ZeroZeroZero S1E6 Script

Episode #1.6 (2020)


Hello. It's a pleasure to see you.

I'm very sorry about your father.

It was a great man, with a great wisdom.

Is this your brother?

Yeah, I'm sorry, he didn't come to say hi, it's just...

It has been a long journey.

All clear, commander.

All clear, commander.

Calm down, buddy.

Get up. Calm down, asshole.


Hey, calm down! Quiet!

Shut up.

You know who we are? Leyra's soldiers.

Do what you want, but... Did I ask you anything?

How many guys work for you? 50, 60.

Are they efficient? They work hard, but they're young.

Do you speak for them? Yeah, asshole, I do.


Shut up!

Shut up! I'll tell you what's gonna happen.

From now on this neighborhood is ours, like Topochico and Montecristal.

Got that? Yes.

We are building an army to destroy the other cartels and take over Monterrey.

Got it?

Listen carefully.

We'll train your guys.

It will be special forces training, not everyone can hack it.

Why are you looking at me like that, asshole?

If you recruit them well, you'll stay in command, got it?


Let's go!

Organize these kids and take care of these men.

Yes, sir.

Come on!

Get in the trucks. You three in there. Move it!

Move it, dogs!

Hurry up! We still have 30 more of you to pick up.

Let's go!

Good morning, commander. Good morning, Misionero.

Raise your guard!

Keep it balanced.

Right hand! Steady hand!

Legs higher!

Knees up here! Up here!

Lift your knees!

Like that, like that!

Eyes front!

Fast, asshole!

Faster! Faster!

Why don't you push them harder?

Faster, assholes!

Faster! Faster!

C'mon, asshole, what are you doing?

It's for your brothers, for fuck's sake!

C'mon, move it! Faster, faster!

Faster! Faster!

Can you feel it? Can you feel it?

7Up here! Up here!

29, 30, 31...



Wanna come in?

You've no idea how much you're helping me.

You're a good person, you're great.

You don't need to say anything.

Take care of yourself and your kid.

How can I?

You know what?

I'm sick of being stuck in here, feeling sorry for myself, I don't want to.

Squeeze the trigger!

What's that? Change!


Go, go. Change!

Eyes front.

Go, go. Change!

Squeeze the trigger. What's that?

What happened? Stay behind your partner.

This unit is ready, commander.

We're creating a wicked army.

Before the cock crows this whole city will be ours.

The Leyras'.

Praise be to God!

Do you do drugs?

Yeah, but I can't stop.

I can't imagine my life without them.


Praise be to God!

May you find the path!

And what happened to you?

I lost everything.

You lost Jesus and you ruined your life.

But He is still waiting for you.

He wants you to rack your soul in His presence.

He will do only good and all will be joy and happiness in the Lord!

Thank you, brethren!

He is our guide, we are His instruments.

Glory to God!

Glory to God!

Can I pass?

Thanks! Just stay there.

What's going on? Everything okay?

I thought you were bringing me somewhere else, maybe to get an ice cream, and instead you bring me here?

Whatever, never mind.

I better go home, I don't feel very well.

The thinker position, the ostrich position.

You hear me, cocksuckers? Move it!

What are you waiting for? Move it!

Lift your ass, motherfuckers!

Lift your ass! Lift your ass!

What's that?

Stand up, asshole!

Those with no balls won't get out of here alive.

You hear me?

You hear me?

You know you're a piece of shit, you know that or not?


The world doesn't need you, why don't you kill yourself?

You suck, you're dead, asshole! What are you doing here?

You wanna die?

You wanna die?

Sure? Sure.

Why are you crying?

Why are you crying?

You'll never feel hungry or tired again.

You'll never feel fear or pain again.

You'll die where you're supposed to.

And you'll fight where you're supposed to.

You're gonna do the impossible!

Because you've already done what's possible!

Miguel Ángel Loreto.

Welcome to the brotherhood.


Pablo Castellanos.

Welcome, brother.


Thank you, commander.

Rodrigo Pinillos.

Captain of the hitmen.

Thank you, commander.

Now you belong to the brotherhood.

You're like us.

You no longer know fear.

You no longer suffer.

You're united amongst yourselves.

Your heart is linked to your soul.

And your soul, to your weapon.

You will never be alone again.

Go, Vampires! C'mon, Vampires!

C'mon, assholes! Move it!

Get down!

All men are small.

Only the Lord is great.

Importance is an illusion of man, as is greatness, because before God we must all bow our heads.

To believe that your will is yours, that your things are yours, to believe that your life is yours, to believe you have obtained anything without the Lord...


Listen to me carefully, assholes. Shut up!

You gonna listen to me or not? Shut up!

We are the Firm!

We've taken control of all fucking Monterrey!

You'll be sacrificed, assholes!

Got that?

Get her!

Good job, fuck!

See what happens?

Shoot, motherfuckers!

You're done, assholes!

You saw and you heard.

The Lord has chosen you to spread His message.

Now beat it.

Let's move, motherfuckers!

Let's go!

Move! Move!

Let's go! Get in, cocksuckers!

Move it, c'mon!

Let's go! Let's roll!

Go, Vampires!

Not only are there bloodbaths between organized crime gangs, this afternoon ordinary civilians suffered the consequences.

A narco group called the Firm suspected to be the new armed wing of the Leyras' brother's cartel, uploaded a video where they killed innocent people in cold blood.

Eat, it'll get cold.

We can't keep living like this. Who can stop these tragedies?

This brutal act was made just to show how merciless they are and that they're seizing total power in the city of Monterrey.

At least 30 people were murdered.

Vampire. Vampire.

Here. Perfect.

Chino, you good?

See ya later for tacos.

Sure. See ya.

We're the shit, man.

Without us the Leyras would not have conquered this territory.

That's why they hired us, right?

All good, Chino? Vampire.

All good, brother? Hey.

Very good.

All good? Yeah.

Is it really all the Leyras'?

It should be ours, right?

I never saw so much money in my fucking life.

We should take advantage.

Excuse me, commander.

Come in, Vampire.

I need you to go and buy all the supplies with this.

Alright, commander.

You got the list? Yes, commander.

Hurry up. Alright.

You're making a mess. Sorry.

What the fuck are you doing, mixing 500s with 100s?

I'm sorry.

Stop fucking up, Vampire, pay attention.

I'll be right back.

Good morning.


You're fucking late! We're on time, motherfucker!

Yeah, they're still in Africa.

What, in Africa? They ran into trouble, Enrique.

You sure we'll get the money? Relax, it's on its way.

I'm getting nervous.

Calm down, the 32 million's on its way.

Hope so.


Yes, I've got to go.

Don't forget your nephew's birthday.


Hurry up, dickheads.

I have the report. Let's hear it.

We have total control over Topochico and Montecristal and all the areas in Poniente.

We can enter the area of Niño Artillero, then take the southern neighborhoods.

Very good, that's excellent news.

Let me see.

Wow! Fantastic.

We took in 35% more than you used to get.

I see.

Very good, Quinteras, very good.

Anything else?

Today's payday. That's right.

We're short of cash right now.

This war requires a lot of money.

I bought a load of weapons, they'll be here soon.

Between today and tomorrow.

They're real gems, you'll see.

Don't worry, be patient, we'll give you a nice bonus for your trouble.


And now what the fuck do we do?

What will we tell the Vampires?

Don't worry, I'll handle it.

How did it go? We're not working tonight.

We're going to celebrate. What?

We're going to celebrate where it all began, Vampires.

Get in.

This way, sir. Thank you, sir.

If my mom could see me now!

You don't have a mom! You fat fuck!

This is where Gordo comes for blowjobs.

Look at these shitheads.

I think they like you!

Good evening.

Good evening, gentlemen, I'm afraid this table is reserved.

What? We can pay.

I'll gladly offer you another table.

Follow me, please.


This way, gentlemen.

Fucking waiter!

There's a plate missing.

The menu, please.

Could it be any smaller?


Give me some of your meat, mine's raw.

You like his meat?

What happened to you? You look like that instructor...

Quinteras, Quinteras...

What are you doing here?

Right. Happily fucking around.

While I'm working, man.


Piece of shit.


Waiter? Sir?

Bring me three bottles of champagne.

The most expensive.

Good evening.

From us.


Fucking narcos.

He's really got a face like a pig.




Fucking pig.

Let's hit it! Out, I got stuff to do.

C'mon, Vampire... See you tomorrow.

Come on... Where you going?

Those lines were strong shit, huh?

We had no choice, we had to wake up!

What are you doing here?

I wanna take you for an ice cream.

Isn't it kinda late?

I couldn't come earlier because I gotta a lot of work.

Good evening.

Please, come in.

Good evening. This way.

You want to dance?

Later, okay?

I'm going to dance.

Come on.

Let's dance.


Twirl me around.

Wanna come in?

You coming in or not?

I'll let you rest.

No, wait.

I'm dead tired.

I better go.

He's moving.

You want to feel him?

Give me your hand.

Give me your hand.

He won't hurt you.

He's calmed down.

He likes you.

Can you stay a bit?

Just till I fall asleep.

He never lets me sleep.

Just a little while.

Commander! What's happening?

Commander, Indio's hurt!

Get this shit outta the way.

Move, the commander's coming.

Move it, assholes!

Hurry up with that tire!

C'mon, close that thing and get outta the way, man.

Get this shit outta the way! C'mon!

You down there, close that thing!

Let's hit it! Out, I got stuff to do.

C'mon, Vampire... See you tomorrow.

C'mon... Where you going?

Those lines were strong shit, huh?

We had no choice, we had to wake up!

What's up, faggot?


He's taking care of business for the Firm.

The weapons have arrived.

Find him and go pick them up now, dick.

They're a bunch of assholes, they're not worth shit.


What? We got a mission.

Wake the squad, we got ten minutes.

Manuel's not answering.

Manuel's not answering? Don't worry.

We can do it without him.

Sure? Sure. He'll be proud of us.

Get up, dogs!

Get up, assholes!

Everyone in the yard in ten minutes!

Get up, assholes.

Come on, move it.

Put your vests on.

Move it!

Come on! Move!

Ten minutes in the yard.

José, get them ready!

Zone is clear.

Opening the gate.

The coast is clear.

Copy, Vampire.

Go to the other side.

Opening the truck doors.

Checking the load.

All good. Weapons inside.

All good, let's go.


Everybody in position. We're moving.

It's fucking freezing.

First truck out.

Everyone in position, let's roll!

Second out.

Why so late? What's up?

I got the weapons.

Good, you got the load.

See you on 4th street.

The two trucks on the way.

Eyes open, assholes!

Whaddaya want, Loco? And you?

Take it easy, man.

What's up, asshole? Go fuck yourself.


Did you do it or not? Obviously, we know our shit.

Alright, then show me the weapons. Go ahead.

These dirtbags coming too?

Mind your own fucking business.

Open it, José.

There, asshole. Get outta the way.

It's all there.

You know, right?

You know the Leyras are paying you.

Who do you think you're talking to, dumbass?


Keep going like that. Let's see the rest.

What are you looking at, asshole?

Show me the weapons.

You're fucking useless... C'mon Momia, show him.

It's full. Good.

And Quinteras?

Why do you ask if you already know, moron?

If I knew I wouldn't have asked, dickwad.

He's working for the Firm, I already told you.

Good, but I don't give a fuck.

I want him here, call him, tell him to come.

You're looking for trouble...

Move it, dickhead, you think you're on vacation?

You and Momia don't have a brain between you.

There, your fucking weapons.

Very good. Now what?

Am I s'posed to carry them?

Here are the keys.

Very good. Excellent. Let's go, Gordo.

The thing is...

I got some hookers waiting and I'm in a hurry.

Open the fucking crates and check that it's all there.

You know, just to be on the safe side.

Listen, asswipe, don't piss me off.

The weapons are all there, if you don't believe me get these faggots to check.

Calm down, motherfucker!

Fuck you!

Come here, you little shit.

Help those assholes to check.

No fucking way.

Fucking narcos.

You're done.

What happened? Shoot!

Hold fire! Hold fire!

Indio, find Indio!

What happened? Indio!

Moko! Gordo!

Moko! Indio!

Hold on!

Hold on, Vampire.

Don't play around... Indio, fuck!

What the fuck happened?

Hold on, Vampire! Come on, asshole!

Press there.

Hold on!

Go keep an eye out!

Hold on!

Answer for fuck's sake!

Get this shit outta the way.

Move, the commander's coming.

Move it, assholes!

Hurry up with that tire!

C'mon, close that thing and get outta the way, man.

Get this shit outta the way! C'mon!

Shut the doors, asshole. Get it out!

Get them out, move it. Get to work.

Take him away.

C'mon, you assholes, keep working.

C'mon, open it.

Open the truck door, go.

You get the weapons, go.

Beat it, dog.

Watch out, fools.

Get in that side, assholes!

C'mon, assholes, let's go!

Take him away.

I'm coming!

It's Manuel! Hurry!

What's going on?

We were attacked, we got wounded men.

By the same guys who killed Diego.

Careful... Hold on.

Nothing's wrong with your ear. Let's see.

I'll see if you have anything inside.

You got nothing wrong.

What's going on?

Go back in there. I'm scared.

Go away, you hear me?

Clean water. Thank you.

Don't move too much.

Thank you. It's not bleeding anymore.

But it's a nasty wound.

Take me to the hospital! What happened?

Take me to the hospital!


Everything will be fine, breathe!

That way.

We're there.

Slowly, slowly.

Take her. Don't worry.

It's coming out! Please!


Over here.


I can see the head!

You have to push, ma'am.

Push, breathe and push.

I can see it, it's coming out. I can see the head.

Another push!

Here it is. Very good!

How beautiful!

A beautiful girl, congratulations!