ZeroZeroZero S1E8 Script

Episode #1.8 (2020)

I'll send you money regularly.

What are you talking about?

You won't want for anything.

Why do you say this?

I'll never see you again.


It's for her safety. Isn't it?

Isn't it?

Please don't go. Stay with us.


Please, stay.

Listen... stay.


You should forget me. I'm not a good person.

Why are you saying this?

I killed your husband.

-Well? -A girl.

Commander Manuel, your Vampires are ready.

Commander Manuel, your Vampires are ready!

Let's go. Let's go, run!

Come on, go! Move, all of you!

Run, Vampires! Move it!

Come on, everybody in! Get in, fast!

Take your positions.

The other Leyra is getting inside.

The kitchen's clear.


Get away from there!

Get away from there! No, asshole!

Don't hurt us, please!

Move, asshole. Don't hurt us, please...

Don't hurt us, please! Shut up.

Don't hurt us, don't hurt us...

Shut up. Jacinto! Jacinto!

Please, no. Don't hurt us...

Get them outta here.

Please, no!

Wait, please.

Let go of her!

C'mon, let's go! Shut up.

I'll let your guests go.

I'm talking to you.

But your family stays.

If you collaborate, nothing will happen to you.

I can give you 32 million immediately. I'll make a call.

It'll be yours today.

But don't hurt us.


Put it on speaker.

Hey. Hey.

Perfect timing. I just landed. Where are we going to meet?

Sierra de Tulipanes, 383.

Colonia Garcia.

Okay, see you soon.

You did good. Thanks.

Get him outta here.

Clean up this mess. Yes, boss.

Hey. I'll go in alone.

Arrange that meeting with your grandfather.


Want a slice of salami?

Some wine?

Good idea, better not to drink before killing grandpa.

Don Minu.

Don Minu.

Your grandson is back.

He wants to see you.

Go get Stefano and bring him here.

Dad! My little guy!

Don't worry, okay? Don't worry.


Ste'... What did they do to you?


Don't worry, we'll look after them.


Stefano, don't go!

It's already loaded. Send my regards to grandpa before you kill him.


I'll go by myself, don't touch me. Get going, move it!

Let's go. The ship leaves in five minutes.





Where is my brother?

Where's my brother?

They took him away. Who took him?

Italians. They want the shipment.

-They... Please, untie me. Where did they take him?

Please, untie me, please, untie me.

It's all right. Where did they take him?

Chris told them it was in our warehouse. Please! Untie me.

Wait here.

It's better if you wait here. Just wait here.

Chris! Chris!


Welcome, ma'am.


Your grandson killed my brother.

And he tried to stop the cargo.

If you were in my position, what would you do?

My grandson is coming in an hour.

He didn't betray me.

He did.

My father told me that you always put business first.

How about...

you give me your grandson and I'll give you the container number.

Without that you won't be able to find the cargo.

Walk with me.

Emma, come. This way.

We will sort it out.

Trust me.

Sit down. Thanks.

Wait here. Yeah.

I got it.


Remember Emma?

Spare my family.

Forgive me.

I'll transfer the money to your father's account, okay?

Grab those papers, quick. I got nearly all of it.

Take this and make it disappear.


Okay, we're leaving!

Fuck it!


What are you doing?

We'll see what you're worth to Don Minu.

I'll smash your face in if you touch my son!

Move! Where are we going? You bastard!

Let's go!

Get in the car!

It's a pleasure to see you, Don Minu.

Don Minu... Always at your disposal.

Everything okay? Yes, Don Minu. My congratulations.

Hey. Hey.

Perfect timing. I just landed. Where are we going to meet?

Sierra de Tulipanes, 383. Colonia Garcia.

Okay, see you soon.

We're almost there, Miss Lynwood.

Thank you, Roberto.

The boss wants to see you.


The money, please.

I usually know the names of people I deal with.

You can call me Manuel.

Here's 32 million dollars, Manuel.

Thank you.

I need 2.000 kilos in three weeks.

For a shipment headed to Russia. Can you do that?

Yes, I can.

My phone number.

I'll be in touch.