ZeroZeroZero S1E1 Script

The Shipment (2019)

Do you believe in love?

Love ends.

Do you believe in your heart?

Your heart stops.

No love and no heart?

So you believe in "cono", right? In pussy.

Even pussy dries up after a while.

You believe in your wife?

As soon as money runs out, she'll tell you're neglecting her.

You believe in your children?

As soon as you stop giving them money they'll say you don't love them.

You believe in your "mamma".

If you don't nurse her, she'll say you're an ungrateful child.

Now listen to what I'm telling you.

So what happens when you've got nothing to give?

When you've got nothing left.

When you're no longer useful.

Good morning, Don Minu.

Greetings, Don Minu. Greetings.



Don Stefano...

Stefano, how are you?

How you doing? Good.

You've done all right for yourself! Hands off my new jacket.

Very sharp. When did you get it?

Don Stefano.

Nicola, how are you? Good.


Don Stefano.

My respects.

My regards. Don Stefano.

Papa's going now.



Hi, Stefano. Hi, Grandpa.

How's your boy?

He's good.

Here. Buy the kid a toy.

Grandpa, I don't think you should go.

I have to go. Why?

So that those who were with me don't turn their backs on me.

That would never happen.

Until yesterday, everyone would shit their pants at the sight of me.

But today too many families aren't happy with the way things are.

Remember one thing, Stefano, disappointment allows not for mercy.

Let's go.

I'm here because there are important things to discuss.

You can see I'm half blind,

but I can still see very clearly what's going on.

To feed all our people, we need a lot of money.

Money that doesn't circulate like it used to.

It's my fault,

because they forced me to live in a hole under the ground.

But now I'm outside.

And the first thing I want to do to show that I'm back, is shower you with 900 million.

Money to set things back in motion.

And to get your trust back.

I've ordered five thousand kilos.

27,000 a kilo.

It's my family's price,

but it goes for everyone.

The best price ever.

Are they all taking part?

Your grandpa knows what's what.

Many wanted to stab him in the back, with this shipment he took the knife out of everyone's hand.

Jeez, he's out cold!

Did you really have the same truck? Yeah.

My father gave me the same one when I was your age.


This is my share and my cousin's.

Your cousin still got the restaurant? Yeah, he sure does.

Tell him my daughter's having her first communion.

Will he treat me right?

Our family always treats you like royalty and you know it.

I'll drop in next week. Be seeing you.

Hey, man! What happened? Hey, Luciano. All good?

Yes. Have you broken down?

Sorry about this.

Get out of the car, Luciano, and get in the trunk.


You're making a big mistake.

Be careful. It's all good.

Are we sure about this?


As soon as I put him in the sty, what a satisfaction to hear him scream...

The pigs didn't eat him. So we brought her in.

She threw herself on him. I watched her take his head off.

She chewed it off.

Just watch her go.

What a whore!

See her?

Now keep her on a diet.


I want her to be starving when I feed my grandfather to her.

When we feed your grandfather to her.

When we feed my grandfather to her.



Rules are not laws.

Laws are for cowards.

Rules are for men.

That's why we have rules of honor.

Rules for honor don't tell you you have to be good.

Just upright.

Rules of honor tell you how to behave.

If you wanna make money there's ways to do it.

If you wanna kill, there are motives.

And method.

So, you noticed... Wait.

Hello? My boy, sweetheart.

Mamma, you can't on this number. Yeah, but it's an emergency.

Are the children all right? They're fine, don't worry.

What's the emergency? Your brother's acting the fool again.

That's not an emergency. Speak to him, son.

I'll do it later, after work.

So, you'll talk to him? Yes, as soon as I'm done here.

I'm begging you! May God bless you.

Hi, Nancy. Sir.

Tell me.

The 5000 cans of chili peppers for Italy are ready.

Okay, good, perfect. Listen, I can't do anything now.

They haven't sent the first payment.

I can't leave them here because it's not safe here in town.

I don't give a fuck, idiot! It's your job to keep them safe.

That's your job, no?

So cut out the bullshit, Nancy. Yes, sir.

Hello? Listen, I don't want to repeat myself.

Tell me. Got anything to take notes?

Yes, boss, I'm holding it in my hand.

We must store the chilies at the old man's farm.

Are you sure?

Who has more information, me or you? Whatever you say.

We can't send them before the Italians pay us.

How long should we keep them? I don't know.

But we never do that! It's a problem. I know, it's a mess.

They're going to meet to find a solution.

In the meantime, you keep the chilies. Idiot, don't fuck it up.

That's an order from the boss, if you blow it, he'll kill us.

What is he doing?

He's ditched his phone!

Has he noticed us? What the fuck happened?

Follow him.

What about the cocaine, Comando? Later! Follow him!

Don't lose sight of him! He knows where the meeting will take place.

Go, go! Follow him!

Don't lose sight of him! Go, go!

Easy, easy...

Don't move.

Don't close your eyes, open them.

What's your name?

My name's Manuel. What's yours?

Open your eyes.

Look at me. You're going to be okay.

They'll help you.

Look at me, don't close your eyes.

Come on, look at me.


Lord... receive this little dove into Your kingdom.

Where are they meeting? I don't know.

Where are they meeting? I don't know!

We heard about the meeting with the buyers from your calls.

I don't know!

Indio! Captain.

Go to Tribilin's house, get that asshole and hand him over to the MP as the suspect we arrested in the square.

Copy that.

Where are they meeting?

Where are they meeting?

All men are small, only the Lord is great.

Importance is an illusion of mankind, as well as greatness, because before God we must all bow our heads.

Nothing of what I am, nothing of what I have is mine.

It all belongs to the Lord.

When I drink a glass of water...

The Captain wants you.

...It belongs to the Lord.

Bury him.

Let's go! We got it.

Do you believe in God?

Yes, sergeant.

We are merely instruments in His hands.

I see.

Whatever He tells us we must not argue, we must obey.

Where is He taking us now?

Only He knows.

Two SUVs incoming.

They're collecting everyone's phones.

Enrique Leyra!

I know an entrance that connects to the restaurant.

Fuck! Jacinto! Both the Leyra brothers are there!

There are about 50 civilians in there, without counting those fat fucks.

Copy that.

We don't have blind spots or nasty surprises.

No signal coming from snipers or guards.

Copy that.

There are six guys inside and five outside, with shotguns and handguns.

Don't tell me you're afraid, Vampire.

What's wrong?

You're sweating.

I'm all right.

Cover me on that side, now.

Make contact with the base and tell them we have the Leyras in our sights.

Totomishi to base, do you read me?

Totomishi to base, do you copy? Loud and clear.

We have the Leyras in our sights. Awaiting orders.

We'll inform the commander. Stand by for orders.

Captain, they're informing the commander. Standing by.

Affirmative! There are soldiers in the parking lot!

There's another frequency active.

They're in the parking lot. Send the SUVs for us. Move it!

Their men know we're here. Motherfuckers!


They are going to escape. Let's go get them!


Those assholes came to protect them. Treat them as enemies!


Wait! Go!

Enrique Leyra! I have him!


What the fuck's going on?



You need to know how to be respected and how to show respect.

"La famiglia".

Respect the people who are useful to you and despise the ones who aren't.

The people who can give you something get your respect, and the ones who are useless, lose it.

Somebody who wants something from you, doesn't respect you.

Somebody who's afraid of you...

So what happens when you got nothing to give?

When you've got nothing left?

When you're no longer useful.


THE DEALMAKERS We redid all the riggings, all the cables on that block, all the pulleys, that's all new.

Some paint here and there.

We're painting the deck, we're gonna finish that part.

When was she built?

Hey, Fran├žois! Edward!

So good to see you. You look fantastic.

So, Mark... Edward.

What's your price?

When was she built? If I'm not mistaken, in 2003.

And she's been in constant transit since then?

Yes, but we gave here a refurbishment and she hasn't gone out since then.

I got them down to 20.

My asking price is 22 million, but for you, Edward, I'm willing to slash my profits.

So if that is the case, Mark...

You need to come down in price a little. We could buy for 18.


I know it's short notice, but given our history I'd expect you'd make an exception and push this through for me.

What are the lobsters still doing here?

They're waiting on the waybill, Miss Lynwood.

Emma's fine. Right. Yes, Miss Emma.

Just Emma's fine. Right.

Marla, I'm looking at a shipment of lobsters that need to be in New York by tonight.

I know you need paperwork, but I need lobsters in Red Hook, so let's figure it out.

Good morning, Miss Lynwood.

Your retail accountant called. The money hasn't come through.

Come on!




You were right, Chris.

I bet with you, Pops.

That's my boy!

I called you nine times.

How am I supposed to get in touch with you if there's an emergency if he would not answer his phone?

I didn't hear the phone. Sorry. Okay... What's going on, Em?

Bob called.

We can't expose ourselves like that.

Don't argue with me, just do what I ask.

Between the cost of the ship and fronting the money for the Italians, we're going to be 31 millions in the hole.

I know Don Minu very well.

He'll pay us back like he always does.

You just gotta rough it out for a couple of weeks.

I know you can do it, Em.

Man, your sister...

She's a piece of work. Typical Lynwood.

Thank you.

We don't know why the money hasn't arrived.

But Don Minu will solve this for sure. Don't worry.

Write him a message, I will publish it on the obituary.

I need an answer immediately.

All good, Pops? Primo supremo, kid.

We're taking care of business like we always do.

If you say we're good, then we're good.

I met someone last night.

As soon as I saw him I thought: he could be the one. You know?

And the first thing I did was tell him some day my neurons will start dying.

Some day I won't be able to control my emotions.

Won't be able to control my arms and legs.

Won't even be able to eat.

I told him there's no point in even having a relationship with me.

Because I have a defective gene and one day I'll have Huntington's.

My mom says I'm a coward.

That I'm not living my life.

Maybe she's right, but I feel like this way it'll hurt a little less, when I start to lose myself.

When that first tremor starts and I know I'm out of time.

Thank you for sharing with us, Lisa.

You know, I think you touched upon a major issue for everyone in this group.

Who else has experienced these feelings, at some point?

Chris... We haven't heard from you in a while.

Would you like to share with us how you feel about all this?

We can't do it. Not here.

It's too much money... Not here, goddammit!

How many times do I have to tell you?

It's 31 million. 31 million.

You're gambling all our liquid assets on one shipment.

You're not thinking about the future. I saved this family, Emma.

And the bottom line is that we don't continue to broker cocaine, this company ceases to exist.

That's not true, we have 4000 containers on 45 ships all over the world, shipping legitimate goods right now.

We're not drug dealers. We're shipping brokers.

And those 4000 containers make less money in a year than one shipment of cocaine makes in 21 days.

If you don't understand the basic economic principles of our business, maybe I've wasted too much time on you, Emma.

We'll show Don Minu we trust him. Take care of that money.

Here are your tokens.

Each one will transfer 31 million dollars.

I need you to sign here.

And here.

Not in my fucking bedroom, please! Open the window.

Em, put this away. I'm tired, I gotta go to sleep.

We've got four weeks to return the funds, then we have to start selling assets.

I don't want to talk about this anymore.

Neither do I. I just want to make sure you know what you're doing.

Hey Chris, give me that.

You know why we're not going to lose money?

Because what we do keeps the world's economy aflow.

Don't ever forget that. It's our job.

That's what we do.

And I want you guys out of this room in less than one minute.

I wanna go to bed!

Why do you have to argue with him?

Because he fucks up and I have to fix it!

Fucking asshole!

He knows what he's doing. Alright? He knows what he's doing.

Does he?


Did you get what we asked for, Roberto?

Yes, Miss Emma. Under the seat.

Bulletproof vests with level four ceramic plates.


Chris knows what's going on. He always knows what's going on.

It's worse to just keep him in the dark.

He gets upset really easily, it's not good for him.

He's okay. If you treat him like he's sick, he'll feel like he's sick.

He's gonna be sick. Very soon he's gonna be sick.

I know, but you always said that mum had a wonderful life and that she had a perfectly normal life before the disease hit her.

And you don't let Chris have that same life?

He's not gonna be happy unless you let him live his life while he can.

I want you to promise me something.

If anything ever goes wrong, I do not want Chris in the family business.

You're the lucky one, Emma.

Don't ever forget that.

I don't want him in the family business. You gotta promise me.

Promise me.

Yeah, I promise you.

So what happens when you've got nothing to give?

When you've got nothing left? When you're no longer useful?

You know what they're gonna say? They're gonna say: you're finished.

You're just "basura".

Garbage. Nada.

That doesn't apply to us.

We move in an alternative economy where there's always money.

No. We are the engine of the global economy.

Take us out of the equation and the whole whitewash facade just tumbles in on their fucking heads.

We should close at 62.

We like you, Edward. We like your style.

Thank you. How you do things.

But our deal was for 70.

This token transfers 31 million dollars. Down payment.

As soon as the product leaves Mexican waters.

We'll just have to keep sustaining the world's capitalist system.

And the other one?

The rest will be transferred when the shipment arrives at Gioia Tauro.

It's a big load. What if it doesn't get there?

Then we all take a loss. Bigger risk than usual.

Bigger the risk, greater the profit.

Get them out of here. Shit's about to go down!

Unfortunately we have a security problem, we have to get out of here immediately.

Wait! Go!