ZeroZeroZero S1E4 Script

Episode #1.4 (2020)

Hey, Misionero.

At last, eh? About time.

Let's see what's there.

Totally pure.


There was a fucking checkpoint on every fucking corner!

The Leyras are up our ass. They want to control the free market.

They want us to buy directly from them.

Shit! Then what the fuck are we doing?

This is my neighborhood, asshole, I call the shots here.

You do as I say, or I'm not paying you shit.

So move, asshole. Get to work.

All done? That's all of them.

Let's go.

Misionero, when are you gonna lend me your sister?

Already sick of giving blowjobs?

Hi, Rosita.

What if I asked you out to a party after your shift?

Quit bugging me. You better clear out.

Okay, asswipe! Stop playing Romeo and get to work.

Move it!

All good, Linda?

Come in, kid.

Look at him!

Look how skinny he is, a bag of bones.

My mom says maybe I got a tapeworm.

Take a sandwich. We can't let this tapeworm starve.

Watch out, that's a lot of money for a kid like you.

Whatever you need we're here.

He's seen us.

What happened? We're in deep shit.

A bunch of assholes with guns.

One of them almost caught me, but I got away.

Open up. They're still lurking around.

Come in.


Lower your gun, asshole.

On the ground!

Hands behind you!

From now on anyone who wants to sell has to do it through the Firm.

They'll get a paycheck depending on the work they've done.

Those who don't obey will be executed.

Come on!

You're fucked, asshole!

Resign yourself.

Accept your fucking destiny.

This will happen to those who don't cooperate with the Firm.

To all those who dare to disobey.

Go and tell everyone that we showed you mercy.

We sacrificed one soul to save the rest.

Tell everyone that we want peace and work for all.


Upload it to the web.

I come to pay my respects.

Come in.

I brought this.

We made a collection in the squadron.

My ”rabbit” wasn't perfect.

He was only a kid.

I don't even think he was ready to be a father.

But one thing's for sure, he wouldn't have double-crossed you, not even with the narcos.

He was one of us.

But now you need this.

You know that he was good.

My ”rabbit” was good.

Why are they saying all that stuff about him?

I don't know.

The Army says what it has to say. And you?

He liked you. He respected you.

Why do you betray him like this?

Why do you let them talk about him this way?

I'm sorry.


Don't go... please.

Don't go.

Thank you... for coming, for your help.

I know you're good.

I know it's not your fault.

Thank you so much.

Those beloved by God laugh!

Those beloved by God cry!

Those beloved by God are alive!

Hallelujah, my brethren!

Let us not waste this moment.

Let us focus on ourselves, on our psyche.

Let us unite with God.

Sit down and do not miss this communion with Christ our Lord.

He is intense. Real.

He is the light.

I invite you my brethren to dedicate your lives, your souls, your bodies, your prayers, to Christ our Lord.

We are the instruments of the Lord!

Never forget that.


So, you remained onboard alone and the crew abandoned the ship?

How many times do I have to go through this?

An engine caught fire. The crew panicked.

I stayed to save the ship from sinking.

You are the owner of the ship? It's owned by my family's business.

And you are heading to Gioia Tauro?

I'm headed to Gioia Tauro, so just give me any paperwork I need to fill out so I can trans-ship my merch.

The problem, Mr Lynwood, is that we have no record of any shipwrecked crew landing on our coastline.

I didn't bring the ship here myself, sir.

We will need to conduct an inquiry to find out what happened to the crew.

Meanwhile, we will unload your containers and store them for a Customs check.

Every hour here costs my company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I'm sorry about your money, but we will do as I say.

My friend!

Hey, man. Do you speak English? Yes, I speak English.

Awesome. Do you have any Tetrabenazine?

No, sorry.

Okay. What about Risperdal or Brotopon?

We have Dozic but you need a prescription.

Yeah, I don't have one, so can you just help me? It's urgent.

I'm sorry but without a... Come on, man, just help me out.

I really need it. I am sorry, I cannot.

Excuse me, excuse me. I'm really sick, okay?

And I really need it, so can you just please give me the Dozic?

But you need a prescription. I cannot help you.

Can I help you, ma'am? Two bottles of cough syrup for adults.

Hey, fuck you, man!

Fuck you!

Hey, my friend.

Relax, my friend. There is no problem that can't be solved.

Don't touch me. Senegal is a welcoming country.

I can help you. Anything you need, I can help you find it. My friend.

Don't fucking touch me.

You need help? I can help you. You need special medicine?


My friend! Keep an eye on my stuff.

Come on.

Hey, man, how you doing? Cool.

This guy wants medication.

To stop spasms.

Let's go.

Come on.

Baylo, sit here.

Wait here.

I have this.

That's not what I'm looking for.

It's what I have.

You need anything else? The port of Dakar offers many gifts.

Luxury bags made in China, sunglasses from Italy, watches from France...

What about weed?

I'm sorry, Chris.

It's my fault.

Come on.

Don't be ridiculous.

How you doing? You okay? Yeah.

Well, you look terrible.

We gotta go.

This is the guy you hired.

Miss Lynwood. Omar.

My pleasure.

I hear you're the best fixer in all of Senegal.

We are what we are thanks to our friends, Miss Lynwood.

Emma. Call me Emma.

May I? Sure.


Thank you for seeing us, Commissioner.

Your ship was not authorized to dock at this port.

Correct, our merchandise is blocked by Customs for inspection.

But in our business time is a decisive factor.

We need to ship it immediately.

And avoid a Customs inspection...

Mr Omar Gamby, I can see your clients are serious people.

But there is nothing I can do.

For this kind of authorization you must talk to the Director General of Customs.

Thank you.

Thank you, Commissioner.

I miss Dad.

He'd know what to do.

He'd say: ”Number one rule, always listen to your fixer.” Or he'd say: ”Number one rule, never listen to your fixer.” And whatever he'd say we'd just take it as Gospel.

It's so weird that I can't really remember his voice.

I can hear him right now.

What's he saying?

You know...

You were primo, kiddos.

Chrissy, you're your father's son.

Em, you're just like your mother.

That's good.

I remember her lying in bed.

I remember that when Dad used to take us in he'd tell us to hug her.

She was sleeping, we'd put our heads on her chest.

I just wanted to stay there forever.

One time I went in on my own one night.

She woke up and saw me.

And I had this horrible feeling, like

”I'm never going to see her again if I leave the room”, so I just didn't.

And then Dad came in and pulled me out.

What did Mom do?

Said: ”Please, Em, be a good girl.”

Em... look.

I don't know about Omar.

He didn't get any results today.

What choice do we have? With Omar.

Just let me take care of it, all right?

We'll try again tomorrow.


Have it your way.

I'm going to bed.

All right.

Hey, we gotta get going.

Yeah, I'm going to sit this one out and get some rest.

Are you okay? Yeah. I'm just tired.

All right. Good luck.


Why do care about your cargo so much?

Aren't you insured?

Our insurance covers economic damage but it doesn't cover damage to my reputation.

Jalapeno peppers.

Yes, canned jalapenos.

You think we Africans are stupid?

All the money you've handed out to arrive at this conversation and you expect me to believe a few cans of undelivered peppers can ruin your business reputation?

Don't insult me, Miss Lynwood.

What's the bottom line?

What's it gonna take for me to get my cargo delivered safely?

Your ship is broken down now, right? Yes, it's waiting to be repaired.

You'll leave it here.

And it will be a fair duty. Wouldn't you say, Miss Lynwood?

Problem? All our permits are in order, that's why we're offloading.

I want to look inside the container. Do you have a warrant for that?

What's going on? Emma, wait, wait.

He wants to see what's inside the containers.

But we already got a permit. Yes, don't worry.

Tomorrow, when the director general's office opens we'll make our case to him.

What if he says no?

Then you're gonna have to leave the country. Fast.


What? We gotta go, the police are coming.

Em... Look.

I don't know about Omar.

He didn't get any results today.

What choice do we have? With Omar.

Just let me take care of it, all right?

We'll try again tomorrow.

Fine. Have it your way.

I'm going to bed.

All right.

Hey! We gotta get going.

Yeah, I'm gonna sit this one out, get some rest.

Are you okay? Yeah, I'm just tired.

All right.

Good luck. Thanks.

Hey, brother.

Have you seen Mongo? I gotta talk to him.

Come on.

You come to thank me for curing you, man?

I have a proposal for you.

Yes! He's a giant!

That's my cousin. A beast.

He's going to take it today.

Want to bet?

It's a job.

Big payday if you can deliver.

Put it all on him.

Destroy him!

You said you're the king of the port, right?

I need to get something out of there tonight.

What do you need to get out? A shipment from a warehouse.

What is it?

Jalapeno peppers.

So, what do you say?

Canned peppers stay good for a long time, my friend.

If don't get it out of there tonight, the police are going to open those cans.

When they do, they're going to find five tons of cocaine.

That's a lot of peppers.

The container is in warehouse 15. Thanks.

You're welcome.

I have many friends in the port.

Hurry up, we don't have all night!

Come on!

Hurry up with the second truck!

Hey! What the hell?

Fuck! Go, go!

Go, go!

Let's go!



What? We gotta go, the police are coming.

Whoa! Who the fuck is this guy? He's a friend, come on.

What's going on? I got our stuff out of the port.


We're going to get it, Em. Come on, trust me!

Where the fuck is our stuff, Chris?


Are all our cans here? Chris!

This is their cut. 50 kilos.

Are you out of your fucking mind?

I am saving our shipment.

You little shit!

Give me a fucking break! These people are helping us.

You fucking asshole!

You know what Dad really said before he died?

He told me to keep you out of the business.

You're such a fucking liar.

Because you couldn't do what I do, because you're too fucking weak!


The city is under guard, the police is everywhere.

How do we get out of here? I know a back route out of the city.

Then we take the trucks from Mali to Tangiers.

You can find a new ship there. So we won't waste too much time.

Could we go to Casablanca? 'Cause I have a contact there.

I can make it work. These are my best men.


Come on.

We gotta go.

When did it start?

Chris? When did it start?

When did the spasms start?

I don't know what you're talking about.