ZeroZeroZero S1E3 Script

Episode #1.3 (2020)

What happened?

What the fuck do we do now, Manuel? The whole Army will be on our ass!

God has already shown me the way.

And what is this fucking way?

Why don't you wait for me upstairs?

I'll be right up with a drink. Yeah.

How old is she?

You're all over the news, asshole.

The shipment left safe and sound.

I did my job.

What do you want? A meeting with the Leyras.

You're too hot to go near them now.

It's not a question.

What's all this?

You think I give a shit about her?

Kill her.

Kill her, motherfucker. Go on!

I think you're misunderstanding our presence here.

You're a dead man, asshole. You and all your shitbag men. Get it?

How do you think we got in?

By politely asking your goons if we could have a chat with you?

Mexico trained us to be the best. And we are.

That's why I want to suggest you make life easier for your bosses, the Leyras...

or make it more difficult for them.

Why don't you cut the bullshit and tell me what the fuck you're doing in my house?

I already told you, a meeting.

Or else?

Or else...

I'll boil you alive.

Starting with your feet.

And when they're cooked, I'll cut them off and I'll keep you alive so you can eat them... right down to the toenails.

What do you say?

Hello, Chief. Who are these guys?

They came to see the boss.

Open up, motherfucker.

Open up.

God has told me that our future lies in your organization.

You can tell your God that a bunch of ex-soldiers don't do me any good.

We don't see things from the same perspective, sir.

What perspective are you talking about, Manuel?

You aren't taking advantage of your dominance in the marketplace.

You keep selling wholesale when you could be selling retail.

So you're suggesting to pay the dealers on every street?

That's impossible.

You don't have to pay them, you just have to control them.

And that's our expertise.

And you need all these men for this?

Who is the least skilled?

We're all skilled.

I didn't ask that. The least skilled...

One, two, three...

I'll pick four.

The fifth... we'll kill him.

Well, I say... we'll kill this one.

This little shit, okay?

But I don't know, you decide.

What? We need men who obey.

You need loyal men. Loyal to us, asshole!

Come on.

Easy! Shoot, asshole, shoot!

I'll wipe out everyone you've ever known!


We came here to work.

All of us.

God wants it this way.

Let's talk, Manuel.

There's no way we can take the ship to Gioia Tauro.

Our best bet is to do what the Mexican said.

Trans-ship in the port of Dakar, get a clean boat and finish that way.

Until then, we shut down AIS and INMARSAT and we stay out of sight.


Chart a course for Senegal.

Sounders. I want full speed, all the way there.

Add whatever watches you need. Yes, sir.

I was boarded by pirates once.

It was many years ago, when your father still liked to sail.

Six of them boarded, held us at gunpoint.

Your father was a tougher man than anyone had ever met, but... when you have a rifle between the eyes...

There is no such thing as a hero at sea.

Mister Lynwood, can I help you?

I just want to see it in action.

You need ear protection. I know.

I was just in the aux engine room.

And I noticed there was oil everywhere.

And I went over to the cylinders.

And they were loose, they were pouring oil.

I'm sure somebody just missed it on the maintenance check.

No, every single one of the filters was loose.

If we hit rough waters, started up those engines there'd be a fire in ten minutes.

I know what I am talking about, you know that.

I grew up on your boats.

I tend not to assume malice when stupidity's on the table.

They didn't just loosen themselves.

Don't worry. I've been working with those guys for many years.

Your father knows them.

All of them.

Luzvimino, right?

You work in the oil room? Yes, sir.

Nice boat, isn't it?

We thought about going with a two-stroke, but after looking at the start-up cost we decided to go with this one.

Do you need something, Mr Lynwood?

Why are you trying to start an engine fire?

What do you mean?

I have you on tape unscrewing the oil cylinders on one of the aux engines.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Don't fuck with me!

I need you to tell me what the fuck is going on.

Why are you trying to burn down my ship?

He told me to do it, I'm sorry, pal. I'm sorry, sir. I'm sorry.

Who told you?

Who the fuck told you?

The Chief engineer.

Have you talked to anyone about this?

No, I came straight to you, but we need to call Emma.

No, no, no! It's too dangerous.

Anything with the transmitter stays off until we unload.

I need to tell her what's going on. You don't need to tell her anything.


Fuck! No!



You need a ride home.

How long have you been doing this work?

Since I was 20.

I love the sea.

You can see the Strait of Messina from my window.

I hate the sea.

I hate these new mega ships that sail on their own, the Filipino crews paid peanuts who don't even know what the sea is.

It wasn't like that before.

When I started, it was all different.

Turn right, here.

Why don't you quit?

What else could I do? Enjoy life.

We can get you 100,000 dollars the day after tomorrow.

And a million euros when it's done, wherever you want.

What do you want?

We want to be sure the shipment never gets to Gioia Tauro.

How? I don't care how.

What matters is that no one ever knows it was you or us.

Edward Lynwood was my friend.

Now he's dead.


What's your brother's wife doing here?

Where's Nicola?

He was supposed to meet us. Your brother didn't come home.

He's been missing since yesterday, he's not answering his phone.

He had to see a guy, but I don't know who.

Come with Uncle.

It's your fuckin' grandfather.

What a lovely parmigiana!

The American's back. Where is he?

Where is he?

Look how you've grown!

My knees reach your shoulders.

Tell me how much you missed Daddy.

This much.

Do you know how much I missed you? No.

This much!

Go with Mommy.

Don't worry, we'll fix this.

You've always fixed everything. Remember that.

Daddy, wanna come play with my truck?

Yes, you go to the living room, I'll be right there.

Your grandfather wants you.

He wants to speak to you.

I'll see you tonight.

Yes, will you put your son to bed?

Get my jacket.

Hi, Stefano. Sit down.

You must be hungry.

Eat something.

How come you didn't tell me about America?

You had the cops on your ass and your contact was dead.

So you tried to take the shipment away from Emma Lynwood?

I went to offer my condolences, and get to know them.

The boy let the girl boss him around.

You put important stuff in her hands.

In my opinion they're a couple of fools with no experience.

Edward's daughter...

I saw her baptized thirty years ago in America.

I know more than you.

I made a mistake thinking I was doing right, Grandpa.

Welcome, Don Minu. Benedetto.

Good to see you.

Thank you.

She's ready, Dad.


Come here!

What's wrong?

Come here!

Hold her still.

What happened to the courier has put all the families on edge.

The shipment is in transit.

And they haven't asked us for an extra cent.

The shipment will arrive, everyone can put their mind at ease.

And if it doesn't arrive?

Then my enemies win and I die with all those who are still loyal to me.

This will be few.

Very few.

Don Minu...

I've been wanting to talk to you for a long time.

Then talk.

My son... took care of a rival.

And now the guy's mother is asking around.

If we don't tell her what happened, she'll go to the cops.

Does she know her son is dead?


And that your son killed him?

Yes, she knows.

She wants to bury him.

With all due respect, Don Minu... we know what we have to do.

That woman has to be buried together with her son.

If you'll allow it, I'll do the job personally.

Women and children are never to be touched.

Tell people that when they hear about her son, they ignore her and turn away.

Do you mind if I use the bathroom?


Where are you?

Page 39.

Italo, it's Lucia. I spoke to Stefano.

They are at Bellantone's house.

Thank you, everybody. We have to go now.

You're always welcome, Don Minu. Grandpa, it's getting late.

I'm sure Don Benedetto's happy to put you up for the night.

I've got a place for you, out back.

There's everything you need.

Thanks a lot, Benedetto.

But I need to take my grandson somewhere else.

Say goodbye, Stefano.

I might come back later tonight, Benedetto.

Give it to me.

What? Give it to me, don't make me ask again.

You know why the last war started?

They attacked you. And my father fought back.

That's what they say.

But that's not true.

Your father and Gianni Curtiga attacked first.

They began this war to gain control of our organization.

My father would never have done that.

Your father and Curtiga's father went to the house of a guy who had been a friend until the day before.

They killed his wife and his 7-year-old daughter.

These are just rumors.

I had no choice, Stefano.

My father was a gentleman.

It was the only way to end the war.

He was your son.

He was your blood!

It broke my heart... but I had to do it for the good of all the families.

At least now you know the truth.

Don't touch my wife or my son.


Keep moving.

Wait! Nicola!

Let me go!

Stay here. Don't move.

Stefano, come here! You left me alone!

You piece of shit!

You left me alone!

You left me all alone! I can't come, Nicola!

Stefano, come here! I can't.

I can't...

Sorry, Nicola.

The last thing I wanted in my life was a war.

But now you're bringing it to me.

I'll win this war, Stefano.

After your father died, I went into hiding.

You were the one I missed more than anyone.

You were the age your son is now.


I don't want to do to you what I once did to your father.

You have to choose, Stefano.

Choose which side to take.

You won't get another chance.

Try to move beyond hatred, Stefano.

Who is it?


This way.

Go, go!



They know everything. What happened?

He killed Nicola right before my eyes!

Where the fuck's he heading? We need to go after him.

Lift him up or he'll bleed out! Let's go!