ZeroZeroZero S1E2 Script

Tampico Skies (2019)


Who the fuck's that?

Who is it?

Don Minu!

What happened, Don Minu?

Let me in. Certainly, come in.

Take a seat.

Sit here.

Under these conditions I can't guarantee...

Giovanni, do what has to be done.

But... no anesthetic.

With your heart condition?


There's a message from America.

Twenty-one days can be a long time.

The cops knew where I was.

Someone squealed.

I'll take care of it, Don Minu.

Don't worry.

It's all right, Don Minu, take it easy. Do it.

Wait, wait!

Go! Okay, go! Dad!

Let's go.

Are you okay?

Oh, God!

Are you okay?

Stay down.

Okay, sit up.

You're ready to go, right? Yes, we are.



You're all right. Okay?


Fuck! Chris!

Keep going.

We're gonna call a doctor.




Sit down.




Where the fuck...







Remember when we used to sneak in here and stay the night?

We would laugh because you said his hair looked like a penguin.

It did look like a penguin.

It used to stick up on both sides.

I've never spent the whole night with anyone except you two.

His last words were for you.

He said it's time you go in the family business.

It's time you play your part and help me.

You know everything about boats.

You can do it, Chris.

Dad said you can do it.

He said you gotta stop living for your sickness.

You're not a sick man, Chris.

I was eight years old when my mother started showing symptoms of her disease.

Emma was only twelve.

And toward the end it went so fast we watched her forget how to walk, to speak,

to hold our hands.

But I was too young to understand what was really going on, why she cried herself to sleep almost every night.

My mother died after a horrible journey of suffering.

And from that moment on, our father was there for us.

He taught us how to survive.

He made sure we picked ourselves back up and kept fighting.

I always thought my father would... would outlive me.

I thought that he would be by my side when...

When my mother's disease starts eating away at me too.

Well, you won't be by my side, dad.

"First rule, kiddos:

"you come first and fuck the rest."

Thank you.

Do you eat anything? I don't think so.


Emma? What is all this?

It's a local custom in our country.

We leave doors and windows open so the soul of the person who lived there can leave.

We cover the mirrors because if one of us should be reflected before the soul can leave the house,

that person will die.

Who are you?

Friends of your father's.

Why are you here?

To offer you our condolences.

Is that all? As far as you're concerned, that is.

Your father has died and this changes everything.

What does that mean?

From now on we'll deal directly with the shipment.

We've already arranged it.

We want to meet your Mexican friend and ship the merchandise under our supervision.

We put down large down-payment. Millions in good faith.

We need to get back that money.

We have made you a lot of money in the past.

This time you have to accept this.

Price of doing business.

Our father's number one rule is that buyers and sellers are connected by brokers.

We are the brokers. There'll be no introductions.

You're pissing me off!

You hear me, you're really pissing me off!

If I say don't talk, don't talk!

You two are nothing.

Everything you have you owe to... Look at me.

From this moment on you'll do everything you're told.

No arguing, all right? Stefano.


Certain things, among decent people, shouldn't even happen.

But I don't want to bury you alive in this nice garden.

You have to do the right thing.

Call your friends and I'll call you.

See how scared they were?

First time that woman's ever met a guy who put her in her place!

Your grandfather will slice us open like pigs.

He doesn't have time to think about us, he's on the run from the cops.

He has to count on me.

Your grandpa's got loads of friends. What the fuck you gonna tell them?

We're taking the shipment.

We're looking for a new broker and we need a little time.

That's precisely what he doesn't have, time.

When the shipment doesn't arrive, we'll see how many friends he has.

Revenge for our fathers.

Marnie? Yes, Miss Linwood?

I wanna place a second obituary for my father, this time in "L'eco della Calabria".

Hello, I'm listening. Hold on a second.


I'll see you there.

I'm meeting them at the Da Mimmo's. I'll come with you.

No, you stay here.

If I'm not back in an hour, call the police.


What's the meaning of this?

As our father used to do, I wrote to your grandfather.

I wrote to your grandfather and told him that my brother Chris will personally escort the load from start to finish.

My brother, Lynwood blood.

My father's male heir.

Don Minu accepted, he understands that our shipping company is the safest, especially given the large warranty.

Mister Salvage will be the captain. He can give you the details.

I'm glad we could find a way to continue our working relationship.

I told him it's us or nothing.

You're head of the company and travel with the cargo.

You leave tomorrow.

From the port of Tampico, Mexico.

Don't let my garden die.

Chris, I did not insist because I respect your decision.

But like I said to Emma, I really don't think you should be onboard.

My father wants me here. It's all that matters.

Don't lose sight of them!

We got 'em!

Fucking sons of bitches!

Get out, asshole! Close that fucking door!

Close that fucking door!

Get away from there! Let's go!

You helped the Leyras escape, sons of a bitch!

The bodyguards are dead.

Leyra's lawyer too.

Move on. There's nothing to see here. Keep moving!

Let's go! Keep moving!

Keep moving!

It's for your own safety, keep moving.

I am a few meters away from the area where today a man fleeing the armed forces on board a vehicle decided to continue on foot through this shopping area with a weapon.

A firefight ensued and a young schoolgirl was killed, caught in the crossfire.

For now reports indicate that she was shot to death with rounds fired by soldiers who were trying to stop the alleged...

Holy fuck, they're saying that it's all our fault.

They'll always say it's our fault.

This is not the first time an innocent Mexican citizen has unfortunately fallen victim to brutal army tactics.

It's always the same story and it always will be.

We're meat to be butchered, we're a pain in the ass.

When we're not useful anymore they'll dump us in the trash.

Anyway today, we totally nailed it, right?

Right. We deserve a nice big reward.

Look what I found.

This is an advance on our pension...

Li'l brother!

Thanks, boss.

Moko... All right.

That's it!

I'll leave yours here, man.

And me?

Dammit, Gordo, none for you, pal.

I wanted to see if you were paying attention, asshole.

Here. Full steam ahead...

You all know this jewel, don't you?


The first assault rifle manufactured in Mexico, designed especially for Mexican soldiers.

I think it's for us...

It's never let me down.

They trained us for war.

The only law that truly counts in war is that your brothers have to stay on your side, and the enemy has to face you.

Isn't that right, Moko? Full steam ahead!

I'm with you, sergeant.

I swear.

But I don't want money from the fucking narcos.

Pick up your gear.

Get rid of this. Okay.

Mexicans, at the cry to war Make ready the steel and the bridle And let the earth tremble at its center At the resounding roar of cannon And let the earth tremble at its center At the resounding roar of cannon...

Sergeant! The captain wants to speak to you.

Watch out, the boss is pissed.

He's asking a lotta questions.

Sergeant León, captain.

Come in, sergeant.

I'm very concerned.

Why, captain?

My children.

I don't want to see them grow up in this cesspool.

You saw what happened at the restaurant yesterday.

Yes, captain.

Did someone warn them?

Did you see anything strange?

No, captain.

But someone's playing dirty.

And I can't trust you or anyone else until the mole's flushed out.

If I don't find out who the mole is right now, I'll request that everybody be replaced.

Is that clear? Clear!

I don't suspect anyone, they're my brothers.

Yes, but you have to understand me, I cannot have a spy in my squad.

You can go.

Thank you.

There's a lot of pressure about the little girl.

Varas has never been easy, but now he's a bigger asshole than ever.

Stick that pressure up your ass, dickhead.

If they hit them, it's because of your fuck-ups.

And the Leyras were saved by a miracle.

But you're all right, aren't you? With your guts still in the right place.

Now listen up. The Leyras have a ship that has to sail, no two ways about it.

You got me?

They care a lot about this shipment, you understand?

Got it?

Got it. Good.

Now go, and stick to your captain like you're his underwear.

You're going to be glued to him, asshole.

Varas knows someone's leaking information.

We have to give him a snitch.

I need a hand. You have to sacrifice two of your men.

And they don't have the money to buy a Bible!


Glory to God!

Let's raise our hands and sing to the Lord.

Lord, you show me the way To follow you is the best thing Because you show me the way You show me the light If I am lost, Lord When I don't know what to do...

You show me the light Following you is the best thing

Because you're inside me You show me the light If I am lost, Lord...

Glory to God! Let us praise the Lord. Let us thank Him for His Light.

Wanna go to the party? No.

No, I'm tired.

I'm going to get a beer with my brother.

All right, but don't be long, okay? I won't, baby.

Don't be long. I won't.

A kiss.

'Sup? Yo, dickhead! 'Sup?

All good? Yeah, man.

Hey, guys!

'Sup, staying awesome?

Lemme check it out!

The sin of believing we are better, the sin of believing we are indispensable, the sin of believing my will is mine and not the Lord's...

There is no comparable sin.

And when a man seeks to compete with God, that man will lose.

And what does compete with God mean?

To believe that your will is yours, to believe that your life is yours...

Believing that you've managed to get something behind the Lord's back...

It's as if the chess king believed he were more important than the other pieces.


He who sees himself as a good Samaritan is someone who believes he must always help.

At times you have to help, at times you have to be helped.

It is more difficult to renounce pride in order to be helped.


Last night, in the busiest nightclub in this Monterrey neighborhood all hell broke loose.

Shortly after the attack, three bodies were found hung from a bridge south of Monterrey.

Two of them are members of the cartel, the other was a special forces soldier.

The message around his neck shows that the soldier was working for the cartel.

The reputation of the special forces is plummeting...

I'm sorry.

I know it's not easy.

I know you loved that asshole.

But he was the mole.

The identities of the attackers are still unknown, but the police believe this shocking incident may be linked to a war among organized-crime cartels.

The death toll stands at five with twenty wounded, but this figure is likely to rise when investigations are conducted at the scene.

We will keep you updated on developments as they come in...

Listen, Boss, the way I see it, that little shit, if they hadn't taken him out, he would have turned himself in.

No, the kid was always one of us.

I'll only say this: that little shit didn't take the money like I did, so no way he would have taken a bullet for me.

But in the end he took a bullet for us, didn't he?

We mustn't forget that, right?

Come with me.

They took one of the Leyras' guys.

I need to speak to your captain.


We're fighting against the Leyras.

Your guest might be able to give us some precious information.

If you'd allow me, I'd like to interrogate him.

Come in.

I can not search the whole ship! I need a number!

I said what's the container number!

Call the squad, we'll meet up outside in five minutes.

Remember when they said that this gun is joined to our heart on one end, and to our cock on the other?

And when your cock gets hard, it's gotta shoot.

Tonight's the night.

We're gonna decide where it's pointing.

Let's go!

Clear the ship and hold the whole crew!

You, climb up there.

Open that one.

Hurry up!

Open those cans.

Hurry up!

What are you standing there for?

Come on, we have to take this fucking ship into the port.

Open it.

The fuck are you waiting for?

Didn't you hear?

This ship will maintain its current course.

We'll be well compensated for this.

God knows what I'm doing.

Vampire to Fly, Vampire to Fly!

Fly to Vampire, copy that.

I have two men down, repeat, two men down!

Send backup!

Copy that. Backup on the way.

Let's go.

Let's go!

I can't guarantee my captain didn't alert his superiors about you.

I assume you'll be tracked.

I suggest you turn off the GPS and your communications.

Change the route. Okay? Okay.

Gentlemen, may God be with you.