ZeroZeroZero S1E5 Script

Sharia (2020)

I'll be outside.

I'll take off your shirt to see what you got.

All right?

I looked up to your father.

He and my big brother were like two heroes to me.

Your grandfather should end up as they did.

When my nephew told me what you were doing...

I was afraid for you.

But now...

the war has started.

We have to finish it.

I'm nearly done.

Give me your arm.

Change the bandage twice a day.

And rest.

Take these after every meal or it'll get infected.

Thank you.

There's a lot of people counting on you.

I hope you know what you're doing.

I do.

I'm going to see Italo.


Baby, where are you?

Listen, things went wrong. You gotta run.

Take Mico and find my grandfather. Do what he says.

Your grandfather?

Stefano, what happened?

How did it go?


How did he say he got shot?

He didn't tell me, why?

Because they didn't shoot him.

He shot himself.

It started four months ago.

I was in the shower at the athletic club.

I dropped a shampoo bottle.

And I told myself it was nothing.

It happened a few more times, so I went to the doctor and she gave me some pills and stuff.

Why didn't you tell us?

I didn't want anything to change.

What's going on?

Jihadists. They'll escort us.

What do you mean? This is their route.

They control this area.

This is how they make money.

Do you know that guy?

Not him.

You better cover your hair.

Okay, okay.


My name's Omar, I'm a friend of Mohamed Hamaha.

Mohamed was killed by the French yesterday.

Who are they?


I'm sorry about Mohamed.

I don't like Americans.

Can you read his lips?

No, not in French.

What's going on? What happened? What did he say?

He wants a hundred kilos.

We're not in a position to bargain.

We gotta get this cargo to Casablanca.


Bring them a blanket. Okay.

For the cold.


Look what I got.

Where'd you get this? They gave them to me.

I would never have asked you to go with this shipment if I'd known.

What the fuck, Chris? Where do you think this ends?

I don't need a fucking lecture on Huntington's.

You told me Dad wanted me involved.

I want to see this through.

What's happening? They're buying weapons.

There's a lot of uranium in this region.

The French want it and the Malian government is selling these people out.

They are fighting for their land.

The Tuaregs have always been here, but no one cares about that.

What is this place? Jihadists stronghold.

They're occupying the city. It's under the sharia law.

Peace be with you.

How's it going? Well and you?


Are we staying here? I don't know.

Let's go.


Get out. What's he saying?



Okay, just go.

Emma, no! Wait!

Tell her to go back in the car!

Emma, please. Back to the car, please.

That's my sister.

Stay in the car! Easy.

Emma, please.

Where are they going to take him? I don't know.

Just do what they say. It's going to be fine.

What is he saying to me?

What's he saying?

Okay, you can go with them. You can go.

Easy, easy.

You stay in the car.

Stay in the car! Stay there!

Where's my brother?

Do you speak French?

Do you speak English?

My brother.

My brother.

They've taken him somewhere. Can you tell me where they've taken him?

Can you help me?

Could I come out?

Breaking news: there's been another terrorist attack in Ouagadougo, where a handful of extremists are holding dozens of people hostage in a hotel in the heart of the city.

Gunfire was heard close to the hotel, but there is no information regarding casualties.

Authorities have not received any demands for the release of the hostages.

One of the attackers has been identified as Tamil Yiarango, son of militant Brahim Yiarango.

We have not yet established whether Yiarango senior is one of the attackers.

Over to Bernard Erting at the scene of the attack.

The attack was carried out by four armed men who opened fire on a crowded French restaurant.

The patrons were brought into the hotel...

There's been an attack!

French Special Forces.

They're all dead.

Everyone is dead.


We got to move.

There was an attack. French drone.

Chris was with them. I can't leave without Chris.

They're all dead. All of them.

We have to leave.

Now. I can't leave without Chris!

Emma, your brother is dead. Brahim took Chris with him yesterday.

I can't leave without Chris!

He's dead. No! No!

He's not coming back. Please, listen to me.

He's not coming back.

Stay with me. Grab this, grab it.


And you stay behind me at all times.

C'mon, trust me.

Stay close to me.


Careful. Check.

No men on the left.

Go, go!


Go check.

About six men.

Okay, go.

Go, go!



Press hard.

Press hard. Like this.


Are we staying here? I don't know.

What's he saying? Easy!

Just go.

Emma, no!

That's my sister.

Wear this tonight.

I wore it in when I married your mother.

You are my favorite son.

Say goodbye to mother for me.

That was your son.

That was your son back there, wasn't it?

You have...

The same eyes.

You don't know us.

You will never know us.

Whatever he's doing, I hope it's worth it.

What is that?

You are a doctor. What?

Only doctors have access.

I need to go inside.

You are a doctor.

Act well and you will see your sister again.

I have to bless my newborn son.

He's an American doctor with World Peace Doctors.

He has to examine some patients.

Good evening. Your access permit.

Are you Dr. Christopher Lynwood?

Yes, I'm a doctor, I have patients inside.

And these men are with you? Yes.


You've come.

Who is he?

Let me see my new baby.

Where's Tamil?

He's on his way to God.

God is great.

There is no other God but Allah.



I can't have kids.

I mean...

I could, but it would be cruel.

I have a disease that I got from my mom

and my kid would have 50-50 chance of having the same disease that we had.

And even if the coin flips in their favor, he'd still have to watch me suffer.

Watch me die.

I think my parents had me tested before I was born, because I could always tell that they knew from the way they treated me.

The way they looked at me.

Same way you looked at your elder son today.

Come on!

Come on...

Let's go!

What's he doing here? He was with them.

Ibrahim! In the car!

Hurry! Quick!

Don't let Ibahim die!

Get him inside.

You, beat it!

Beat it! Go on, beat it!

Can you get in the car? Drive the car.

Drive the car!

The trucks!

Okay, I've got you.