Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011) Script

Will you marry me?

Kabir... please.


Will you marry me, please?

Why are you doing this?

Because sooner or later we will.

We love each other.

Our families seem to tolerate each other.

I'm an architect and you're an interior designer.

We're perfect.

What do you say?

Are you sure?

Natasha, please make it quick... my knee is hurting.


It seems like only yesterday that Natasha came into this world.

And today she's getting engaged.

Kabir, I'm not losing a daughter.

I'm gaining a son.

You're so filmy, dad.

Excuse me!


Two years ago you commissioned me to build your hotel.

Who would've imagined that one day we'll be a big family.

On behaIf of my family, I welcome you all.

Thank you so much.

Did you ever know that you're my hero You're everything I wish I could be I can fly like an eagle Cause you're the wind beneath my wings You're the wind beneath my wings

That was lovely.


Hello everyone.

I am Imran.

Kabir and I have been friends since school.

The three Musketeers!

That's right, it was the name uncle had given the three of us.

The three Musketeers.

Unfortunately, the third musketeer...

Arjun is not with us anymore.

Don't worry, he's alive. He just isn't here right now.

Anyway, Natasha...

Kabir is one of the nicest guys ever.

So, if you ever smash his BMW, don't worry.

Good excuse to get a new car. Absolutely.

He's also very intelligent.

So leave the kid's homework to him.

You're a true friend, thanks.

You're welcome, bro.

He's very large hearted.

So, don't think twice... just buy those diamonds.


Basically Natasha...

Kabir is a solid guy.

Put your hand in his and walk with him.

Because no matter what... he will never let you down.

So sweet. Hear, hear!

Thank you.

You can send the cheque now.

Tanya... thank you.

Let me warn you...

Nikhil is planning a full power bachelor party.

Too late.

His school friends have planned a bachelor holiday.

A road trip... through Spain.

A road trip? Don't ask.

They had made some pact in college that... each one would choose an adventure sport...

Are you serious? Like Fear Factor?


And the other two would have to do it.

So, what have you picked?

That I can't say.

Not in front of me, at least.

You see... the sport we pick is a surprise for the other two.

Shut up!

Seriously. Are you kidding me?


That ensures none of us back out.

Whose idea was this?


Three weeks.

You know how these boys are.

Not Kabir.

Oh please!

All guys go crazy at bachelor parties.

In fact...

Nikhil still hasn't told me what happened at his.

I don't know.

I heard something about your bachelor party.

Who told you?

So it is true.

Does Natasha know?

No man, why would I tell her?

Please... don't tell her.

She was from Ukraine.

Bloody hot! Nice.

I was sloshed.

Okay, listen...

If Sameera finds out about this, she'll kill me.

I know, don't worry.

It was my last night as a bachelor. You know I'd never do it otherwise.

I understand, don't worry about it.

Please. It happens.


Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Take care, man. See you.

Trust me, this trick never fails.

What do you mean?

Well, you tell people you know something about them... and before you know it, they tell you their secrets.

Shut up!

You didn't know about the Ukrainian?

No, he just told me.

Mind blowing!

Yeah, well time equals money, Simon. You want money, stop wasting my time.

Sell 50,000 June contracts!

50,000 and don't screw up my stop losses this time!

How much?

Damn! That's horrendous!

Sell it. Sell everything.

Listen Joe, if you continue to give me bullshit fills like that...

I'm going to have to trade my Ferrari in for a Ford Fiesta!

He doesn't like pink.

We have white and gold and... tonnes of champagne.

And... the centre piece. This is Nice.



Sorry man.

You have no idea what's happening here.

And you have no idea what a nice party you missed.

I'm sure, man.


I've a problem.

I can't make it to Spain.


Arjun, you promised!

I know but...

I thought this deal I'm working on would come through... but I'm stuck.

I can't believe you're ditching me on my bachelor trip.

It's not that...

Then what is it?

We had decided to do this together.

If you can't make it, I'm calling it off.

Don't get sentimental. It's my work!

I'm not.

It's been cancelled once before, so let's do it again.

It's fine.

It's either the three of us going or none at all.



How are you?


Looking good, you've been working out?


I usually come in the morning.

I was going to call you.

Then why didn't you?

I'm getting married.

That was quick. Arjun, please!

All the best, Rohini.

Arjun, it's me again.

Don't ditch me.

I know why you're making excuses.

But it's been four years for that incident.

I'm getting married now.

Even today, I only have two friends.

We're the three Musketeers. All for one, one for all.

Have you thought about... what we spoke?

About what?

Are you moving back to Bombay?


I like Delhi and living on my own.

And this trip to Spain... is it a coincidence or did you plan it?

Why don't you just say what you're really thinking?


Do you intend to meet Salman?

I don't know.

Imran, why don't you trust me?

It's not about you Ammi.

He is my father. He's your father?

Has he ever called you or tried to find out how you are?

Maybe he did and you kept it from me.

Until recently I wasn't even aware that he is my father.


Do what you want.

But please remember this.

Faisal was your only father.

Hello there. Hello.

I can see you.

I miss you, baby.

Now we can see each other everyday.

I'm only going for three weeks, Natasha.

What will I do in London all alone?

You'll shop.

And in three weeks I'll come to London to carry your shopping bags.

Very funny. I know.

Thank you.

So how many miles are we driving? We're on road for three weeks.

I don't see Madrid in this plan. Because it's not there.

We travel to Spain but we're not going to see the capital?

We don't have enough time.

We can't change it now. I think we should.

Look who's here!

Welcome! How was your flight? Hello.

Well... it flew.


Good to see you. You too.

I'm sorry about Abu.

I got your email.

How's Ammi? She's fine.

It's not easy to get over these things.

How've you been?

I'm good.

Pretty good actually.

I've a new apartment. Three bedrooms, big space.


I can't believe we're together again.

Yeah. Finally!

Should we sit?

So, here is the plan.

First... we go to Costa Brava, which is my choice.

Then Arjun wants to go to Seville.

And then we'll head to... Sevia.

Pampalona which you've chosen.

Tomorrow morning we leave for Costa Brava.

What are you doing with the laptop?

I'm looking for an address.

Hola Kabira.

Kabira... Yes.

Your treasure.

Brilliant. Thanks a ton.

What have you done to this?


First of all, be thankful that I bought this 12,000 Euro bag for you!


Here... show, show...

12,000 Euro for this purse? Yes.

Way more than your salary.


Natasha loves these bags.

And I love cars, Kabir.

Always remember.

If you ever want to gift me an expensive car... don't hesitate.

I won't.


Let's go.

I can't.

I need to make some calls.

I'll see you guys later.

Adios amigos.

I thought this was a holiday. Me too.

Let's go.

We take the next right.

Looks quite old. There it is.

There is the cathedral.

Do you know where this place is? Yes, straight ahead.

How far is this gallery?

Shut up!

It's just here.

This is the street. Catonia... whatever.

And that's the place.

I guess.


Salman Habib.

It's a desi name.

He must be Pakistani or Indian.


I wish you'd come with us.

We walked all over looking for his gallery.

Man, this city is beautiful.

Well, today I made a 2,000 Pound commission, so... excuse me if I don't complain.


2,000 Pounds? Yup!



I heard something about you.


You know what it is.

Mom told you?


But did she tell you I was forced?

Okay? Okay.

God man! She can't keep anything to herseIf.

She's driving me crazy, man.


She came to London a few days ago.

And dragged me to some friend's relative's place.

To see a girl.

Neelu aunty and Gogi uncle's daughter Cookie.

I'd decided that I'd go, have some tea... exchange pleasantries and decline the match.

As I took the first sip...

Cookie said 'no'!

So... you know...


I mean, so what! What is there?


Come on, man!

You were set up for an arranged marriage... and you got rejected?

But I didn't even try to create an impression.

Now you're just saying it. I didn't want to impress her!

You've ruined our reputation.

Shut up, please stop it!

Why did she have to tell you? What's wrong with her?

Actually, your mom said nothing.

It's his latest trick. And you're his latest victim.


2,000 Pounds!

He's failed. Grow up, man!

How old are you?

You know what... we have to have some shots.

One for Cookie. We'll raise a toast to Cookie.


Not for me.

I have a conference call in an hour.

Same old plan?

Mint money and retire at 40?


That's the plan.

Listen... thank you.

For what?

For coming on this trip. It means a lot to me.

I'm sure it does.

Literacy is the key.

It's not that simple.

Oh - my - God!

Kabira, amazing choice.

She's gorgeous but she isn't ours.


An SUV will be a lot comfortable.

To hell with the comfort. Just look at her!


Hola, good morning. Your name?

Kabir Dewan. Guys!

Kabir... Arjun...

She's beautiful.

I've booked an SUV and they've charged me, sorry.

Sell Natasha's purse.



What are you doing? Behave yourseIf!

Oh, don't even think about it, dude.

All my life I sat in your car.

Now it's my turn.

What are you doing?

12,000 Euro. She rides first class.

Hey Sarah, what's up? Mr. Yamamoto called?

Well, he'll have the docket in two days.

No, no don't say I'm on a holiday. Just get Joe to call me back. Bye.

Hey Joe, what's up?

Like... 'now' now?

Yeah, okay. Yeah, I'll do it, bye.

Sorry guys.

Guys... ten minutes tops!

Moshi moshi, Arjun-san.

Moshi moshi, Yamamoto-san.

How are you?

I'm fine, thank you.

Moshi, moshi?

It's Japanese for hello.

I assure you, I will always be here for you.

Kabira... look at this amazing view.

And, now look at our friend.

My team is going to put together all the information.

And you will have the docket with you in three days.

What happened to him, dude?

If you ask me... he has become mentally sick.

And he needs the psychiatrist.

Isn't this from school?

Not school.

Eschool! Eschool.


Because only the Mr. The Dubey can the talk like this.

The Mr. The Dubey.

Are you mentally challenged my buy?

Not buy.



Mentally challenged my bwoy...

Mental bwoy.

Thank you, Mr. Yamamoto.

Let's go. I'm done.

Arjun, my bwoy... you look the mental in this the uniform!

Let's go.

Okay, the very the well the saids.

Guys... just do as I say.

It's been ten years since college. Please grow up.

Don't do this, please. Trust me.

You'll kiss me later.

When I shout... point to the urinal and scream loudly.


Dude, you're the mentally the sick!

People are the same everywhere.

It's just human nature.

What are you doing?

Poor thing's feeling hot.

Poor thing?

Kabira... meet Bagwati.

What's happened to your jokes?

Are they sick?

Well, they've taken after you.

Hey Joe, yes I spoke to Mr. Yamamoto and...

Somebody please throw his phone out.

What the...

Are you mad?

Did you just...

You think we'll get it?

Sorry, I didn't think he would do it.

Of course you didn't know, Kabir.

Now go find my phone.

Where? I don't know.

I want my phone, that's all.

It could've broken.

Arjun, don't be silly... we won't find it.


You threw my phone out of a moving car, you moron!

He said it, I threw it.

Didn't you?

Kabir... please tell me to slap him.

Don't be silly.

Just tell me to slap him.

Slap him.

What's wrong with you? Guys!

I'll get you a new phone. I was just joking.

Well, it's not funny.

That call was important.

You think being 'cool and funny' gives you the license to do anything?

It's always like, 'Imran said this. He's so funny.'

'Imran did that, he is so cool'.

Grow up!

Throwing my phone out the window is not funny!

Hooking up with my girIfriend was not funny!

Listen... it's been four years.

And I've apologised for it.

Now let it go.

Or what? Huh, what?

Stop it. Stop it, you two.

You're behaving like kids.

If there's a problem, deal with it.

Like aduIts.

Who made you the judge?

Do you see anyone else here?


Let's get this straight.

I don't have any problem with him.

Why would you have a problem?

Sonali was my girIfriend.

Come on, Sonali and me fell in love.

It happens. Shit happens.


It was shit.

For me.

And I'm sure you didn't give it a second thought.

Imran man...

I would never do that to you.


I screwed up. Now what do you want me to do?

What do I do?

Should I wear a 'Sorry, Arjun' t-shirt and walk around?

What should I do?

Just look at him.

Listen to me, okay. You two, please!

Sonali was a bitch.


I'm sorry, really.

She used you.

Then gave you a BPL and used him.

And she dumped you as well.

She was a waste of time then and she is a waste of time now.

Four years ago we cancelled this trip because of her.

Today we're here for me. Don't let her ruin this.


How many times do I have to apologise?

How many times? Let's just make it clear.

Till it doesn't come from here.

What's BPL?

Bum Pe Laat. [Kick in the arse.]

You're crazy.

Speak with him. He slapped me.

Get married. What!

I can't believe this.

Hi baby...


We've left Barcelona.

On the road.

Yes, it's beautiful.

Of course, they're with me. Where will they go?

Everything is cool.


All ready.

Come on.


Now this is a house.

I like. Cool.

It's lovely.

You haven't seen the haIf of it yet.

Can we slide?

No, you can't.

Captain. Amazing.

Wow, man!

This is nicer than the pictures.


What a view!


How was it?


Who is she?

How should I know, dude?

She's nice.

Really nice.

What's happening?

She's got me. She's pulling me towards her.

She's pulling me.

I saw her first.

So true.

But has she seen you?


Hola. Hola.

Can I try that?



Where are you from?


HaIf US, haIf India.


What a coincidence! Which part?

My dad's from Delhi but I live in London.

Hindi? Not bad!

You too... wow!

If you're free, want to join me for a drink?

I have an early morning.




What's your name?



But my friends call me 'Romeo'.


Seriously man... Romeo?

I mean, chee!


It's a man's duty to try.

Success and failure are in His hands.

Great, professor.


You got me this time!

What the hell is this?


This! What the hell is this?

You said I had to get you a new phone.

You didn't specify which one.

I'm a trader.

Not a Japanese school girl.

Moshi moshi.

Shut up, just shut up!

Just don't talk to me. Guys that's enough!

Look at this. What's wrong with him?

What's wrong with you?

It's funny.

Anyway, now listen.

Why we are here in Costa Brava.

Ready for this?


Deep... sea... diving.


Yes, our training begins first thing tomorrow.

I'm sorry but... why is this turning into a 'Let's-torture-Arjun' holiday?

I just don't understand.

Relax, I know.

I spoke with the people at the diving school.

You don't need to know how to swim.

At least you know how to drown.

Listen, just keep quiet. Just... keep quiet.


I don't understand how you thought I'll do this.

What's wrong with you?

Bathroom... to the left.

Okay, listen.

I know you're scared of water.


But then that's the challenge. And it's completely safe.

Think about it.

Blue waters... okay?

Fish swimming close to you.


It'll be amazing.

Look, if you're not comfortable, no one's going to force you.

No, I'm serious, it's okay.

Okay. Fine.

Kabir Dewan?



Hi, what are you doing here?

Following you, I guess.



I'm here to train you.

I'm an instructor here.


Hi, I'm Kabir. Laila.

This is Arjun. Hi.



You remember?


If you don't want to dive, it's totally fine.

He can't swim.

It's okay, doesn't matter.

You'll be fine.

Thank you.

Shall we start?

Let's go.

It's a little difficuIt to talk under water.

For obvious reasons.

So these signs are very important.




Not okay.

Air gauge.



You have to wear a wet suit.

The water is pretty cold.

Next is the BCD. Your buoyancy control device.

All okay?

These weights will help you remain underwater.

Finally, your fins.

Cheers. Salute.

Good job, boys.

So, when is the wedding?

In two months.

That's like now, man. Yeah, I know.

We only started dating about six months ago.

Well, you know what they say... when it's right, it's right.

That's what I said.

Actually, she said it.

What does she do?

Interior design. And she's bloody good.


And of course, her father has a hotel business... that's evaluated at...

Ten billion?

Ten billion.

I'm not marrying her for her money.

Kabir, of course not.

But you've got to admit, it's a plus point.

Plus point? Are you serious?

Would you marry for money?


How much?

Ten billion!


And what if she's a bore?

When you have ten billion in your bank who needs the wife for entertainment?

Romantic. I agree, it's true.


Are you seeing someone?

Do you have a girIfriend?


Hey... what about Rohini? What happened there?

She was nice. Well...

I guess she wanted different things out of life.

Laila... apart from my body what else do you want out of life?

I don't know. I haven't really made a list.

Still... there must be something.

I guess, I want that... life should continue to surprise me.

Inspire me.

Make me meet new people.


Hola. Hola?


Give me new experiences.


I want... you to get me a drink.

Your wish is my command.

One for me, please. Arjun?

I'm okay.

Keep it down. Guys we're gonna get arrested.

Its gonna to be fun.

He's here. Quiet.


I was just telling... that's the problem you see.

Guys, watch out..


Your life is about to change.

That's if I survive!

We'll see.

Yup, we'll see.

The moment flows by like moIten sapphire

Deep blue silences No earth below, no sky above

The rustling branches and leaves

Are saying only you are here

Only me My breath and my heartbeat

Such depth, such solitude And me Only me I now believe I exist

Baby, it was amazing. You should definitely do it.

I have no interest.



Sorry. Can I use your loo? Imran is taking a shower.


Who is that?

Wait. First say hi to Natasha.


Hey... I'm Laila.


Kabir has told me a lot about you.

Congratulations in advance.


Well, it's really nice to meet you.

Bye. Bye.

Who is that?

That's Laila, our instructor.

She's studying fashion in London but... three months a year she works at dive sites around the world.

Isn't that cool?

Very cool.

What is she doing in your room?

She's using the bathroom.

Imran invited her over for dinner.

To celebrate our first dive.

D'you think I'm stupid?

What? It's the truth.

Arjun is cooking.

Yeah, you must be very busy. I'll speak to you later.

Natasha, why are you getting upset?

I'm not upset. I've a flight to catch.

You're being really silly.

Yeah, I know. Bye.


All okay? Yeah, fine.

See you downstairs. See you.

Need some help?

Nope. Almost done.


Yup. Very nice.


So... you didn't tell me how it was.

Thank you.

Don't thank me. You did it.

So, how was it?

It was magical.

It feIt like the most peaceful place on earth.

It was beautiful.

I was 16 when I did my first dive.

And then stopping myseIf was impossible.

Yeah, it could be addictive.



Addiction is such a negative word.

Diving is... something else for me.

It's like meditation.

You're conscious of every breath, every moment.

Just imagine... living your whole life like that.

Be fully alive to each and every moment.


Seriously. Thank you.

You should cook more often.

I know man but... where's the time!

So, the fear of water still there?

Now there's no fear.

Not even of life.

Wow! In one dunk you've unravelled the mystery of life!

Well done, my lad.

Actually, it's quite simple.

What is it?

Just... keep breathing.


Finally, our old friend has surfaced.

And to avoid a relapse... why don't you join us on the trip?

I'd love to.

But I'm off to Bunol tomorrow.

It's the Tomatina festival.

Too bad! Is it?

Toma-tina, what's that?


How can you not know that... it is the world's largest tomato fight?!

It's like our festival of colours. But played with tomatoes instead.


Actually, you guys should come.

It'll be a blast.

I'm in.

Are you serious? Yeah, I'm in.

What? No!

We're leaving for Seville tomorrow.

That's perfect. Bunol is en-route.

Come on.

Look, Seville is Arjun's choice.

He made the reservations.

To mess with Arjun's reservations is... like inviting Death!

Come on.

Alright, let me see what I can do.

Is that your phone?

It's a long story.

Let's not go there.

No, it's nice.

He's very much in touch with his feminine side.

Eat your food.

Don't worry, even I like pink.

Great, I feel much better. Thank you.

How could you do this?

Rohini, I'm really sorry but... can't you see that this deal could help me.

Can't you see that maybe I don't care!

You don't care.

You don't care about my life? Stop it, Arjun.

Don't confuse your work with your life.

Your work isn't your life. It's just a part of it.

Just like this relationship is a part of your life.

What about this? What about this?

I bought this apartment so that we could live together.

What? Please!

You bought this apartment to impress people with your up market address.

I can't believe you just said that.

I'm planning a future with you. Our future will come tomorrow, Arjun.

Don't scream! Where is our today?

Don't scream.

Then listen to me.

What do you want?

I want to spend time with you.

I want a relationship. Not a retirement plan.

Please, Rohini.

The chairman of Nakatomi Corporation wants a meeting with me.

What do I do? I have to go.

If the presentation does it, he'll give us the entire account.

That will boost my career.

Can't you see that?

What about our deal?

We can go next month.

It's my birthday, Arjun.

I know. It won't come next month.

You had promised that we would go to Italy no matter what.

And you cancelled the tickets without even talking to me.

Rohini, I really am sorry.

Please understand. Just a second.

It's an important call. Just one second.

Rohini, one second. Hello...

Yes, Alex...

I'll be there in ten minutes.

Hey babe, I guess you're on the plane.

I called to say that we're going to Bunol tomorrow, for the Tomatina festival Laila is taking us.

Please don't be upset.

Please call when you get this message. I love you.

Where the hell is he?

Oh - my - God!

I love it. Unbelievable!

Okay. Yes?

Can I drive? No.

Kabira... if four days of diving can do this to you.

Trust me, you should stay under water.

Who knows if I'll be with you guys again...

I decided, it's all or bust!

Right? Correct.

Dude, you're getting married.

You're not going to prison.


All set?

Arjun... can you help me?

It's to the right. It's jammed, what did you do?


You have to apply some force.

No, just for the drive.

Hi. Hello.


Relax in the front seat.

Driver... Bunol.

So Lailaji, hale and hearty both packed in the bag?

No, thanks.

What are you doing?

Laila, meet Bagwati.

Hi Bagwati.

Bagwati thinks you are very beautiful.

Thank you, Bagwati.

The evening was hazy...

The mood was sad...

A thousand memories vanished as they came...

That's really nice. You wrote it?

I wish...

It's by Raghupati Sahai Firaq.

Even our man writes quite well.

Really? Thanks man.

What say, Kabir? Of course.

Diamond biscuit Diamond biscuit... Whenever in a mood just have it...

Diamond biscuit Diamond biscuit... For a heaIthy life just taste it...

Whenever mummy daddy bring it out... All the happy kids squeal and shout...

Diamond biscuit Diamond biscuit... For a heaIthy life just taste it...

Now available in a new coconut flavour.

Diamond biscuit!

So beautiful. One has to do it, assholes!

Inspired writing.

It's kind of nice. Isn't it?

Brought a smile to your face, didn't it?


Hi, it's me.

Where are you? Just landed in London.


I'm sorry I hung up yesterday.

It's okay. You know what, just forget about it.

Thank you.

So, you're going Bunol?

Yes! Yeah, they went up from being the number four biscuit..

..To number one biscuit.


What happened? What are you doing?


Laila, where are we staying? Hotel Venta Pilar.

Some Venta Pilar...

Venta Pilar.

Okay, fine.

Well you have fun, okay.

Okay, of course.

Venta Pilar.

Arjun... what are you doing man?

Again? What are you doing?

I'm sorry, it's the wind. I'm really sorry.


By the way, Bagwati is feeling kinda hot. I'll let her get some wind by the window.

Turn left here. Yeah?

I know I'll see her somewhere.

There she is.


Everybody this is Nuria.

Hola. Arjun.

That's Kabir. Hello.

And that's Imran in the corner.


She's saying it's already started.

We have to go. We're going to miss it.


The bags? These guys will take care of them.

But my laptop. Arjun, let's go. Come on!

Okay. Imran.

We're leaving you.

Laila... your friend is very cute.

Is that so?

You've already forgotten me?!

You're pathetic!


You will go down in history as my first love.

Okay listen guys, there are two rules.

You have to make way for the trucks.

And squash the tomatoes before throwing them.

Otherwise it hurts.

Alright? Let's go!

Kabira, squash it. Did it hurt?

Of course. Shit man!

What are you guys doing? There are rules.

Have you ever followed a rule in your life? You bastard, now you want rules!

Come here!

Come here I'll tell you the rules.

Come on!

Ooh aah.. Take the world and paint it red Ooh aah.. Paint it red There's a passion, a madness All around A carefree gladness All around Somewhere lightly, the colours fall Stories of yesterday, you can't recall Someone softly tells my heart Give yourseIf away, let the magic start Ooh aah.. Take the world and paint it red An obsession. A passion. Everywhere, everywhere.

A trance. A trance. A trance. Everywhere, everywhere.

This moment that's so whole Seems high on its own This moment unveils its intoxication on you Now you're in the mood You hold hands with the groove As voices blend in with the hues And we go on and on and on and on.

The colors of life splash aloud.

Just put the past behind you.

Someone softly speaks from my heart.

Let the spell take over you.

Ooh aah.. Take the world and paint it red I'm feeling cold now.

And it's stinking too.

You're going to get this.

She's going to get it. Put me down!



What are you doing?


I came here to surprise you.

I thought you'd be happy to see me.

I am happy.

Yeah, you look it.

Natasha... this is my bachelor trip.

And you know, I want to spend this time with my friends.

Really? Laila is your friend?

She's our diving instructor. I told you on the phone.

And the other one... Nancy?



Oh God, Natasha! I just met her this morning!

She was kind enough to give us her room. We'll probably never see each other again!

That's just perfect!

No one will ever know what happened.

Is that why you are here?

The apology on the phone was just an excuse to get the address.

How dare you, Kabir?

That's really mature... Shut up!

Who is it?


Come in.

Hi. Hey.

I'm sorry, I just need my bag.

Don't apologise, it's totally cool.


We've made dinner plans, would you like to join us?

Actually... Yes.

Definitely, sounds like fun.

Okay, I'll call when we're heading out.

We don't have to go.

I don't want your friends to think I'm a witch!

Witch alert!

Our holiday is in danger.

Who is next?

Even I love you very much.

Dude, I can't believe Natasha's here.

I'm shocked!

Why? What's the big deal?

Laila... your fiancee can't crash your bachelor party. That's the only rule!


You guys are so stupid. What?


You're stupid.

Natasha hates you.


Yes, she said...

Is Laila your friend?

She asked you that?

No, she asked Kabir. I was eavesdropping outside the door.

There that Natasha.

Of course. Here these tomatoes.

How do you say, 'can I come in', in Spanish?

Dude, what're you doing? Don't be stupid!


See you in the lobby.

I want to learn Flamenco. It looks like so much fun.

Laila, you live in Spain?

No, in London.

So does Arjun.


Kabir and I will be there after this holiday.

We should definitely get together.

Yeah, we should.

I'd love to but I'm off to Morocco from here.

For a month.


I think all of you should come to Seville with us.

I'm going back to London tomorrow.

You only came here for a day?


Kabir wants to hang with the two of you.

I don't want to disturb your plans.

Don't be silly, Natasha. You're hardly a disturbance.

That's really sweet, Imran. Thank you.

But, Kabir said it's a miracle to get you two together.

And you have to attend the wedding. No excuses.

100 percent!

Of course!


Could we get the more the red the wines?

Arjun, the translation into the Espanols?

Imran, please!

It's because of such behaviour that Indians have a bad reputation.

Will you please tell him?

Imran, don't do it.


What chee? He is right!

I agree with you. Imran, it's wrong.


I'm the very the sorry No, I'm sorry.

Not funny!

Been to Morocco? Morocco? No!

Good night, guys. Good night.

Let's go?

It's amazing.

In a bit.

Moshi moshi.

Will you do me a favour? No way!

Why don't you both take a long walk?

Dude, it's late, we're tired. You must be tired.

You must be tired. No, not really.

That's the spirit. The night is young.

You two aren't that old either!

I'm sure you'll come up with some plan.

You sure? Come on.

Shit! I forgot my phone.

Aren't you on a holiday?

And, you are absolutely right.

Do you have a boyfriend?



Why not?

You see, the guys I liked... wanted different things out of life.

What kind of guys do you like?

What's your type?

I don't have a type.

Come on, everyone has a type.


Like I know, a guy who gets only three weeks off in a year... isn't your type.

He can't be anyone's type.

He has no time.

He is a slave.

And one who only thinks of his career, isn't your type either.

If he only thinks about his career, then he is a bore.

Or someone who thinks money is the most important thing in life.

Like you!

You don't know anything about me.


So, don't judge me.

I wasn't judging you.

I'm merely asking... does money really make you happy?

I was eight when my dad passed away.

Leaving behind a huge debt for my mother.

Very early I understood that... only money makes the world go round.

Simple as that.

I understand, Arjun.

But you still haven't answered my question.

Yes, money makes me happy.

Then why did you cry, the other day... after the dive?

Has a paycheque ever brought tears to your eyes?

No, Think about it.

When you've done so well in life... are you really happy?

Even today if you feel something is missing... what is it?

Take time out for things that... give you genuine joy.

Like cooking.

Well, that's the plan, I mean...

I'll retire at 40 and...


How do you know if you'll be alive till then?

Seize the day, my friend.

First, live this day to the fullest.

Then think about 40.

Come on.

My friends don't know why I made them come here.

I want to meet Salman Habib.

I've never met him.

I have never met my father.

What if he doesn't want to meet me?

Why are we lying here?

I mean, it's ridiculous.


It's ridiculous that you've never done this before.

What to do?

I'm stuck with a beautiful home in London.

Only someone who has never slept under the stars... can say something so stupid.

Wow man.

I should learn from you.

I feel like I've spent my life in a box.

But you...

you are free.

You're free, Laila.


The only time a man should be in a box... is when he's dead.

Natasha, stay for a few more days.

You don't mean that.

No, I do.

I don't like it that you're so sad.

What do you expect?

How would you feel if I just left you and took off with my friends?

You have your own life.

And if you and Sameera ever decide to go on a trip... why would I stop you?

And if I told you that we've met some guys... and made dinner plans with them, then?

Then what?

I trust you.

Of course I'd want you both to be safe... but besides that, I won't suspect you.

I'm sorry, but it's easier said than done.

Babe... you're welcome to stay if you want to.

But if you don't, I'll drive you to the airport tomorrow.

Good night.

I'll miss you. Take care.

Stay in touch. See you at the wedding.

Imran, can you help me? Of course.

For sure. Okay?

Email me. I will.

Good luck.


Yesterday was...

I jus..

I had the best time yesterday.

Me too.

And good luck... for your upcoming adventures.


I'll see you.



A thought came alive, but away it hid It stole a glance, from under the eyelids Sometimes from you, sometimes from me it asked for words to set it free

Words to wear, so from the lips it can flee A voice it can embrace and sway with glee But this thought Is a feeling... just a feeling

Like a fragrance floating in the breeze A fragrance that is unspeaking You live with it I'm aware of it Out in the open for the world to see What is this unknown mystery?

Who is it?


You'll forgot something?

I hate regrets.

Then you shouldn't have any.


Flying away in the open sky...

Are the birds of my dreams

Flying away...

To the land of my heart are the birds of my dreams

Don't know where they'll go next

Wings have taken flight and now says my sight you've finally awoken What was on your mind is left behind You've moved far ahead in time Life is floating on a breeze Life is telling you and me

Now whatever will be will be

Flying away in the open sky are the birds of my dreams

Flying away.. To the land of my heart are the birds of my dreams Don't know where they'll go next A touch from someone and I've been wandering without a thought Somewhere new words were spoken and since then I've been lost Something made the heart meIt In a blink, I was someone else

Now whatever will be will be

A light shone down Now there's a beauty being showered on the streets

Happiness came down Now there's a zest being showered upon me Now I finally know who I was meant to be

Do you remember that moment yesterday The one with the magic force?

It transformed us into something new I wonder which moment it was?

The heart says just blindy go to Any place that desire takes you

Now whatever will be will be Now whatever will be will be.. Flying..

Now whatever will be will be

What do you mean, you've quit your job?


We're getting married in two months.

So? You can resume after the wedding.


First, we'll go on the honeymoon... then I want to redo the house.

That will take about a year.

And if you're going to Singapore for your new project...

I'll be coming with you.

But... that hotel is your dream project, Natasha.

Dreams change baby.

Then, I didn't know I'd be getting married.


What does marriage have to do with it?

What do you mean?

Obviously, priorities change.

After the wedding, even you wouldn't want to go on this kind of boys holiday

When is her flight? At 6 p.m.

Don't worry man, we'll make it.


Very funny!

All okay, babe?


Can I drive?

Can you drive?

Babe, the speed limit is 120. You can go faster.

Yes, we may just miss that flight.

I'm not going to drive rashly.

Watch out!

Please keep your eyes on the road, please!

Then tell him not to talk to me.

Don't talk to her.

I love this song.

Rock chick in a hard rock world...

I'm a rock chick in a hard rock world...

Nothing rocks better than a rock chick girl...

I'm a rock chick in a hard rock world...

I had fun.


I'm sorry.

Me too.

Bye Bagwati.

Tell me... what do you think about them?

Kabir is not himseIf when Natasha is around. - That's what I thought.


I sense some tension.

Did you speak with him?

Why should l?

If a friend doesn't address a personal problem, then who will?

Forget it man!

They'll sort their problem and we'll get screwed in the middle.

Chee, man!

You are seriously shameless.


Look... he is our friend.

When he is back, let's talk to him.




Now what has he done?

He's buried inside his diary again. He's too boring.

What do you write in it?

It's private.

Rascal... you've always been secretive.

But there's nothing to tell. No, no, no!

You're obviously struggling with an emotional problem.

What? Me?


I truly believe that... if a friend doesn't address a personal problem, then who will?

Continue. Yes, absolutely.

To figure out the problem we have to do a test.

I'll say a word. Okay.

And you have to say the first thing that comes to your mind.

Without deliberating.

Alright? Okay.

Ready, doctor. Fine.












Father? Mother.

According to my test... your father is the root of your emotional problem.

And you're keeping this from the world.

And, in my opinion, Dr. Sigmund Fraud... it's time to shred your degree. Please stop practicing, please!

You hurt my feelings, man.

My bwoys!

If you want a view, look that way.

We should talk to him.

Natasha is really sweet. It was really nice to meet her.

Yeah... even she was glad to have met you.


Are you happy? Yes.

Why... are you asking like this?

I don't know man. Listen... it's possible I may be wrong.

But, we are friends. And I just...

I just have to ask you.

Are you happy with Natasha?

Dude, you just met her. And the poor girl was a bit tense.

She thought there was something between Laila and me.


But, now there's no problem. Thanks to you, my bwoys!


She's sweet.

Imran, you've met her. You spent time with her.

Tell him.

Yes, she is very sweet.

Well that's good, man.

I'm happy for you.

Hey... here's an extra pillow!

Good night, bwoys.

Good night.

Guys, do you mind if we take a detour?


There is an artist, Salman Habib.

He lives around here. The lady at the gallery told me.

That he sells his paintings from home.


Sounds good.

Anyway, I'm a bit bored hanging with just the two of you.

The map says we should take the next right for Grazalema.

Salman Habib.

You'll find Indians in every corner of the world.

Really, man. We're everywhere!

Grazalema. Turn right over here.

Dude, I said right. Forget it.

Don't feel like it. Let's go to Seville.

Are you sure? Yeah.

We can go on the way back. It's okay.


It's time to see what I've planned for us.

Check it out, bwoys!

Look at that guys!

Arjun, my pal. You rock! Look at that dude!

Wow! You b******!

You're purposely doing this.

You know I'm scared of heights.

Don't be silly.

I want to do this. It's my dream.

Yeah right! Just imagine... jumping from 15,000 feet and flying towards the earth.

That's not flying, that's falling.

It will be fun.


Remember he eventually enjoyed diving.

Correct. Big deal.

With a beautiful instructor like Laila, who wouldn't!

You never know, you also might get lucky.

You people ready to jump out of a plane?

Oh yeah!

Are you ready to enter the air?


Head up. Eyes to the horizon.

Legs at 45 degrees.

Arch! Arch!

Did I say relax? No.

I said arch. I didn't say relax.

These are total maIfunctions.

In case of a total maIfunction what you have to do is this.

Cut away your main and deploy your reserve.

What is that? You have a maIfunction.

Cut away my main and deploy my reserve.

What are you doing?

It's a broken line. Are you sure it's a broken line?

Scissor kick... scissor kick...

Cut! Deploy!


What's this?

Waiver form.

Waiver form?

If something happens to us... like death, these guys aren't responsible.

We are responsible for it.


I'll see you outside.

I'm feeling sick. What?

I'm going to throw up.

I'm scared too.

But that's why we are here.

Everybody get ready.


Alright, guys. This is it!



I'm next.

Adios amigo!

See you downstairs!

Let go, Imran.

Just let it all go!

Push me!

Come on, Imran!


Who are you? Where have you been?

I've moved the heaven and the earth but I couldn't find you But you arrive today, so suddenly And you give meaning to my whole life with your love I don't understand I don't know What you've said to me, Senorita Even then, I have no idea why I like what I heard, Senorita

Don't look away Stay close to me Take me in your arms Hope you've understood Senorita Even a few moments of love Are never too less Come let's lose ourselves in them And forget we ever knew sadness Senorita, listen to us Senorita, d'you hear what we're saying I will never understand The meaning of the words you dedicate to me But the warmth of your gaze Makes me feel like the most beautiful Senorita Our eyes looked at each other And recounted tales of desire Senorita That for affection and for love There is only one language in the world Senorita Don't look away from me now Come closer to me Take me in your arms Hope you've understood Senorita Even a few moments of love Are never too less Come let's lose ourselves in them And forget we ever know sadness Senorita, listen to us Senorita, d'you hear what we're saying

With every moment that has passed Oh Senorita You've managed to win my heart And that's all there is to it Don't look away Stay close to me Take me in your arms Hope you've understood Senorita Even a few moments of love Are never too less Come let's lose ourselves in them And forget we ever knew sadness Even a few moments of love Are never too less Come let's lose ourselves in them And forget we ever knew sadness

Remember before cable TV we only had one national channel?

And every Sunday they showed a Hindi film.

Get to the point.

The point is... before the film there was this animation.

A white circle went round and round and formed the channel logo.

Do you remember the tune?


That tune never failed to depress me.


I'm feeling the same right now.

Weekend's over and school begins.

And you wanted to cancel this trip! I know, man!

Can you imagine?

You know what that means?

It means... that everything is predestined.


This holiday was in our destiny.

You know!

You, me and asshole.

Cheers asshole. Where's asshole?


Laila too.

I was meant to meet her.

You are in love, my bwoy.

No, man!

You are in love...

You are in love...

You are in love... Kabir, man!

Everything is written. Listen to me.

It's all predestined.

You know what I'm saying?

This moment... us right now... it's predestined.


Please stop saying, 'predestined...'!

I beg of you!

This too is predestined. It's all written.

Alright, we get it.

Listen, we get it, zip!

Come on, man!

It's true.

It's predestined...


Guys, watch out!

What the hell, guys?


Our man is back. Their mobiles are switched off.

What? Yup.

Even Nuria's?

Yes, I'm shocked.

When she knew we'd land up in jail, she should've kept the phone switched on If our bail isn't posted... we'll be stuck here for days.

Arjun... tell them I want to make a call.

To whom?

Salman Habib.

The artist?


Why will he come to post our bail?

Are you alright?

Just because we can't reach anyone, he's losing it.

He's my father.


I am his son.

Just let it go Imran.

Just let it go.


Hello, may l... speak with Mr. Salman Habib, please?


Sir, I am Imran.

I am Rahila's son.

When did you find out?

A few days after Abu died.

In his stuff, I found a letter that Ammi had written to him.

The letter stated that...

Ammi was grateful that Abu had accepted her and her unborn child.

Why didn't you tell us?

I was a bit shaken up.

What would I tell you? Abu is not my father.

He loved you a lot.

He really loved you.

And us.

I mean, think about it.

Be it sports day or parent-teacher meetings... our fathers seldom came, but Abu was always there.

Well, my father was dead.

So, if he showed up for sports day it would've been a bit strange.

You've got bail.

They're here.




I'm Salman.

My friends, Arjun and Kabir.

Hello. Thank you.

Hi... thank you.

You three look pretty hungover.

You're welcome to come over to my place and freshen up.

Our bags and car are at the hotel.

I'll drive you there.


Wow, this is beautiful.

It's really nice.

Are you always so polite?

It's absolute rubbish. Anyone can do that.

This gentleman, my neighbour... was obsessed with having his wife immortalised in a portrait.

So, I applied my brush and fuIfilled his desire.

And with his money, paid my bills.

So, what are you guys doing in Seville?


Really? Yeah.

So, you jumped out of a plane and landed in jail?

You could say that.

That apart, what do you do?

Well, I'm a financial broker.

In London.

Money man.

And you?

My family is in the construction business.

Well, never mind. Everyone makes mistakes.

That's funny.

You're a Xerox copy of him.

And, what about you?

I write.


I'm a copywriter in advertising.

Writing copy for ads is like a buffet for the masses.

For instance, this painting is for someone else.

Do you write anything to feed your own soul?

I do.



Right. We'll be outside.

Your hands are very similar to mine.


Do you live alone?


I have a wife.

But she is away... in Paris.


And any... children?

Do you ever come to India?


I was there four years ago when my mother passed away.

Sorry. I have a brother there... but... we don't meet.

I've often thought about you.

I mean... that someday, somewhere we might meet.

But I never figured... what I would say to you.

Just say the truth.

The truth... what is the truth?

Everyone has their own version.

Look... I was...

25 then.

Rahila was a few years younger.

When you're young the future doesn't matter.

We were just kids.

One day...

Rahila told me that she's... expecting a baby.

I wasn't ready for the responsibility then.

And nor am I now.

So... you just abandoned her?

I guess, you could say that.

Rahila wanted a family, she wanted to be a mother.

I had other dreams. I wanted to be an artist.

I wanted to paint... travel the world.

I loved her but... she made her choice and I made mine.

That's all.

I found out about you only last year.

But... you've always known about me.

Did you never want to see me?

I thought it was better this way.

You asked for the truth.

Well, this is it.


I... am sorry, Imran.

No, you're not.

Is there something I can do for you?

Apologise only when it comes from here.

When clouds of pain loom in the sky When a shadow of sadness flickers by When a tear finds it's way to the eye When fear keeps the loneliness alive I try and console my heart Why is it that you cry? I ask This is only what life imparts These deep silences within Have been handed out to all by time Everyone's story has a little sorrow Everyone's share has a little Sunshine No need for water in your eyes Every moment can be a new life Why do you let them pass you by Oh heart, why is it that you cry?


Did you sleep or not?


I think, we should get going.

Let's go.


I'm really sorry.

I'll see you at the car.


What do you mean, 'you slept in the car'?

Long story, babe.

Tell me, what happened?

Well, Imran just...

I'll tell you later, okay.

Why? Tell me now, what happened?

I can't tell you right now. I'll tell you when I'm back.

Why are you getting irritated?

Why are you going on about it?

Okay, forget it.


It's our wedding card. Can you see it?

Isn't it gorgeous?

I'm just so happy with it.

Oh... I've emailed a few options for your suit.

Please select one. Okay? Don't forget.


You are so far away.

You love me, right?


Then stop fighting with me.

Everything was fine before you went on this holiday.

Kabir, just come home.

To me, your family, your friends.

My friends are with me.

Yeah, I know. But you know what I mean.

Happy birthday to you...

Happy birthday dear Anjali...

Happy birthday to you...

What a beautifuI cake.

Oh my God!

It's beautiful!

Nice, right? Yes!


What are you doing, baby?

I'm sorry, I'm so happy.

Kabir just proposed to Natasha.

What What?

Oh my God!

You could've waited until your mother had cut the cake.

Kabir, this is the best birthday gift, ever!

I love you, son.

The shy guy!

It's a double celebration.

I'm so happy.

Now you have to call me 'mummy'.

Get some champagne!

Come here.

Very good decision.

I'm so happy.

Babe, what just happened in there?

What do you mean? I mean...

This ring...

I got it for my mom.

It's her birthday gift.

This is for your mom?

Look at it sweety... it's a mummy ring.


Why didn't you say something?

I tried.

But you were excited and screaming. And Tanya made an announcement.

So you don't want to marry me?

It's not about you. I haven't even thought about marriage.

What do I tell my father?

We'll say that we gave it some more thought and... we need more time. That's all.

This is so embarrassing.

I'm so sorry, sweety.

You don't ever want to marry me?

It's not like that.

If it is, you better tell me right now!

I really love you, Kabir. And I don't...

No, no... no sweety. Don't cry.

Not now.

Kabir... are you even serious about this relationship or not?

You know what...

Will you marry me?

Who is it?

Room service.



Oh my God!

You're here... how... I mean...

Imran called and he begged me to come.

So I came. Imran?

I knew it.

He is my best friend.

I am... so glad you're here.

I'm glad you are glad.

Hello... my the two the love the birds!


Surprised, Arjun?

Thank you.

It's good to see you.

And you. Hey gorgeous.

I love you too. Nice to have you back.

You got a tan!

Get dressed, soon!

We had to leave at seven. Correct.

Two minutes? You missed me?

I always miss you, darling.

Where are we going?

It's a surprise. Can't tell you in front of him.

What's going on?

What do you mean?

It's San Fermin.

Running with the bulls.

Really? Didn't you know?

Just follow me...

Holy shit!

Are these guys mad? What are they doing?


Isn't that why you are here?

I feIt this should be the last experience of our trip.

This could be the last experience of our life!

Stop it, Arjun. Let's grab a bite.

Come on.

Excuse me. Dude are you...

I'm starving!

This is not an adventure sport.

I object, Judge sahab!

I agree it's not as safe as regular sports.

And is illegal in some countries.

But according to the Spanish tradition and cuIture... it is allowed.

And technically, according to our deal... we can choose any sport, remember?

Imran, it's really dangerous, you know.

Yes, those bulls could kill us, alright?

We'll be dangling on their horns like tandoori chicken on skewers!

Precisely the point.

You want to get rid of the fear within you?

Well then, here's our deepest fear. Death.

Let's face it.

Because beyond this fear... lies victory!

Please spare us the tag lines!

Dude, think about it!

No training, no instructors. Just us, my amigos!

And some bulls running after us.

If you want to live... just run!

Laila, do you know any psychiatrist around here?

Because our amigo has completely lost it!

I'll be at the starting line at seven tomorrow morning.

With or without you.

I have something for you, Imran.

It's from Nuria.


It's in Spanish.

Love has no language.

So true.

I think you should buy her something.

You're absolutely right.

Guys... shopping on next stop?

Count me out, I'm going back to the hotel.

Are you alright?


I'm fine.

That we'll only know after a test.


What do you say, Dr. Fraud?

Are you game?

Bring it on.

You have to say the first thing --

I know the drill. Ask!








I like!






Is that all?

It was enough.


You're using my trick on me? Just say what you want to.


You hesitated on 'marriage'.


I'm just saying... you hesitated... on marriage.


I don't have the time for this crap. See you later.

Okay. I'm sorry, I'm going to...




Kabir... man, just stop!


Talk to us man. What's going on?

It's nothing, really.


Look, I'm sorry I lost my cool.

Because I said you have a problem with marriage?

I guess, I'm freaking out. I don't know what's happening.

It's normal to be nervous.

It's not like you're having an arranged marriage.

Yeah, but she isn't the same person I met.

She's changed, she's become possessive.

The girl I knew was a talented, independent interior designer.

She enjoyed her work.

But now... she's bid adieu to her passion and... taken over my life.

Of course, I want a partner but...

I want my own life too!

The whole two bodies, one soul thing I won't be able to handle it.

May I ask you something? Yes.

Don't you think you proposed to her too soon?

Actually, I didn't even propose.


I'd bought a ring for my mom as a birthday gift.

Before giving it, I happened to show it to Natasha and she thought... it was meant for her.

Are you crazy? What are you doing?

What's wrong with him? What's wrong with him?

No wonder this vacation was so important for you.


Basically, you wanted to hear from someone else that you shouldn't get married And besides us, who would've told you this.

Have you totally lost it?

The invites are printed. This isn't the time to overreact!


We know Natasha is a great girl.

And we know you like her.

And of course, you don't want to hurt her.

But ask yourseIf -- Do you really want to marry her?

And if not, be honest.

To yourseIf and to her.

Of course, she'll be hurt. But in the long run its best for both of you.

He is absolutely right, Kabir.

But I've made a commitment.

Okay, you screwed up.

No one's going to send you to prison.

It's not that simple. Our parents are involved.


Dude, it's your life.

You won't get it.


Just let it be, okay? I'm sorry.


What a guy!


Why're you shouting?

Why are you so far?




How are you?

I met Salman.

I now know why you and Abu kept this from me.

I'm sorry, Ammi.

I love you.

I love you too, my boy.

The first rocket indicates that the pen gates have been opened.

Second rocket indicates that the bulls are coming towards us.

We run at the second rocket.

Second rocket.

Oh San Fermin, please protect us.

If I die... my spirit will come back to haunt you.

Why are you thinking about death?

Think about what you'll do if you survive.

Listen... a new pact.

An if-l-get out-alive pact.


If I get out alive, I'll let you read my poetry.

Why just you? I'll just... get it published.

You write poetry?



If I get out alive...


If I get out alive...

I'll go to Morocco with Laila.


That's what I'll do.

What's the worst that could happen? I'll get fired.

Right? Yeah.

Who cares man?

I'll be with her and I will live.

Well done, my bro!

Come on, Kabir.


If I get out alive...

Shit guys! The gates are open!

Kabir just say it.

It's okay, just say it.

If I get out alive, I'll go to London... and tell Natasha that...

Say what? Just say it!

Come on, Kabir!

Come on, Kabir! Come on!

I'm sorry but I can't marry you.

Congratulations! Look out!

If you're carrying your restlessness in your heart...

You are alive.

If you're carrying the lighting of dreams in your eyes...

You are alive.

Like a gust of wind, learn to live free.

Learn to flow like the waves that make a sea.

Let your arms be wide open, to every moment you meet.

May every moment gift you a new sight to greet.

If you're carrying your wonder in your eyes...

You are alive.

If you're carrying your restlessness in your heart...

You are alive.