ZeroZeroZero S1E7 Script

Episode #1.7 (2020)

This way.

It's right here.


It's all set, Don Minu.

We're going to find your grandson, don't worry.

-Where could your grandfather be? -I told you I don't know.

You know my grandfather doesn't trust anyone.

There aren't many places for him to hide.

We can lay low here for a while. I have a nice room for you.

With a beautiful view. What should we eat tonight?

You think we're stupid?

You think the Curtigas are a family of idiots?

You all have bad blood, you, your father, your grandfather...

Wait! The ship didn't sink.

The shipment's on its way, you hear me?

Ah, really?

My grandfather told me the last time we saw each other.

Get him.

This way, c'mon.

Wait, sweetheart.

Duck down, go under.

Scooch up a bit, good boy.

Good morning. Where's the lady? She's upstairs.

Give me a hand? - Sure. Thank you. Come here.

Straight ahead, into the courtyard.

We're nearly there.

The lady? - She's upstairs. Thank you.

Domenico, hold on, we're nearly there.

Good morning. Where is she? In there.

Keep an eye on my kid, please. Come.

What's your name? Domenico.

My respects.

The Lord helps you. He helps for real.

-Here, Don Minu. -Find anything out?

There's no news from Stefano. But I got this from Lucia.

Tell Bellantone to get Lucia.

Mico, come here.

Are you tired? A little bit?

Everything's going to be fine, don't worry. Okay?



Mico! C'mon, come here.

-Come. -All good? Let's go!

Little guy!

Hi. Shake my hand? Good boy!

Let me hear you bark like a dog.


Well done.

Were you waiting long?


Bellantone's sons picked up Lucia and the boy.


That's good.

We've arrived. There's a car.

There are no animals?

Will you get the suitcase? I'll get it.

Come on, Mico.

Be careful.

Watch out. Get some rest, Lucia.

Yes, thank you.

Mico, come in.

Let's go in.



Relax, Lucia.

If Stefano does as we say, nothing will happen to you.

You gonna open that door or not?

Stefano will get revenge. Sure...

Move, get in there!

Take it easy, Antonello!

Calm down. What are you worried about?

Your father will understand, calm down.

Betraying Don Minu is the smartest move for the Bellantone family.

You've done the right thing. I know.

Don Minu is old, the world's spinning backwards, if we don't fix it, we'll disappear.

Right? What do you say, Palmiro?

Uh? It's like you say.

Let's go.

If you love your wife, you better stop the fucking brokers.

Lucia, are you okay? Ste'...


The fuck you doing? Hitting my face?

You wanna save them?

You wanna save them?

I'll slit your throat! I'm going to kill you!

Stop the fucking brokers.

Bye, Stefano.

Wait! What was that?

We can stop the brokers. Yeah? How?

We can stop them. How? Tell me.

I know where the cargo is. Really?

I know where the cargo is!

My grandfather told me how to trace it.

Open the door, Gianpietro.

I didn't think my sons would betray Don Minu.

At least let my son go.

My sons were wrong, but they're my blood.

I can't abandon them.

They'll slit your throats, one by one.

Don Minu will make the Bellantone family disappear.

Good to see you, Stefano. Thanks, let's go.

Pleased to see you. Pleasure's all mine.

Who's he? He's with me.

Alright. Get in the car. Thanks.

How are things here? They're good.

What's new up there? How's Don Minu?

He's good. I'm glad. Your wife and son?

The boy's six now.

who've got the shipment?

We'll figure it out, I've already spoken to a friend.

So, we know how? Of course.

There's a woman, Amina, she's the fixer's daughter.

She works with him, they've got an office down at the port.

How much longer? A few minutes, we're nearly there.

is the Lynwoods' fixer in Casablanca.

In my heart, I'm praying for you.


Amina? Yes?

Can I help you?

You have to come with us.

I'm giving you what you want. Uh?

I'm giving you what you want. I don't get it.

Now give me your word of honor in front of him that you'll free Lucia and my son.

Word of honor. Are we clear?


Is this one or that one? It's this one.

Okay, knock at the door.

Say nothing.

Hold on!

I can't believe we pulled that off.

Yasser still has to ship it to Calabria. He's good though.

We make a good team, Em.

Yes we are!

But right now we've got to get our stuff onto that ship.

This way.

Come in.

It's comfortable, you can find everything you need.

The place is safe. Nobody knows that you are here.

My daughter will stop by tomorrow morning.

She will pick the money for the customs officer.

And we have to sort out the necessary documents for the shipment to Gioia Tauro.

We also need some medication. It's called tetrabenazine.

Can you get that?

My daughter will bring it to you tomorrow.

Thank you. I'll leave you alone. See you.

I'm soaked.


Hey. Are you okay?

I pissed myself.

No, I'll... I can do it. Don't worry.

I'm fine Em, don't worry.

Come here.

We can invest in research and just sell everything we have.

I couldn't sell Dad's business.

The purpose of a family business is to serve the family's interests.


What was Dad's number one rule?

Money solves everything. Exactly, kiddo.

Hi. Amina. I'm Yasser's daughter.


Come in. Thank you.

I'd like to see the shipment before it leaves.

Yeah, of course.

Here's the... This is the money for the Customs officer.

I also have the medicine you asked my father for.

Thank you.

Okay, we're all set. I should be going.

I'll go with you in case you need anything.

Sure. That good with you?

That's fine with me.

Go ahead. Okay, let's go.

This is the old Medina.

Your English is really good.

I studied in London. Really?

It was the best time of my life. I never wanted to come back.

-Why did you? -I did because of my dad.

That was the deal.

He let me study abroad and I had to come back and work with him as soon as I was done, so here I am.

Are you an only child?

Is it that obvious?

No, I just... No.

Just starting conversation. Yeah, yeah.

-Do you have kids? -No.

-Do you have kids? -No, I don't. I'm single.

Yeah, me too.

Okay, this silence after saying that we're single!

Hi, Dad. Hi, darling.

How are you enjoying Casablanca? It's good.

Later go fix everything at the port.

I have an appointment at Customs.

Follow me.

You wait for me here.

You know, I've never been in love.

In what sense?

I'm thirty years old and I've never been in love.

What about that girl you brought to Thanksgiving when we were in college?

I liked her but... I was scared.

-Scared? -Yeah.

I could tell you and Dad didn't like her and I knew it wasn't going to last so I didn't want to...

Yeah, that's all.

We've got to get out more.

-We could go out tonight. -Yeah?

Yeah. Amina's going to a party. She said we should go.

We should go.

You sure? Mhh.

She couldn't take her eyes off you. I was going to slap her.

Let's go. Okay.

Fuck! Damn!


Hate this fucking disease!

Hey, are you okay?



What's going on?

Chris? What's... Get away from me!


Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

Dammit! Stop!

Stop it!

It's not fair.

It's not fair!

It's not fair! It's not fair!



I can't...

We can't...

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

What are you doing here in the street?

Come on.

Are you okay?

Where have you been?

Amina called me. What happened?


What happened?

I'm dying.

You should take 'em.

I'm tired.


Look, I think it's better if I go to the port alone, okay?

I wanna make sure everything's okay.

Make sure the ship sets off at noon. Sure.

Then I want you to get the first flight back to New Orleans.

And I'll finish up in Calabria.

I want to come with you.

I'll see you when I get home.

We'll do like we said, we're going to do everything together.

Are you mad at me?

No, kiddo.

No, kiddo.

Where are you? Check nobody is following you.

Miss Lynwood.

Hold on.

Hey, what the fuck...

Ow, what the fuck!

Take us to the cargo. What?

Take us to the cargo.

Okay, okay.

Where is it?

Ask him where it is.

Where is it? We're almost there, just keep going.

What did he say? Keep going.

Keep going straight.

And let's keep going.

This is our truck.

Thank you.

You're gonna make a left up here. The next left.

Get that? Yeah, but left, where?

He'll tell us.

When do we have to turn left?

When? It's the next left. - When?

It's... It's?

Two minutes. Okay. Time two minutes, please.

That's our container.

the ship leaves in five minutes.

Thank you.

Hello. Can I help you?

Come on.

Where? Where?

Open it.


Let's go.


It's here?

There's nothing here.

I don't want to ask you again. Where is it?

It's over there. Over there? Okay, let's go.

Come on, let's go!

There? Inside?

Open it.

Move! So?

Check in there. Okay.

Where is it?

Where. Is. It.

Maybe it's over there.


Where the fuck is it?

Speak. Speak!

-There's nothing here. -What did he say?

What does it mean?

The shipment... The shipment already left.

Now what did he say?

I'm talking to you!

He says the shipment's left. It's left?

And you knew it, Stefano.

You think I knew? You knew.

Piece of shit!

Piece of shit!

You made me run around like a fucking idiot.

What is the name of the ship?

Fuck you.

Stop! Stop!

Stefano, come here.

Come here.

Calm down, Stefano. Calm down.

Let's go.

Now you gotta do something. Find your grandfather and kill him.

For Lucia and Domenico.

Let's go, guys.

Let's go!

Stefano, come on.

Get in the car, let's go!

Let's get out of this shithole. We're going home.