Zhui bu (2017) Script

Good evening Where's Madame?

Our boss is a little sick today.

And the booze just sold out.

Excuse me Wainscots There's a pot left.

Is it OK to warm sake?

Great, thanks.

Are you Chinese?

You speak Chinese?

I'm just a little bit Nothing but a little bit.

A little.

So you'll live a very easy life.

Know too much to be tired

You come here a lot?

So many years.

Nothing's changed here.

The people here are still the same warm I'll be here at this time of year.

Everything here It always reminds me of old movies that I remember.

I remember the movie's classic dialogue.

"A man sometimes is to face death and fly.

"You see"

"What a blue Day."

"Walk over You can melt in this blue sky

"Go on, go straight ahead.

Don't look both ways.

You saw that movie, too?

What do you want!

I'm a lawyer.

May I help you?

Tell this man to roll.

You guys come in and drink with me.

Is I'm sorry, few Big Brother Dinner's ready.

Inside please What are you looking at?

Hey, move it, you little lady!

Really don't need any help?

You can't control this.

No one's been talking about old movies in ages.

Old movies are too long.

Ah, yes.

I have a CD of classic old movies in my car.

I can give it to you.

Thank you, sir.

Then go get it.


Hey, stinky, get the booze!

We have a handle on the senior officer.

-No worries, no money.

Yes, he is.

Father's done.

Your friend doesn't have to worry about blackmail.

Damn it! That man almost broke our story.

It's kind of fate.

It's rare for someone to talk about old movies.

Be careful Talk to you about movies I'm actually trying to get you.

Let's go

Now, Mr. Kingikung, the President's wine.

Message to Guests

Thank you very much for joining us today.

Celebrating the big day together.

This is the Tenjin pharmacy.

The 65 anniversary of the establishment The spirit of the God pharmaceutical can continue to progress Thanks to all your support and efforts.

I'm here Special thanks to Mr. Duchu.

This great international lawyer.

Three years ago We had a tough lawsuit.

It was Mr. Duchu who won the fight for us.

Without him The Tenjin pharmacy can't be that smooth.

Listing in New York

Mr. Du Thank you so much Congratulations Please take care of it!

Thank you Besides, I'm very relieved to be My only son, the macro will take over.

Leading the development of new drugs And he will take over the new president of the pharmaceutical factory.

I'm sure he'll be better than me.

I hope you'll support him.

Just like my support.

I hope we can teach you a lot Dad, thanks!

President Congratulations

Mr. Sakai Mr. Du You really decided Going to the American pharmacy?

I'm sorry This is our senior arrangement.

I see Then keep it a secret.

Ah, Mr. Light, you're finally here.

Hello, Green wood.

What happened to the investigation of the disappearance of the population?

It's been solved.

Deputy minister, thank you.

To get him out of the thugs who blackmailed him.

The Deputy minister also said If you have the time To play golf.

Sir, Mr. Wilder is here.

Oh, Mr. Wilder.

Congratulations I've been waiting for you.

Then it's up to you.

No, No.

I know you don't like needles.

I made it for you.

Pills As exciting

A pharmacy-savvy lawyer is rare.

I hope Duchu can stay and help macros.

Stay, I need you.

Give me some hope.



How do you know that?

Cheongsam or Chinese women look good Thank you My mother is Chinese

Don't you think it's boring here?

Let's talk somewhere else.

Are you familiar with the Sakai?

Don't know I don't want to mention this guy's name.

I'm here to find you.

But I didn't know you before.

What can I do for you?

You won so many lawsuits for Tenjin.

How much do you know about them?

Shouldn't they be as innocent as they seem?

As a professional lawyer After the guest's lawsuit.

I'm in charge.

I'm not asking about anything else.

You never doubted.

Did you ever fight a lawsuit?

What kind of lawsuit are you referring to?

Three years ago The one that the Sakai just said

Thank you See you sometime.

The case you just mentioned I want to hear more about it.

Good The day after three o'clock in the afternoon Time Square of Osaka Station Don't know how to call you?

The far wave is really made by beauty You can call me really by the beauty Good

Is it a police station?

I'll transfer you to the English conversation.

Please wait.

It's him!

That's the guy!

Who are you?

I've never seen you before.

I'm not breathing.

The body is stiff.

According to intelligence, the police found a homicide.

Police are currently conducting on-site search warrants A young woman died in bed in the bedroom.

I'm Dabanfu.

Search a lesson of shallow Noshing two What happened last night?

Do you know the victim?

What's your special relationship to the deceased?

I need to contact my lawyer.

The suspect was arrested on the spot.

28-year-old woman was found on the bed of the dead body.

There's a lot of media outside the police department.

You go out the front door and distract the press.

We took the suspect out the back door.

Police are preparing to take the suspect away from the crime scene.

You killed someone, and now you're assaulting guns.

Run away.

You're dead

Suspect resisting arrest and escaping!

Over there!

Suspect escaped!

-See him! Stop Step aside, stop! Don't run!

Platform Two The urgent train to Nara will stop Pay attention to safety Passengers are requested to stand in the Yellow line and wait.

Damn -Police Department!

Tsujitani Is Close the entrances and exits immediately along the subway.

Call reinforcements.

Is Two men of unknown origin is holding a pupil hostage.

They asked for 20 million dollars and helicopters Everybody stay calm.

The scene is in critical condition.

The above is the reporter live report

Do not do as soon as we ask!

The petrol truck will explode soon!

Blow up the kid.

The whole area.

We need time to prepare your request.

Let's hear the hostage first and make sure he's safe.

You bastards are stalling for time.

Call the TV reporter in.

Hurry up!

Open Guns!

Who are you?

I'm a freelance journalist.

Shi Cun Come any closer, I'll open guns.

I'll broadcast your statements online.

-Let the whole world see-don't come any closer Then open guns and hit me.

But at the same time The moment I guns It's going to be broadcast.

I'm here.

It's a mental preparation.

Is it live?

Yes Two-bit name Will spread all over the world.

Hi, I ...

How do you do it like you do?

No matter what you do Or something you don't want to do.

Do it all.

I'm going to be like a police uncle.

No matter what job you do, The most important thing is not to run away.


-It's all yours.

The length of the vector village I'm from the precinct.

It was assigned to a DABANFU police search.

Follow the chief of the village to assist you in your work Itochu Instruction Get back to the shallow wild line long.


The suspect's name is Duchu, 40 years old.

Chinese male It's a god-pharma lawyer.

Working between China and Osaka Shallow Wild line length All entrances to the subway station have been We have a police officer stationed.

Department of the long Yi-Teng class instructions We're going to rendezvous with the shallow wild line.

Now that the subway station is surrounded, What do we mean by going?

How do you do that?

Open map Is The police searched the suspects from the platform.

Jump down the tunnel route I didn't find anything.

The first mobile team is here.

The suspect is an extremely dangerous man.

He must be arrested before the new victim appears.

Can open guns if necessary

It's safe.

There's no indication of this place on the map.

It's still under construction.

But this is a connection to the station.

Are you okay?

Excuse me I'll take care of it for you.

Let her go!

Let her go! What are you doing!

Feed Everybody back up!

Back up!

Feed Put down the nail gun.

I said put the nail gun down!

Feed Put the nail gun down.

Put it down!

No It's your turn to put guns down.

Do you really have the heart to make a hole in her face?

You can't escape with this fool.

Her first day at work today.

Let her go.

I'll take her place.

It's dangerous.

What, you're an idiot.

I just want her to know Lawyers can't be trusted.

You don't know anything about me.

I know you.

I remember the case three years ago.

I was framed.

Then follow me.

Tell me the truth.

I don't trust the police.

Go Give me a car!

Open the cuffs.

You're not getting away with this.


You haven't told me where to go.

Shut up! Keep driving.

If I go back with you, I'm dead.

There's only one way to be a fugitive.

Wow Road You have a choice now.

It's a disgrace!

Fingerprints left on the murder weapon.

And the DNA that sticks to the hairs on the Vic.

Enough to prove he was the murderer.

Just grab him back.

We can close the case.

What was the motive of Duchu's murder?

The crime scene was his place.

Fingerprints and hair.

Cannot be conclusive evidence Let the suspect go and cover him!

The chief is a hostage to save me.

You were the first to let Duchu run away.

What are you talking about?

Bai Tian Don't speak without permission.

I am sorry Shi Cun Shallow wild You two must work together.

Talk about Shi Cun No matter how good you are Just as someone misunderstood you.

But I will always support you.

Don't worry about it.

Homicide suspect Duchu in the course of the hunt.

This morning a Chinese man Osaka police are trying to hunt for homicide ...

Allegedly in his residence.

The murder of a native woman The suspect Duchu to flee during the arrest.

Osaka Police are ...

The most contradictory thing is The evidence is perfect.

Oh, yes The suspect is a very capable lawyer.

How could such a thing be done?

Are you sympathetic to him?

There's too much to understand.

Yes, I think the Dean has a point.

No laughing.

Is What about the surveillance footage?

Outside the meeting that night Surveillance footage has been received.

The Vic Kazoko Tanaka.

Was 10.5 minutes away from the meeting.

And Duchu was at 11:36.

Left with another woman.

Another woman?

Zoom in, let me see.

A little clearer.

Three years ago Her fiance was prosecuted for stealing the gods ' trade secrets.

Was convicted of a crime After losing the lawsuit, he died strangely.

He's a tree.

It wasn't suicide.

It's the lawyer.

He was forced to die.

Hey, wait!

That looks like him on the top.

Hey, stop!

Here, Cheers!

Ah, thank you.

Excuse me

Are you hungry?

To Eat it.

Thank you Don't move the police!

Hold it!

Have you seen this man?

No Don't worry This is my friend.

Thank you Do you know who I am?

I've seen TV.

You don't look like a murderer to me.

It's hard.

Please use the towel

It's hot.

What about the stupid guy from the precinct?

I'm not here?

It's still here.

What do you think? For me?

I tried to wear a suit too.

I spent the night Investigated the background of Duchu

1976 Born in Qingdao, China Studying law at Columbia University in New York And I've also studied medicine law.

All right, listen up.

From now on, you're going to be completely Duchu.

Feel the way he feels Imagine what he imagined.

It's just information.

Stab wounds were stabbed after death.

If the time of death is late at night, Before daybreak, the murderer should Have enough time to escape Murderer is Sleeping next to the body in the morning?

Still is This is a carefully designed trap?

I think it's a trap.

Traces left at the scene.

Will lead us to the truth.

Where the victim was first attacked.

Not in bed.

She was moved up after she died.

And the dead that Duchu knew.

Free access to his quarters.

The Zipper and buttons on the Vic's clothes.

Only her own fingerprints.

She took the clothes off herself.

On the turntable and the goblet and her fingerprints.

She drinks, listens to the music, waits for him.

That's when Duchu's not back.

But She's very confident.

Must be able to charm this man.

Blood on the rug near the desk.

Consistent with the victim's blood.

She had There's a fierce entanglement with the killer.

She stood by the window and looked out of the window Waiting for the killer to come back.

And then the killer showed up.

The atmosphere has become different.

No longer the original romantic night For some reason The murderer suddenly killed her.

The first attack was at the desk.

Strangled her with a tie.

The ligature marks from the Vic's neck can prove But we Didn't find this tie at the scene.

She desperately grabbed the curtains behind the desk.

Trying to escape from the murderer's palm.

This Found it between her nails.

The same fiber as the curtains can prove

Hey, calm down!

Calm down!


Don't cry

It's not over yet.

The murderer was left-handed.

Maybe there's someone else on the scene.

Duchu could be innocent, right?

Hey, who's looking for a job?

Only 10 places You want to work, line up first.

One for the first check.

This black car Every two days To recruit workers.

It's pretty popular.

What kind of work are they going to do?

I heard it was for a pharmaceutical company.

What Institute work?

Looks like the money's good.

When they got there, No one's ever come back.

I have to go There are important things to do.

Send you an old saying You can lose anything.

Don't lose your mind.

We'll start the search now.

Please cooperate.

Hey, you!

Hey, stop!

Come on, don't go!

Red dress!

Hey, stop! Don't go!

Let go of me!

This case can't be delayed.

Otherwise, the damage to the image of the pharmaceutical factory can not be estimated Put pressure on the police Let them solve the case soon.

We're paying you so much.

Not even a little bit of it.

President Your phone

Hey, hello.

President Mr. Du?

You're probably waiting for my call, too.

Looks like we need to meet.

That 12 o'clock noon.

See you in La Melodie.

You go on a test Duchu know how much Whatever it takes, let him speak.

Never let him fall into the hands of the police.

Well, that's the way to get rid of Duchu.

The case is over.

"La Melodie"

That's him

I don't want to rely on these pills anymore.

It's so painful to live!

I don't want to see you upset.

I promise this is the last time

Look at that.

Our next goal

If you can't do it.

I can handle it myself.

What's the point? is something wrong?

New clue A Aoki lawyer who works with Duchu.

Left the Tenjin headquarters.

That means.

Is Aoki related to the case?

Yes The shallow wild chief had ordered Track all people associated with Duchu.

Welcome -Beef and chicken rolls, one for each.

May I have your order?

Give me a cup of coffee Would you like the ice or the heat?

Come on, ice.


Why are you here by yourself?

Where's the president?

Stop the car! Stop the car!

-Back up! Back up! -It's backwards.

A group of people with long shallow wild lines is also near La Melodie restaurant.

As good friends I have to tell you.

The more you know the truth, the more dangerous I'm sure you'll never kill Shizi.

Do you ever wonder who's going to set you up?

No I'm guessing your current situation.

It's a lot to do with you leaving the drug factory.

They're colluding with an illegal private equity aether.

To develop a very inhumane new drug.

Do you remember?

Your involvement in the Beichuan robbery.

Didn't he steal the anesthetic equation?

That's the key ingredient in the new drug.

I heard it was military-specific drugs.

What are you hesitating about?

Come on.

I'm a lawyer.

May I help you?

Target clarity is almost there.

This can be a violation International Convention on Psychotropic Substances Open Guns!

The important person who used to leave the pharmaceutical factory ...

Open Guns!

Always let me clean up the mess!

Not Away

No way?

The police are here!

Damn it!

Tie Chang

-What's wrong?

Aoki's dead.

Be careful!

Step aside!

What are you doing?

Damn it!

You said you didn't kill anyone.

Then you must cooperate with me.

You cops can't be trusted.

That shallow-goose is going to kill me.

You have no reason not to believe me.

-Believe you? -To Joke!

Feed Wait, don't run!

Doing Let me go!

I am sorry!

Feed That one! Stop Hold it

We prepared for the summer Cool water vapor Spray cools everyone Let's play together!

I really didn't kill anyone.

I'd like to ask you to be my time witness.

You can prove it.

The night the woman was murdered.

I'm with you.

In our line of work.

Not eligible to fall in love The first time a man has protected me like this ...

You think you're five years old?

Why don't you go back to the orphanage?

I just want to be a normal person.

But it's too late.

Wainscots Since we don't know what day we're going to live Why do you have to live with a bad mood?

Is the soup good?

We have a new target.

I'll do it alone this time.

Before you get sentimental.

The guy's in our search network.

Risk appearing in broad daylight He's challenging us.

Still is Just a simple fool Shi Cun There's been an incident of guns killings.

The whole of Osaka is in a panic.

There should be something else in this case.

There must be some kind of force behind it.

Let the little fish bait the big fish.

Got it

Find Duchu

Let me see what this woman looks like.

What's going on?

With this woman again.

Two people meet at the station Not by chance.

-Get back to work.

Miss How could this man ...

Sister Choi Get him a room and a suit.

Guess he's hungry, too.


Go on, do as I say.

Yes Let's talk about it tomorrow morning.

You're going to have a night off here today.

Your rest room is upstairs.

Miss, don't want anyone.

Close to this room.

Don't push me.

What am I going to do?

You haven't slept in days.

It hasn't happened yet.

Don't think too much.

I've been developing new drugs to save lives.

I don't want the bad guys taking my recipe.

To do something illegal.

I'm going to take you somewhere.

You'll remember it all your life.

Remember you were robbed of your crime?

The Beichuan of the accusation?

My fiance.

Used to be

This is Dabanfu.

We're investigating a homicide.

I want to see your hostess.

Please two to hold each other's right hand Three years ago I could have been like them.

That year, April 3.

The day after the court's verdict was defeated.

I'm standing right there.

I'll wait for him.

Waiting for the Blessing Waiting for my happy life

I thought I could catch The cherry blossom is the most beautiful time to get married I didn't expect the flowers of that year End up very early

The day of the losing He just said a word.

You'll know that sooner or later.

Maybe I'm dead to prove it.

I am sorry

I am sorry?

The tree told me.

It's you You said he stole the new drug recipe.

Do you know why he stole it?

He didn't want the Sakai to take these things to harm others!

You really think Everything you know.

Is that the truth?

Are you hurt?

Leg hurt.

Yes, I have a new drug.

Do you have a chance to catch up with them?


Let me run into that cop again.

Must have killed him.

I've called them over.


It's him He's been chasing me from Osaka.

You all right?

You okay?

Feed What the!


Son of a bitch!

You know who he is!

Why are you still with him?

I'm not going to let him go!

Get down!

How many people did you provoke?

Are you happy now?

Before I met you, I'm living a very comfortable life.

Before I unlocked the cuffs.

We'd better get along peacefully.

I hope so.

Hey Slow down!

Sorry, Granny.

I'm going to take you with me.

You look like a fugitive.

Even if you die, I'll take you Drag it back to the station.

You tell him.

The night that Shizi was killed.

I was with you.

You tell her Evidence of the Beichuan case.

It's from your police.

She always said I killed her fiance.

You're with him?

The night Shizi was killed?

This guy Are you telling the truth?

If I'm going to jail, I'll see you.

That night I was with him.

About 0 in the morning.

Can you be his time witness?


Thank you for clarifying me.

Don't come with me.

Wait till you get out of here.

Miss, what's going on?

Just come with me.

-The police, sir? -Go inside.

What happened?

Away from the window!

All down on the second floor.

Never close to the window!

Strange Cops and killers always come together.

I don't want to die with you.

I don't want to.

Can you use it?

Of course I've been hunting with my father since I was six years old.

Back off!


This way!

You should do it for him.

Cheer up.

It's your turn.

I can't I'm used to the right hand Today you have to use your left hand I can't kill people.

Can you kick?

I'll take care of it.


Sister Choi!


Get down!

Mr Murakami Get the hospital!

The length of the tie!

Wainscots Wake up! You wake up and blush!

Wainscots The new drug My father gave me was too strong.

I don't feel anything.

You'll be fine, rosy.

You okay?

-Hundred fields-yes Untie



-Get the Doctor.

You're not with me today.

Is it?


You're free.

Come on!

Don't worry I'm not going to die.

You okay?

We'll take care of it.

Okay, lift your feet.

The bullet went through his body.

Not in the body.

To get through the dangerous moment I'll let you know when the anesthetic's back.

Thank you

Where did Duchu escape?

What happened?

Roller I'm your boss, too.

You have an obligation to report to me!

My boss is the chief of the village.

I'm not obligated to follow your orders.

Vector Village deliberately let go of suspect I'm the commander in the case.

Don't you know you're in trouble?

The medicine you took has already betrayed you.

Soon You're no longer a dean.

Son of a bitch!

What do you mean?

Are you going to kill me?

The man searching for a lesson is almost there.

Just to catch you, the current criminal.

It's the guy in the way!

You never wanted to leak the drug factory's secrets.

This is Duchu's computer.

And also

This one Hey, come on.

I killed Shizi.

Where are you now?

Apartments in Duchu You don't touch anything.

I'll take care of it.

Dad, don't listen to that bastard.

Vector village is investigating me.

I have no choice but to flee overseas.

Why didn't you drop the Duchugan at the scene?

If you kill him, No, it's all settled?

Are you blaming me?

Think clearly I'm doing this for your son.

To preserve The reputation and innocence of the new president And also I don't have a fallback anymore.

So How much are you going to pay me?

Kicked by his own dog.

Look me in the eye Do you think I'm blind?

Cheer up.

You're the next president of the gods Pharmacy.


I found some information from the tree in the room.

But I've never seen it before.

Come on, help me out.

There's one more thing I still don't understand.

What kind of drug research Can make a fund Spend so much money on a pharmaceutical factory


What the?

A fund in Bermuda They continue to sponsor drug companies to develop new drugs The president of Sakai didn't let me in on this project.

That's what I am.

They're in the dark.

This is a tree candid.

This one What do you mean?

This is the code for the pharmaceutical formulations of the Tenjin pharmaceutical Factory.

The pharmaceutical companies keep secrets.

It's going to have a code of its own.

This is supposed to be a new drug recipe for a positive tree.

Has Mr. Beichuan finished?

Please give me the formula code.

It's not done yet.

This recipe code is important to us!

It's what the Sakai always wanted.

They're doing human experimentation with the living.

It's beautiful.

When you see this letter, I should have died.

To give you happiness I took the money from the Sakai.

I'm not in your heart anymore The perfect, kind man.

But my conscience tells me You can't give the recipe to the Sakai and the father.

I hid the recipe here.

Hopefully one day it will play a real role.

For the benefit of mankind

Purple Rain I'm sorry about the rosy death.

You guys are like my own daughter.

You can't imagine how sorry I am.

Don't let her die in vain.

You know what to do.

Don't let me down.

is Father

Good morning What?

Crying what?

I'm just happy.

See the length of the line is restored.

That should be a laugh.

Didn't the chief tell me to laugh?

Command undo

Now you want to laugh.

It's just that Your smile

She looks like her.

Okay, we're not talking about this.

Do you have anything to report to me?

The pill that Duchu home found at the crime scene.

Just like the pill from the shallow wild.

The drug test report also shows that this is a super stimulant.

It's so embarrassing.

Don't get up.

Excuse me

Shi Cun

-You're on suspension.

Wait a minute I was close to mastering the key evidence.

Catch Tenjin Pharmaceutical This I'm confident it'll solve the case.

You've Released the suspect three consecutive times.

Duchuta Not the real killer.

I'm asking for an investigation.

The light field is missing.

Missing Sakai President To interfere with a case investigation through officials.

Is that so?

What a Justice!

"Drunken driving kills a policeman's wife."

You haven't put it down yet.

You think about it for me.

There's an investigation.

What will happen to you?

You should move on now.

She must I hope so.

For three years I used to watch outside the research center.

I've always seen a black van.

Full of people into the research center.

But every time it comes out, it's empty.

Thank you for your help.

Mr. Sakamoto What are you talking about?

You can see me.

Actually, I want to see my brother myself.

The homeless man who came to do the experiment.

Miss Tien, I am truly beautiful.

He went alone to the Tenjin Pharmaceutical Research Center.

There's no news yet.

In case of any danger, You must find a way out.

Last night We found the data left by the tree.

We found the Tenjin factory.

Always wanted to find the formula code Duchu said Make sure the village knows the secret.

Code is C11h15nzn2 Got it The doctor is checking for the dean.

Don't worry, I'll tell him later.

Miss Mei?

If that recipe is used to make a drug ban.

It's going to be us.

The most powerful proof of the gods ' pharmacy.

Open the door!

-Kobayashi! -Banner!

What's wrong?

I thought I was just trying cold medicine.

You okay?

Sakakou, come with me.

Mr. Sakamoto

Dr. Dean says you need to stay in the hospital.

You are not allowed to leave!

Duchu The Secret of the Gods pharmacy.

Tell me There should be a sacrifice.

Then I'll go with you!

Don't follow me.

I'm already suspended.

Again It's a personal matter.

Mr. Sakamoto

How did he become like this?

-What's going on? -Is everything okay?

Where are the security guards holding guns?

Not a simple handyman?

There must be a problem here.

Let's just go back.

Mr. Sakamoto

Please, you guys.

Don't come near me.

Kill me!

Kill me Well, actually.

I'm a fugitive, too.

A runaway fugitive.

For 20 years.

My wife A perfect woman.

Leave the One you love Regret it?

The only thing I can do for her now is not to interfere with her current life.

Fighting is good.

But is this madness a little overdone?

We want a controlled warrior.

We've been tested in the field since last year.

You see, with this drug, the super performance.

We have a new enhanced version.

The modified formula is exactly what you want.

Except for the super strength.

The soldiers ' minds can be completely controlled.

So long as there is a war Whether a military power or a terrorist will become our customers!

President Rest assured If there's a mix of Beichuan developed recipes The drug can be extended to the limit.

Why is Duchu here?

He got in with the homeless.

Never let him walk away alive.

Mr. Du Long time no see What did you do to Sakamoto?

He volunteered to do some ordinary experiments.

This one It's going to be the Tenjin pharmacy.

A contribution to changing the world One that can be on the battlefield A super drug to enhance combat effectiveness You murderers!

Humans can improve their physical fitness for a moment after the drug is injected.

Feel the pain and fear So fighting can reach the limit Miss Bo.

But Beichuan a step early.

He studied the formula three years ago.

Just to make up for us.

The shortage of new drugs It's Beichuan's dream.

Do you know where it is?

I'm not going to tell you.

The tree was developed to relieve the pain of the patient.

Medical Anesthesia Not for you.

Used to kill people.

This experiment is a tolerable manifestation of physical pain.

If she doesn't say it, Let her never speak again.


Without a weapon.

I've never been very good at it.

Dealing with the police Is it?

What are you doing?

Nothing to do with you.

Cut the crap.

What do you think I am?

Be polite to the guests

A faux pas.

It's an honored guest.

I'm a Dabanfu.

Shi Cun Cong A search for a lesson?

You're supposed to be suspended.

I know more about the police inside than you.

I'm closer to you than you think.

I'm looking for a fugitive.

Suspect me of harboring a fugitive?

His name Duchu.

I remember.

But maybe it's been too long.

It's a little out of whack.

It's a crazy mess.

We've locked him up.

I'm going to take him.

Do you have an arrest warrant?

Don't you know you're not related to the case?

I'll exchange some information with you.

Intelligence C 11 ...

H1 ...

Dad, this is the recipe code Beichuan left.

Don't worry.

Complete coding Wait till I see Duchu.

I understand I'll show you to him.

Lost in life What kind of feeling is the most important person?

Pain A long and endless pain Why do you ask?

Because I know the pain.

This medicine is so good.

Lawyers can turn into beasts.

I'm not your enemy!

We have to stop them.

Do you remember?

Wake Up!

Don't get beaten by this pill.

You can beat it!

There are too many low-level creatures in this world.

Of course I do.

You must hold on.

Hinder the rapid progress of human society I tried, but it was really hard.

We want them to make a contribution to society.

It's time to fight back.

-Kill him.


What are you doing?

You forgot who you were.

And rescued you from the orphanage?

To be your white mouse?

Are you out of your mind?

No I just got it back!

Damn it!

Damn it! Damn it!

What a coincidence.

I bumped into you again.

Looks like our fates are tied together.

What the?

But I've always had a bad luck.

The people around us always suffer misfortune.

I'm lucky to be alive.


Dad I'll demonstrate it myself.

The power of our new drug

I want to prove Everything we did was right.

Enough with the macros!

Let's get out of Here!

Eliminate all new drugs and funds immediately.

Anyway, to keep the Tenjin pharmaceutical.


Open the door!

Come on, run! Come on, run!

Up -Here we are!


Look at you now.

Are you a cop?

You piece of crap.

Wait, it's dangerous!

Are you okay?

Run away!

You run!

Oh, Miss Beauty!

Oh, Miss Beauty!

Why are you here?

The president sent me.

As long as it's dad's orders.

Can you sleep with anyone?

I need that medicine.

You want some medicine? I'll give you the medicine! Say it.

Oh, Miss Beauty!

Everything about Dad.

It's All mine!

Let go!

-Let her go! -I dare you to drive guns.

You're not even a dog!

Open Guns!

Why Duchu?

It's his own bad luck.

To appear when it shouldn't.

For that reason?


Hold on The end of the old movie It's all like that.

Isn't it?

Duchu I knew it.

Your presence will one day be a threat.

I regret not getting rid of you in the morning.

Put it down

I'm going to my son's.

The medicine could have been ...

Make people stronger.

I didn't regret it.

Stop it!

The length of the tie!

Are you all right?

Can't you see?

What do you think?

Can you get up?

From the Ivy class.

Are you all right?

His injury is very serious!

I'm not that easy to die.

Future I'm busy.


Lying in the hospital for so long Forgot how blue it is out there.

Everyone can have a blue sky The world is fair.

I can't believe they're getting so close.

A couple of months ago, they were running after one.

Man It's a simple creature.

That's right!

Can the two of them understand what they say?

After this At least let me know You're a man of integrity.

Going to leave Just feel it. is so precious

It's almost time.

Tomorrow will be better.

Anyway, We haven't officially introduced ourselves.

Shi Cun Cong Please advise My name Duchu.

Please advise

Strange What do you think is missing from this hand?

Time to get in the car.

-The length of the line?

Do you know now popular Are you having a wedding on an old-fashioned train?

Well Don't you think it's romantic?