow, the Saudis...

Does it matter what Faraj thinks about Heathrow?

How much latitude does he get to pick targets?

I think he'll give up the Saudis, but Heathrow's gonna be tough.

Anyway, anything from last night?

Quetta base thinks they have a bead on the Arabs that escaped.

They're meeting with ISI this afternoon, hopefully set up a raid down there. Great.

And Lahore reporting ISI was painfully slow last night, again.

They're beginning to think it's not incompetence.

I agree. I spoke to the chief about that.

Yeah. Anything on bin Laden?

A farmer on the Afghan border near Tora Bora reports

"a diamond-shaped pattern in the hills, tall male in the center of the diamond

"flanked by four guards." Consistent with UBL's movements.

That's supposed to be his royal guard?

No, that's pre-9/11 behavior.

We have no reason to believe he's changed security tactics.

We invaded Afghanistan, that's a reason.

Hey, boss, I got a guy, for $5,000 bucks, he can set up a taxi stand and snoop around a bit.

No. Don't need him. Sorry, the diamond sighting's bullshit.

See if the Paks will send someone to talk to the farmer.

Anything else? No?

All right, let's put some runs on the board against Faraj, okay?

Talk to the case officers who didn't see fit to make it today and thank them.

Tora Bora?

Yeah. Good.

Come on. Here we go. Here we go.

Let's just...

Let's take it easy today, huh?


The food in here sucks, so I got you some of this.

Good, huh?

Richard Reid.

Oh, man, I was thinking about him.

Guy gets a bomb in a shoe on a plane. Un-fucking-believable.

You know him, don't you?


I'm glad you said that.

I got an e-mail from you to him.

I got all your coms for years, bro.


Who else is in your Saudi group?

I just handed out some cash for them.

I didn't know who the guys were.

When you lie to me, I hurt you.


I believe you.

I do, I believe you.

Good, huh?

Do you want the water again?

Or do you want something else?



Just give me a name.

I don't know.

I don't know! I don't know!

Come on, let's go.

Bring him up.

Here we go.

You see how this works?

You don't mind if my female colleague there checks out yourjunk, do you?



Dude, you shit your pants?

You stay here. I'll be back.

Your friend is an animal.

Please, help me.


You can help yourself by being truthful.

This is a dog collar.

No! Come on.


Come on. Come on.

There you go. There you go.

You determine how I treat you.

Come on. Come on.

I got you.

Come on.

You're my dog, I gotta walk you.

What the fuck do you think is going on, Ammar?

Wahleed has already told me that you know.

Here we go. Come on, you're almost there.

There we go. There we go.

All right. This box here, this box sucks.

Now, I'm gonna put you in it.

When is the attack?

What? What?


Sunday where? No, whoa, whoa. Sunday where?

Sunday? This Sunday or next Sunday?

Where? Where?




Come on, Ammar, is it Sunday or Monday?

Partial information will be treated as a lie.

Come on, let's go. Thursday.

Come on, which day is it?

Partial information, you're gonna go in the box!

Partial information is treated as a lie!

Let's go!

Saturday! In the box you go.

In the box you go.


Come on.



There we go. Friday!

Come on, let's go, come on!

Hang on, hang on, hang on, hang on, hang on.




Ammar, which day is it?


Which day?


Ammar, which day?



...a targeted attack against Westerners and foreigners.

When you look at the breakup of casualties, you can see that non-Muslims were killed and so were Americans.

Don't worry about the Saudis. They'll take care of business.

Yeah, now.

You warned them, they didn't take you seriously.

This is what happens. It's not on you.

Who said that, huh, Zeid? Fuck him. This is on me.

Ammar is on me. And it's on her. No, no, no, no.

You had what, days, brief custody, unresponsive ally?

We cannot let this be a win-win for A.Q.

The way you do this is look ahead.

London, Heathrow, mass casualties. That plan is still active.

Ammar doesn't have a clue about what happened.

He knows. How?

You have to be really careful with people in K.S.M.'s circle, they're devious.

He's not gonna talk about attacks on the homeland.

He's gonna withhold operational details on the K.S.M. network and probably bin Laden.

But he's been in complete isolation.

He doesn't know we failed. We could tell him anything.

What, bluff him?

He hasn't slept, Dan. He's clueless.

You don't remember, do you?

Well, short-term memory loss is a side effect of sleep deprivation, so it should come back to you.

I don't know.

How can I remember?

After we kept you awake for 96 hours, you gave us the name of some of your brothers, and you helped save the lives of a lot of innocent people.

Which is the smart thing to do. You're starting to think for yourself.

Come on, eat up, man.

Some hummus. Tabouleh. Don't know what that is.

Some figs. You earned it.

So, you flew via Amman to Kabul, yeah?

Hang out with your uncle. Mukhtar.

How did you know that?

Told you, man, I know you.

All right, you got me. You did, you got me.

Flight manifests.

It must be pretty fucked up for you guys after 9/11.

What'd you do after the invasion? Before you went back to Pesh.

After 9/11, we had to choose, fight to protect our turf, or run.

And you chose to fight, yeah?

We wanted to kill Americans.


We tried to get into Tora Bora, but the bombing was too high.

We couldn't cross.

I'm sorry, who's the "we" in that sentence?

Me and some other guys who were hanging around at that time.

You know, I can always go and eat with some other dude, hang you back up to the ceiling.

Hamza Rabia.

Khabab al-Masri.

And Abu Ahmed.

Who's Abu Ahmed? I've heard of the other guys.

He was a computer guy with us at the time.

After Tora Bora, I went back to Pesh, as you know.

And he went north, I think.

To Kunar.

What's his family name?

Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti.

Abu Ahmed means "father ofAhmed." It's a kunya.

Ammar, I know the difference between a war name and an Arabic name.

She got you there, dude.

I swear to you both, I don't know his family name.

I would have never asked him something like that.

It's not how my uncle worked.

I know.

My uncle told me he worked for bin Laden.

I did see him once. About a year ago, in Karachi.

He read us all a letter from the Sheik.

A letter?

What'd it say?


He said, "Continue the jihad. The work will go on for a hundred years."

You and I are gonna talk about some of the guys in the training camps. Yeah?


Some of these brothers have done some bad things.

What I want to do is I want to separate them from the people like you.

Definitely, yeah.

All right, a guy called Abu Ahmed from Kuwait.

Yes, I remember him.

A nice guy.

How close was he? What was his relationship to the leadership?

I don't know. Did he eat with you guys?

Did he eat with the good guys or did he eat with the leadership?

I don't know, sir. I have no idea about...

Yes, you do. You don't need an idea about...

When you met Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, was this one of the facilitators?

Is this Abu Ahmed?


K.S.M., your boss.

I call him Mukhtar.

Mukhtar. "Po-tay-to," you say "po-tah-to."

I say "fucking K.S.M.," you say "Mukhtar," okay?

After Mukhtar was captured, what did Abu Ahmed do?

Abu Ahmed, I believe...

I believe he went to work for the Sheik.

In Karachi in 2003, or 2004.

He was carrying a letter from bin Laden?

Is that him?

Is that him? Abu Ahmed.

Say it again? Abu Ahmed.

Abu Ahmed. Abu Ahmed.

Abu Ahmed.

Who knows who works directly for bin Laden.

Let's say he's part of the mix.

Were there other people who carried messages from bin Laden?


How many other people?

Let's talk about them.

How's the needle in the haystack?


Facilitators come and go.

One thing you can count on in life is that everyone wants money.

You're assuming that al-Qaeda members are motivated by financial rewards.

They're radicals.


You're assuming that greed won't override ideology in some of the weaker members.

Money for walk-ins worked great in the Cold War, I'll give you that.

Thank you.

He says he looks like Abu Ahmed.

Who did he work for?

It was mostly with Abu Faraj.

They were always together.

What did he do for Faraj?

He carried messages from Faraj to bin Laden and from bin Laden back to Faraj.

We need to ask him something to see if he's telling the truth.

We don't know if he really knew Faraj.

He just told me the names of all ofAbu Faraj's children.

I think he's telling the truth.

20 detainees recognize that photo ofAbu Ahmed.

They say he's part of an inner circle of guys that was hanging out in Afghanistan pre-9/11.

A lot of them say that after 9/11, he went to work for K.S.M.

When K.S.M. was captured, he went to work for Abu Faraj, primarily as a courier from Faraj to bin Laden.

Well, that's good, but you still...

Yeah, but we don't know ifAbu's on the outside of the network, a series of cutouts and dead drops, or if he has a direct connection to bin Laden.

I mean, does bin Laden invite him into the living room and hand him a letter directly or is Abu just the last guy in a long line of couriers, and that's why everybody knows him?

That's not all you don't know.

You don't have his real name, you don't have a clue of where he is.

Yes, but we know that he's important.

The fact that everybody's heard ofAbu Ahmed, but nobody will tell me where he is suggests that.


Detainees could withhold his location for any number of reasons.

Perhaps they don't know.

Perhaps this Abu is actually a cover story and he's really a fucking unicorn.

But the withholding doesn't reveal what you want it to, does it?


And if you did find him, you don't know that he'd be with bin Laden.

We don't know what we don't know.

What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

It's a tautology.

Listen, not one single detainee has said that he's been located with the big guy, just that he delivers messages, am I wrong?

No. No.

It's still good work.

Let me know when you get some actionable intelligence.

Preferably something that leads to a strike.

This is what remains of the number 10 bus, which was traveling through Tavistock Square near Euston Station.

There'd been explosions near Liverpool Street and Edgware Road stations, too.

Dozens of the survivors were critically injured, but many of the wounded were also keen to share their stories.

We'd just pulled out of Edgware Road.

And next thing I know, there's a loud... A large flash of light.

Felt a burning sensation on my hands, put my hands up to my face.

I was on the floor by that point.

Yeah, I can't recall anything prior to that, any noise, any bang.

Normal life in one of the busiest parts of the capital has now been suspended, as just a few yards down the road here they continue to care for the injured.

And all around, groups of Londoners are standing on corners, asking themselves what has happened here and who could possibly have done this.

Come on.

You, too. Come on.

You Agency guys are twisted.

Detainee's ready for you.

Come on.

I want you to understand that I know you.

I've been following you and studying you for a long time.

I chased you in Lahore.

I had you picked up instead of killing you because you're not a violent man and you don't deserve to die.

Thank you.

But you do have deep ties to al-Qaeda I want to ask you about before you get sent to your next location, which might be Israel.

However, depending on how candid you are here today, I may be able to keep you in Pakistan.

What do you want to know?

I'm gonna ask you a series of questions based on your knowledge of al-Qaeda and your position as key financier for the organization.

I have dealt with the Mukhabarat.

I have no wish to be tortured again.

Ask me a question, I will answer it.

What can you tell me about Atiyah Abd al-Rahman?

He works for Zawahiri.

He's in charge of military tactics.

In what context have you ever heard the name Abu Ahmed?

He works for Faraj and bin Laden.

He is his most trusted courier.

What makes you say that?

He brought me many messages from the Sheik.

Where did you last see him and where is he now?

You will never find him.

Why is that?

Even I couldn't find him.

He always contacted me out of the blue.

He is one of the disappeared ones.

You know how this works?

God willing, we won't have to use it.

Just act naturally.

You're in luck. I got you a one-on-one with Faraj.

Seriously? Thank you!

Don't you thank me until you hear what I want for it.

I want you to take care of all this before your favorite subject.


Don't you want to see what's in the folder?

You want family ties, financial networks, media sources, disgruntled employees, imminent threats, homeland plots, foreign sales, health status, financial resources...

Thank you!

...tradecraft, recruiting tactics. Anything else?

No, I think that covers it.


"If what they say is true, "the Shaolin and the Wu Tang could be dangerous."

What do you like to be called? Faraj? Farij?

Fuzzy? Come on.

Hey, what do you like? You like a bit of...

You guys like a bit of Bob Marley? Bit of reggae?

Kick back, take it easy after you've blown some shit up?


You got some Libyan music you like?

You did the U.K. bombings, right?

You know, you're the second number three I've captured.

I got K.S.M.

Can I be honest with you?

I'm bad fuckin' news.

I'm not your friend.

I'm not gonna help you.

I'm gonna break you.

Any questions?


All right, you haven't eaten in 18 hours. We need to keep your energy up.

You hungry?

A lot of brothers told us Abu Ahmed was bin Laden's courier and that he worked very closely with you.

You are thinking ofAbu Khalid.



My courier for the Sheik.


So you're telling me all the other brothers are wrong and there's some famous Baluchi guy working for you and bin Laden that I've never even heard of.

Why should you have heard of him?

What does this Baluchi guy look like?

Tall. Long white beard.


He uses a cane.

Kind of like Gandalf.


When was the last time you saw him?

A month ago. In Karachi.

But I don't know where he is now.

Sometimes, I wouldn't even see him.

He would just tell me where to leave the messages.

You're not being fulsome in your replies.

You cannot force me to tell you something I don't know.

You do realize this is not a normal prison.

You determine how you're treated.

And your life is gonna be very uncomfortable until you give me the information I need.

Where exactly is Abu Ahmed living at the moment?

Faraj is completely denying knowing Abu Ahmed.

That's using every measure we have.

Well, he's either gonna keep withholding or he's gonna die from the pressure you're putting on him.

Hey, you want to take a run at him?


No? No.

Since when no?

You know, I was meaning to tell you, I'm getting out of here.

You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine, I'm just...

You know, I think I've seen too many guys naked.

It's got to be over a fucking hundred at this point.

I need to go and do something normal for a while.

Like what?

Go to Washington.

Do the dance, see how that environment works.

You should come with me.

Yeah, be my number two. You're looking a little strung out yourself.

I'm not gonna find Abu Ahmed from D.C.

They killed my monkeys.

Some bullshit about escaping. You fucking believe that?

Sorry, Dan. Yeah, I know.

Look, Maya, you got to be real careful with the detainees now.

Okay? Politics are changing, and you don't want to be the last one holding a dog collar when the oversight committee comes.

I know. Yeah?

And watch your back when you get back to Pakistan.

Everyone knows you there now.


Fucking checkpoints.

Maya? Yeah?

We're socializing. Be social.


Look, I know Abu Ahmed is your baby, but it is time to cut the umbilical cord.

No, it's not.

So Faraj went south on you, it happens.

There are still cells in London and Spain who are planning the next round of attacks.

I can work on it at the same time.

Plus, I think it's a good thing he lied. No.

Not at the expense of protecting the homeland, you can't...

Wait a minute, why is it a good thing?

You sound just like Bradley, he doesn't believe in my lead, either.

It's a good thing because the fact that Faraj withheld on Abu Ahmed is very revealing.

The only other thing Faraj lied about was the location of bin Laden himself.

That means Faraj thinks Abu Ahmed is just as important to protect as bin Laden.

That confirms my lead.

Or it's confirmation bias.

We're just worried about you, okay?

Is that okay to say?

I mean, look how run-down you are.

Where's Jack?

Probably stuck in some checkpoint somewhere.

You two hooked up yet?

Hello, I work with him. I'm not that girl that fucks.

It's unbecoming.

So? Little fooling around wouldn't hurt you.

So no boyfriend.

You got any friends at all?

It's Jack.


That's okay.

He's stuck in traffic.

Come on!

There's an exit!

Oh, no! Shit.

Come on, over here!

The blast left a crater 10 meters, or 30 feet wide, in front of the hotel.

Police tell CNN the driver of the truck bomb tried to talk his way past the hotel's steel security gate.

When armed guards said no, police said the driver detonated more than 2,000 pounds of explosives.

The Marriott, one of the most popular destinations for locals and Westerners in Islamabad, now destroyed.

The Jords have a mole!


He made this video to prove his bona fides.

Shut up!

Humam Khalil al-Balawi.

He's a Jordanian doctor.

He's right there in the inner circle.

I don't buy it.

Didn't you tell me yourself nobody turns on al-Qaeda?

The Jords have worked him for a year, dinners, money.

They convinced him it's his patriotic duty to turn on al-Qaeda and get rich doing it.

Yeah, well, so the Jords say.

Yeah, you're right.

We can't rely on this or the Jords.

We've got to evaluate him face-to-face.

He may not be that smart. He may be full of shit.

But we have to talk to him and find out.

The key is to meet him, so we can figure out for ourselves what he can actually do.

He really asked for a dialysis machine?

Maybe we can fill the damn thing with poison.

The meeting with Balawi's off.

He can't come to Islamabad.

Can't or won't?

He's not gonna travel.

Security risk.

I've said repeatedly that America doesn't torture.

And I'm gonna make sure that we don't torture.

Those are part and parcel of an effort to regain America's moral stature in the world.

Can you give us some sense of when you might start...

He wants us to go to him.

He'll meet us in Miranshah with the Tribals.

He knows we're white. We'd get kidnapped there.

Maybe do it somewhere else.

Germany or the U.K.? He's got a clean passport.

He's not gonna travel out of al-Qaeda territory.

And you're not going to him.

I'm not, believe me.

We're stuck.

What about Camp Chapman?


That could be safe territory.

This may be going overboard, but I baked him a cake.

Muslims don't celebrate with cake.

Don't be so literal, everyone likes cake.

It's not too late for you to come, you know. It'll be fun.

No, I don't want to be a straphanger.

It's your show, you were the first to see the potential in this.

Come on!

We've got lots of wine.

Cool. Bring me back a bottle.

I will do.

Not to get technical, but this guy is actually the first big break we've had since 9/11.

To big breaks and the little people that make them happen.

So far, everything he's said we've cross-checked, and it's proved legit.

And I think the money is persuasive.

$25 million?

That buys a new life.

Do you think he might be exaggerating his access?


But al-Qaeda needs doctors, and they are short-staffed, and that could explain his rise.

In six months to a year, if he doesn't fuck up, he could be called in to treat bin Laden.

At that moment, with 25 mil on the table, I think he gives up the big man.

And if he doesn't, we kill him.

John? Yeah.

When he arrives, let me set the tone, and then I'll flip it to you and you can talk about asset protection.

Roger that.


I know you want to get some questions in there, but give Balawi a little time after John speaks.

We'll cover the basics, have his birthday cake, then we'll get into the nitty-gritty.

Is that order okay? Or do you want to introduce everyone?

I'll introduce you, you introduce your team. He knows this is a high-level meeting.

Quick question.

All this taking place inside our main building?

Right. And, Lauren, Washington will want real-time updates, so please stay on top of that.

Be concise.

The director's in the loop.

And I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't update the President.

Yeah, I'm on it.

Now, I just got to get his ass down here.

Why are there gate guards there? We talked about this.

No one is supposed to be there when my source arrives.

You might have spooked him already.

Well, procedures only work if we follow them every time. This is different!

I'm sorry I can't explain, but it's for a good cause.

Look, I'm responsible for everybody's safety, okay?

It's not just about you.

I just need them to go away for a minute.

You can search him as soon as he gets here.

All stations, this is Whiplash.

Go ahead and stand down.

Copy that.

Thank you.

Okay, he's coming.

We're gonna search him when he gets here.


Okay, let's go!

Is he supposed to limp like that?

Get your hand out of your pocket.


Hey! Get your hand out of your pocket!

Hey! Do it now!

Come on. Do it now!

The CIA says seven of its employees were killed and six others wounded in a suicide bombing at a base in Afghanistan.

It was one of the deadliest attacks in CIA history.

The Associated Press has learned that the chief of the CIA's post in the province is among the victims.

Former officials say she was the mother of three.

The Taliban claim responsibility for the bombing...

You okay?

I didn't think this day could get any worse, but bad news from Saudi intelligence.

The courier guy, Abu Ahmed, is dead.

It's a detainee video.

He's dead.

In Afghanistan. 2001.

I buried him with my own hands.

He's dead.

In Afghanistan. 2001.


Where was this?


No, I don't believe this. I don't believe this.

Sorry, Maya.

I always liked this lead.


Sorry, I just got here.

What are you gonna do?

I'm gonna smoke everybody involved in this op and then I'm gonna kill bin Laden.


I want to make something absolutely clear.

If you thought there was some secret cell somewhere, working al-Qaeda, then I want you to know that you're wrong.

This is it.

There's no working group coming to the rescue.

There's nobody else hidden away on some other floor.

There is just us.

And we are failing.

We're spending billions of dollars.

People are dying!

We are still no closer to defeating our enemy.

They attacked us!

On land, in '98.

By sea, in 2000.

And from the air, in 2001.

They murdered 3,000 of our citizens in cold blood.

And they have slaughtered our forward deployed!

And what the fuck have we done about it, huh?

What have we done?

We have 20 leadership names, we've only eliminated four of them!

I want targets.

Do your fucking jobs. Bring me people to kill.

Hi. I painstakingly combed through everything in the system and found this.

It's him.

He was one of 10 names on a watch list sent to us by the Moroccans after 9/11.

Ibrahim Sayeed.

They told us to watch out for him.

Apparently, they think his whole family and extended family is bad and has ties to K.S.M.

He was picked up for fake papers and a doctored exit visa leaving Afghanistan, traveling through Morocco en route to Kuwait.

Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti.

This must be Abu Ahmed.

Doesn't matter, but I wish I had that five years ago.

How come I never saw it before?

Nobody saw it, most likely.

There was a lot of white noise after 9/11, countries wanting to help out.

We got a million tips, and you know, things got lost in the shuffle.

Human error.

Anyway, I thought you should know about it.

I just want to say, I've heard a lot about you.

You inspired me to come to Pakistan.

Maybe you'd let me buy you a kebab sometime.

Don't eat out.

It's too dangerous.


Dan, Debbie found Abu Ahmed.


Yeah. He's been in the files this whole time. The family's named Sayeed.

Okay, but he's dead, so doesn't that make him a little less interesting to you?

He may not be.

We now know Abu Ahmed is one of eight brothers.

All the brothers in the family look alike. Three of them went to Afghanistan.

Isn't it possible that when the three eldest brothers grew beards in Afghanistan, they started to look alike?

I think the one calling himself Abu Ahmed is still alive.

The picture we've been using is wrong.

It's of his older brother, Habeeb. He's the one that's dead.

Okay, and what are you basing this on?

We have no intercepts about Abu Ahmed dying, we just have a detainee who said he buried a guy who looked like Abu Ahmed.

But if someone as important as Abu Ahmed had died, they'd be talking about it online in chat rooms all over the place.

Plus, the detainee said that Habeeb died in 2001.

We know Abu Ahmed was alive then, trying to get into Tora Bora with Ammar.

That means it's probably one of the other brothers that's dead.

In other words, you want it to be true.

Yes, I fucking want it to be true!

Calm down.

I am calm.

State your request.

Move heaven and earth, and bring me this fucking Sayeed family's phone number.

Okay, I'll go and talk to the Wolf.

I need a couple hundred thousand bucks.

Four max.

Where you gonna get that?

From you.

You think so? Yeah.

This could crack open the facilitator Maya's been looking for by giving us a phone number.

She's your killer, Wolf. You put her in the field.

Come on.

"Allah rewards those that strive and fight over those that sit behind a desk."

As you know, Abu Ghraib and Gitmo fucked us.

The detainee program is now flypaper. We got senators jumping out of our asses.

And the director is very concerned.

They will not stop until they have a body.

I ran it.

I'll defend it.


I tell you what, man, it's good to be back in Kuwait.

And it's good to see you again.

It's been a while.

I need a favor.

Why I should help you?

Because we're friends.

You saying we are friend.

How come you only call me when you need help?

But when I need something, you are too busy to pick up the phone.

I don't think we are friend.

All right, fair enough.

How about a V10 Lamborghini?

How's that for friendship?

Poor fucker had to get out of bed.


Thank you very much for this. Appreciate it. You're welcome.

All right.

Is this a Balboni? Yeah.

Fuck me dead.

That's nice.

Really nice. What are you thinking?

Maybe a convertible? Get a bit of wind in the hair?

Put the top down?

I think I will choose this one.

Give us a minute? Thank you.

That's a nice choice, my friend.

Speed yellow. Go big or go home, huh?

Nice choice.


Who is it?

Who do you think? Guy's a terrorist.

His mother lives here.

I just need her phone number.

There will be no repercussions in Kuwait?

Somebody might die, at some point, in Pakistan.

We got a deal?

Hey, Jack.

Sayeed family call in progress, but you're not gonna like this.

The Ground Branch guys are dragging their heels.

There's no team deployed right now. Fuck.

He hasn't said anything incriminating, but he's at the Rawal Call Center in Rawalpindi.


Why haven't you deployed a team to stay in Rawalpindi?

For one thing, it's dangerous.

For another, the area is too congested for us to be effective without some predictive intelligence.

Yeah, but that's why you should forward deploy, so you can shorten your response time.

Still, it wouldn't work.


The guy never stays on the phone long enough.

You haven't tried.

Look, I don't have the personnel.

That's bullshit, man.

Yeah? As it is, my guys don't get any sleep tracking the threats within Pakistan.

Right, I understand.

But, you know, I don't really care if your guys get sleep or not!

This guy you're obsessed with, what's his name again?

Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti's the nom de guerre.

His true name, we think, is lbrahim Sayeed.

Family lives in Kuwait.

We've been listening in on their calls.

Wasn't it, like, eight brothers and a million cousins, that we know about?

Anyone could be calling home.

I know. I mean, it's not like he's saying, "Hey, Mom, it's me, the terrorist."

Yeah, I know.

But, look, over the course of two months, he's called from six different pay phones, from two different cities, never using the same phone twice.

And when his mother asked him where he was, he lied.

He said that he was in a place in the country with bad cell reception, implying he was in the Tribals, when in fact, he was in a market in Peshawar.

I'm sorry, but that's not normal guy behavior, that's tradecraft.

Well, maybe he just doesn't like his mom.

Look, if he talks about an operation or refers to anything remotely fishy, I'll get on him, okay?

No, no. Not okay.

Look, Abu Ahmed is too smart to tip his hand by talking about ops on the phone.

He works for bin Laden.

The guys that talk about ops on the phone don't get that job.

A lot of my friends have died trying to do this.

I believe I was spared so I could finish the job.

It is in surveillance video and pictures like this of the explosive-laden vehicle just moments before it was parked that police hope to find the man who wanted so badly last night to leave a body count in Times Square.

There are some people around the world that find our freedom so threatening that they're willing to kill themselves and others to prevent us from enjoying it, but we're not gonna let that...

I really need to talk to you about beefing up our surveillance operation on the caller.

We don't have a surveillance operation on the caller.

Someone just tried to blow up Times Square, and you're talking to me about some facilitator who some detainee seven years ago said might have been working with al-Qaeda?

He's the key to bin Laden.

I don't fucking care about bin Laden.

I care about the next attack.

You're gonna start working on the American al-Qaeda cells.

Protect the homeland. bin Laden is the one who keeps telling them to attack the homeland!

If it wasn't for him, al-Qaeda would still be focused on overseas targets.

If you really want to protect the homeland, you need to get bin Laden.

This guy never met bin Laden!

This guy's a freelancer working off the fucking Internet.

No one's even talked to bin Laden in four years.

He's out of the game.

He may well even be dead. He might as well be fucking dead.

But you know what you're doing? You're chasing a ghost while the whole fucking network grows all around you!

You just want me to nail some low-level Mullah-crack-a-dulla, so you can check that box on your résumé that says while you were in Pakistan, you got a real terrorist!

But the truth is, you don't understand Pakistan!

And you don't know al-Qaeda!

Either give me the team I need to follow this lead, or the other thing you're gonna have on your résumé is being the first station chief to be called before a Congressional committee for subverting the efforts to capture or kill bin Laden!

You're fucking out of your mind.

I need four techs in a safe house in Rawalpindi, four techs in a safe house in Peshawar.

Either send them out, or send me back to D.C. and explain to the director why you did it.

I've been looking for you.

More importantly, he's been looking for you.

Yesterday, your caller bought himself a cell phone.

And every time his phone rings, this phone will ring.

Did I hook you up?

Did I? Oh, my God!

I love you!

My guess is that he lives close to where he's making the calls.

And it makes sense he'd be living in Rawalpindi, because there's an Al Jazeera office there.

It'd be convenient for him to drop the tapes off if he's messengering either from bin Laden or through an intermediary.

So when he wants to make a call, he leaves the house, walks a few blocks, then switches on the phone.

We need to keep canvassing the neighborhood until we find him.

We got a shooter.

We're blocked.

Let me talk to them.

They said white faces don't belong here.

If they don't move, shoot them.

He still on?

He's east of us. Try the market.

Okay, heading east.


We got a signal on Tipu Road for 10 minutes.

Then he went to Umar Road for five minutes.

Nogaza Road.

Darya Abad, that's in the Umar Road area.

In Rawalpindi, Haider Road.

Roomi Road.

He went to the Convoy Road, which is near the hospital.

All right? So that's Haider, Roomi Road, Said, Nogaza, Taimur.

He made a call from Haifa Street.

That's the spice district.

Lahore Street, which is also in Pesh, 30 minutes.

Wazir Bagh Road, five.

Nishter Abad, five.

Phandu Road, five minutes.

The Grand Trunk Road, 45 seconds.

There's no pattern. Sometimes he calls every two weeks, sometimes every three.

There's no consistency.

I can't predict when he's gonna make another call 'cause the guy's erratic.

Right there! Back up!

Meanwhile, our chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel confirms the CIA's top spy in Pakistan has been pulled out of there.

He's been receiving death threats after being named publicly in a lawsuit by the family of a victim of a US drone attack.

Richard Engel quotes a senior intelligence official as saying the officer is returning to the U.S. after the decision was made the terrorist threats against him, in Pakistan, were of such a serious nature, it would not be smart not to act.

ISI fucked you.

I'm so sorry, Joseph.

Still on tower three.


Signal getting stronger.

Ten. Fifteen.

Keep going.

Twenty. Fifteen. Ten.

Signal's getting weaker.

We lost him. No signal.

Heading south.

He's up at five again.

Fifteen. Twenty.

He's moving fast.

He's in a vehicle.

Weaker now. He's shifted.

We're back to five.

He's close by here somewhere.

I don't get it.

He's driving in circles.

No change? No.

Now let's hope he comes back around.







We're within 10 meters of him.

Back to 40.

He's here somewhere.

Look at the cars. Look at the cars. He's in a vehicle.

The guy with the phone in the white car.

You see him?

Is that him?

Could be. You got him?

Got him. Okay, I'm breaking off.

The guy you've been looking for, geolocated, on his cell phone in his white car.

Thank you.

If you're right, the whole world's gonna want in on this.

So you got to stick to your guns now.

Okay. No, it's great to speak to you, too. I'm amazed that you're still here.

No, I can do...

Let me have a look.

Why don't we say 1:30.


Can you just hold the line, please?

I need a picket line along the GT highway and men spaced at intervals along the road and at every exit.

Maya, I know.

So you agree with me now, this is important.

No, I've just learned from my predecessor that life is better when I don't disagree with you.

Our current hypothesis is that he lives somewhere along the highway, in one of the towns, or a medium-sized city called Abbottabad, or up near Kashmir.

Kashmir's interesting because it's a way station for the Tribals.

Abbottabad is interesting because we know from detainee reporting that Abu Faraj stayed there briefly in 2003.

The good news is he's driving a white SUV.

SUVs are actually pretty rare in Pakistan.

If he was driving a sedan or a compact, we'd be fucked.

Obviously, this assumes he doesn't change vehicles.

Good morning.

Good morning, Amad.

Any American in Pakistan is a target.

They don't necessarily know I'm CIA.

Doesn't matter.

You're on a list.


And you of all people should know that once you're on their list, you never get off.

Next time, there may not be bulletproof glass to save you.

We'll keep up on the surveillance as best we can.

The high-res version. Can you get closer than that?

Yeah, we can up-res this image.

Even more? Yeah, do that.

Make a PDF, e-mail it to me, cc George. Okay, that's good.

Thank you very much. Thank you.

I'll take that. Thank you very much.

Take that to her. You got it.

You could clean that audio as well. Just take the low end out.


All right. So tell me how I'm doing so far.

Basically, we got a guy who rolled with al-Qaeda and did services for him.

We lost him for seven years.

Now we find him again, and, boy, does he have a really nice house.

Is that it?

Pretty much.

All right, let's go talk to the boss.

You should sit back there.

Sorry. No.

So, they're gonna ask if bin Laden is at the end of this rainbow, is the Pak military with him?

The question isn't, "Are the Paks protecting bin Laden?"

The question is, "Would he allow himself to be protected by the Paks?"

I mean, why would he trust them? He tried to kill Musharraf.

Hello. Sir.

All right, go ahead.

So, a little context here. If you take a right out of Islamabad, drive about 45 minutes north, you'll find yourself here in Abbottabad.

Now, it's a mostly middle-class community, some ex-military.

Not particularly interesting to us.

Except we did find this compound, which is unique.

We've got a 16-foot wall around the entire perimeter.

The windows are blacked out.

There's even a seven-foot privacy wall here, so even if we got up high, we couldn't get a vantage point.

I mean, it's a fortress.

Well, can't you put a camera somewhere?

In these trees here, maybe?

Get a look into the main house? lt'd probably be discovered.

Well, we have to get a look into the house, don't we?

All right.

What's this, this cluster of buildings down here?

The PMA. It's the Pakistani Military Academy.

It's their West Point.

And how close is that to the house?

About a mile.

4,221 feet.

It's closer to eight-tenths of a mile.

Who are you?

I'm the motherfucker that found this place, sir.


All right, I want to know more about who's inside this house by the end of the week.




Morning, George!

21 days.

It's been 21 days since we found the house.

Nothing's happened.

Yeah? Maya, it's Steve.

Swing by. I want to show you something.


Okay, you can leave it paused for now, but we're gonna play through that, go straight... Hey.

Maya. Come see. Yeah.

Okay, this is from a few minutes ago, okay? Yeah.

So remember, we've got two males, two females and seven kids. What's that?

Okay, I'm saying that's Bushra, the brother's wife.

Well, how do you know the gender?

Well, look, this is a clothesline right here, for laundry.

Men don't mess with the wash.

Okay, now, watch. It takes her about four seconds to move from there to the front door, so she's on the older side. What's that up there?

Those are kids, they're shuffling around, sword-fighting or something with sticks.

You can see their height relative to this, these are cows.

So they're probably between seven and nine.

Boys, definitely. Your female's moving fast.

Okay, that's what I wanted to show you. Can we pause this, please?

That's not the same lady.

That's female number three.

So you found two males, three females.

That's correct.

So if there are three females, there ought to be three males.

Observing Muslim women live with their parents or with their husbands.

We think there's a third family living in the house.

So this third male that you've identified as possibly being bin Laden, do I give up all hope of ever seeing a photograph of him?

Hope? Yeah.

You give up your hope right now.

We scan for heat signatures, but we can't validate if it's a man or a woman up there.

We talked about burrowing a pinhole camera, but there's a high risk of discovery.

We found a safe house, but we can't get a vantage point to fire a telescope over the balcony wall.

We have explored the possibility of digging tunnels, of sending hot air balloons, of rerouting supply C-130s to take a peek, but that might be too alerting.

We've looked for ways of collecting available DNA from his trash, you know, looking for his toothbrush, but they burn the trash.

We started a vaccination program.

We sent a doctor to the house, see if he could pull blood.

But that didn't work out.

We thought about sending a guy with a bucket to pull a sample from the sewer to analyze his fecal matter.

What was wrong with that, exactly?

What was wrong with that?

The sample would be too diluted.

And it's asking too much to get a voice confirmation with him on the phone?

They don't make telephone calls from the compound.

We pulled the cell tower nearby.

And I'm also gonna give up hope that he might ever get in that white SUV and drive around a bit and we could see him.

Don't they get groceries?

The unidentified third male does not get groceries.

He does not leave the compound.

He does not present himself for photographs.

When he needs fresh air, he paces around beneath a grape arbor.

But the leaves are so thick, they obscure our satellite views.

This is a professional attempt to avoid detection.

Okay? Real tradecraft.

The only people we've seen behave in this way are other top-level al-Qaeda operatives.

We did a Red Team on your analysis.

According to them, this behavior could belong to someone other than al-Qaeda.

They did give a 40% chance that the unidentified third man is a senior al-Qaeda operative.

But they also said there's a 35% chance he's a Saudi drug dealer, 15% chance he's a Kuwaiti arms smuggler, 10% chance he's one of the relatives of the brothers.

Basically, we agree with you.

The house screams security, it screams someone who wants privacy, it even screams bad guy, but it does not scream bin Laden.

You get the point, if you can't prove it's bin Laden, at least prove it's not someone else.

Like a drug dealer.

You know we lost the ability to prove that when we lost the detainee program.

Who the hell am I supposed to ask?

Some guy in Gitmo who's all lawyered up? He'll just tell his lawyer to warn bin Laden.

You'll think of something.

He'd be the first successful drug dealer never to have dealt drugs.

He has no Internet access to the house. He makes no phone calls, either in or out.

Who's he selling to? Who's he buying from? How's he making his money?

And if you were to say he's retired, I'd say, where's the swimming pool?

Where's the gold cage with the falcons?

And why does he send his courier to the two cities in Pakistan we most associate with al-Qaeda that have nothing particularly to do with heroin production?

The President is a thoughtful, analytical guy.

He needs proof.

Go ahead, you guys.

I got to say, yourjob...

I just don't get the rhythms of politics.

You think this is political?

If this was political, we'd be having this conversation in October when there's an election bump.

This is pure risk, based on deductive reasoning, inference, supposition, and the only human reporting you have is six years old from detainees who were questioned under duress.

The political move here is to tell you to go fuck yourself and remind you that I was in the room when your old boss pitched WMD Iraq.

At least there you guys brought photographs.

You know, you're right. I agree with everything you just said.

What I meant was, a man in your position, how do you evaluate the risk of not doing something?

The risk of potentially letting bin Laden slip through your fingers.

That is a fascinating question.


I'm not saying we're gonna do it, but the President wants to know, if we were gonna act, how would we do it?

Give us options.

Technically, these don't exist.

I actually tried to kill this program a couple of times.

They've gone through an initial round of testing, and they have excellent radar defeat.

We just haven't tested them with people in them yet.

You'll notice the stealth panels, similar to what we use on the B-2.

The rotors have been muffled with decibel killers.

It's slower than a Black Hawk and lacks the offense and the stability, but it can hide.

So, excuse me, but what do we need this for in Libya?

I mean, Qaddafi's anti-air is virtually nonexistent.

Maya, do you want to brief him?

There are two narratives about the location of Usama bin Laden.

The one that you're most familiar with is that UBL is hiding in a cave in the Tribal Areas, that he's surrounded by a large contingent of loyal fighters.

But that narrative is pre-9/11 understanding of UBL.

The second narrative is that he's living in a city.

Living in a city with multiple points of egress and entry, access to communications, so that he can keep in touch with the organization.

You can't run a global network of interconnected cells from a cave.

We've located an individual we believe, based on detainee reporting, is bin Laden's courier.

He's living in a house in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

And we assess that one of the other occupants of the house is UBL.


Excuse me.

So, UBL, you got an intel source on the ground?

No. No?

Okay, so how do you know it's bin Laden?

'Cause the truth is we've been on this op before, it was '07, and it wasn't bin Laden, and we lost a couple of guys.

Totally understand. bin Laden uses a courier to interact with the outside world.

By locating the courier, we've located bin Laden.

That's really the intel?

That's it?

Quite frankly, I didn't even want to use you guys, with your dip and your Velcro and all your gear bullshit.

I wanted to drop a bomb.

But people didn't believe in this lead enough to drop a bomb.

So they're using you guys as canaries, in the theory that if bin Laden isn't there, you can sneak away, and no one will be the wiser.

But bin Laden is there.

And you're gonna kill him for me.

They're nervous downtown.

I don't think we'll get an approval this decision cycle.

It's her against the world.


I'm about to go look the President in the eye, and what I'd like to know, no fucking bullshit, is where everyone stands on this thing.

Now, very simply, is he there or is he not fucking there?

We all come at this through the filter of our own past experiences.

Now, I remember Iraq WMD very clearly. I fronted that.

And I can tell you the case for that was much stronger than this case.

A fuckin' yes or a no.

We don't deal in certainty, we deal in probability, and I'd say there's a 60% probability he's there.

I concur, 60%.

I'm at 80%. Their OPSEC is what convinces me.

You guys ever agree on anything?

Well, I agree with Mike.

We're basing this mostly on detainee reporting, and I spent a bunch of time in those rooms.

I'd say it's a soft 60, sir.

I'm virtually certain there's some high-value target there.

I'm just not sure it's bin Laden.

Well, this is a little bit of a clusterfuck, isn't it?

I'd like to know what Maya thinks.

We're all incorporating her assessment into ours.

100% he's there.

Okay, fine, 95%, 'cause I know certainty freaks you guys out.

But it's 100.

They're all cowed.

What do you think of the girl?

I think she's fucking smart.

We're all smart, Jeremy.

May I join you?

How is the food down here anyway?

It's okay.

How long have you worked for the CIA?

Twelve years. I was recruited out of high school.

And do you know why we did that?

I don't think I can answer that question, sir.

I don't think I'm allowed to answer.

All right.

What else have you done for us?

Besides bin Laden.


I've done nothing else.

Well, you certainly have a flair for it.

No. Yeah.

All right, let's be serious, now.

Don't fuck around on this one, dude.

You're just fucking around 'cause I'm up by two games.

How many you got?

So, Patrick, be honest with me.

You really believe this story?

I mean, no offense. No offense, I know.

But Usama bin Laden?


What part convinced you?

Her confidence.

That's the kind of concrete data point I'm looking for.

I tell you, buddy, her confidence is the one thing that's keeping me from getting ass-raped in a Pakistani prison. I'm gonna be honest with you, bro.

I'm cool with it.


Maya, I wanted you to hear it first.

You know that thing we talked about?

It's gonna happen. When?


Good luck.

50 bucks? 50 bucks.

50 bucks! 50 bucks.

50 bucks.

Lucky shot.


Apache One, you are clear.


Copy that.

Thirty seconds to first turn.

Hey, Justin, what are you listening to?

Tony Robbins.

Tony Robbins, really?

You should listen to it. I got plans for after this, big-time.

I want to talk to all of you about it.

Who here has been in a helo crash before?

Okay, so we're all good.

We just crossed the border. Now entering Pakistan.

Pakistani comms, no chatter.

Three minutes. Stand by for doors open.

Two minutes.

Should be coming up just off our nose, 11 o'clock.

Eyes on target.

Stay tight.

Thirty seconds.

Hey! Slide right, slide right!

Too much updraft off these walls! Hey!

We've lost power. Go to lockout.


Hard landing.


Prince five-one is down. Prince five-one is down.

Black Hawk down in the animal pen.

This way!

This mission is still a go. I repeat, we are a go.

Alpha team is in the animal pen, making entry for AC-1.

No ropes. Wheels down.

Prayer room's clear.


Echo team is away. Prince five-two exiting Alpha Oscar.

Three, two, one. Execute!


Come on out!

Get down! Down, down, down, down!

Down! Throw your hands in the air!

Down, down, down, down! Down!

You've killed him.

All right, go, I got her.

Down, sit down.

Echo 11 on perimeter.

Ready to breach at P-2.

Fire in the hole.

Failed breach, failed breach.

Back it up! Back it up! Main gate!

We got an unlocked door.


It's okay. It's okay.

This is Echo 11.

We're going to breach the main gate.

Negative. This is Echo 01.

I'm internal, in the corridor.

I'll let you guys in.

Roger that.

Shut that fucking kid up, please.

Talk to me.

No fucking way we can blow this thing.

God fucking damn it, can you pop it manually?


Alpha 3, this is Echo 11.

We're at our primary set point, prepping to breach.

Wait one. We're internal on the south side.

This is a negative breach.

Roger. Ready to make our entry out here.

Yeah, roger that. We're coming to meet you.

Stay with these kids and don't let 'em in that back room.

Good? Yeah, I'm fine.


I forgot, were we supposed to crash that helo? lbrahim tried to shoot through the door.

Yeah? I popped him from outside.

I fucking smoked Abrar and his wife.

She still alive?

She's gonna bleed out.

What a fucking mess. Yeah.

Go, go, go.

This is Echo 09.

We have unknowns gathering on the southwest rooftops.

Locked gate blocking the stairs.

Breacher up.

Back it up, back up.

Hey, back it up.

Watch out.


Go, go. This is Echo 05 moving to level two.

Hakim, get those guys back.


Echo 02 moving to deck three.


Hakim, get 'em back or I'll start smoking 'em.

Wait, wait, wait.

Go back, they will kill you!

They will kill you!

Go back!

Come here!

No vest.

All clear.

Oh, fucking shit.



All right, get him.

Got a possible jackpot.

Roger that. Possible jackpot.


It's okay, it's okay.

Come on. Get down.

Dude. It's okay.

Do you even realize what you just did?

Who is he?

Hey, hey, hey!

Who is he?

He is al Noori Hasan.

Yo, she says it's not him.

Talk to the kid.

It's okay.

Daughter, what is his name?

Name, name.

We need them down. All right.

Okay, come on, come on. Come on.

This is Red 02.


For God and country.


All stations, target secure, target secure.

Roger. Copy that. Target secure.

Target secure. Commence SSE.

Proper SSE right now.

Books, DVDs, CDs.

Every fuckin' hard drive. Do not leave a hard drive.

Hey, open that for me.

Let's go, guys.

Yo, what's up?

I shot the third-floor guy.

Why don't you get to work? Grab a bag.

QRF is inbound, eight miles out.

Pak Air Force is responding.

Fourteen minutes to intercept.

Any station, this is Red 02. We need a body bag.

This is Echo 09. Stand by.

Hakim, I got this. Get it to them.

Let's go, buddy.

Echo 05, this is Red 02. How long do you need for SSE?

We're gonna need at least 10 minutes, sir.

Echo 05, you have four mikes.

This is a gold mine. I need more time than that.

Echo 05, if you're not at the L.Z. at four mikes, I'm gonna leave your ass behind.

The Paks have scrambled the F-16s.

Four minutes!

Prince five-two, inbound for L.Z.

Where do you need the bag?

Third deck.

Here! Here.

And up.

All right, let's move it out.

Let's go! Now!

You've got one mike to blow that downed helo.

You all right? Yeah.

QRF-46 inbound for L.Z., 30 seconds out.

Chopper 4-6, we are demoing 5-1.

Chopper 4-6, wave off.

4-6, wave off! Wave off!


Well done, Patrick.

Thank you.

Move him through! All right, listen up, gentlemen, read the signs.

First floor, hard drives, files, anything!

Second floor, opposite, down on the right!

Third floor, ladies' underwear.

That's right, there can't be that many of 'em, right?

And mark all media! CDs, DVDs.

Who's got a Sharpie? CDs.


Right here. Good job, man.

This all right? Move it along, bring it in.

Nice job. All right, all media, CDs, DVDs.

I want 'em! That's all second floor right there.

Who's logging on this table?

Where do the hard drives go?

Mark on tables. Yes, sir.

You got Ziploc bags and Sharpies, use 'em.

No, mark all media.

Good job.

Gentlemen, watch your backs.

Slow down!

Thank you, sir.

Good job. Slow down.

Video cameras? Video cameras, where was it found?

Second floor!

All right.

Yes, sir. One moment, please.

One moment, please.

Sir, the Agency expert gave visual confirmation.

Yes, sir, the girl, 100%.

Thank you, sir.

Are you Maya?


That's the only name they gave me.

You can sit wherever you want.

You're the only one on the manifest.

You must be pretty important.

You got the whole plane to yourself.

Where do you want to go?