Zombie Hunter (2013) Script

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Monday, October 7, 2013 Gebang - Cirebon Enjoy subtitle ..... # # ..... # # SEGA jamblang

up and survive ..

Because disputes devil ..

How rotten, to the crime.

Seeking to devour us.

The authorities have to sit again at the meeting Capital Hill today to discuss a new drug.

That being witnessed widespread throughout the world.

The new type of drug called SLN.

Is this synthetic drug can treat diseases rampant.

The epidemic spread of drug nightclub until in high school and our children.

Only a few months after its emergence, the number of .. drug users has tripled, marijuana, heroin and combination metholmetamine.

Despite the very obvious dangers, It is not clear where the drugs originated, Authority to wonder:

What's this?

Are you okay? I'm fine. Perhaps because eating something.

ERROR technical.

I wanted to go upstairs and watch TV with you?

My boyfriend's down.

He can yell at me ...

We're just a bit of fun.

I'm sure he would not mind.

Are you sure?


I'm sure.


We still record it?

Although side effects including vomiting, hallucinations and loud screams ...

Symptoms in the long term because toxins cause is still unknown.


Original sub By: OGI CIREBON *** ***

1 year later.


150 miles / hour

A great feeling.

Rong play as Princess lion.

View, friend was waiting there.


You've got a pretty messy eyebrows.

Would you also like.

But not anymore.



Silent .

No nothing but silence.

Alone in a place like this, it's never a good sign.

Sometimes also need some kicks.

If not then we bear.

However, sometimes luck is present.

calls ..

full brief message.

world is now like. Garbage.

cool and calm winds.

always a matter of time.

He's watching me.

Mostly, they are just a bunch of zombies are not thought to wander.

But after a long-term, we re in trouble.

A black cat covered in blood, not what I expected.

This is the best part.

There was a sensation when the gun is fired, also the brain out of the skull scene.

I just gave trouble to those who are ignorant.

two different things.

Did you know they are behind you?

Nothing makes me smile when the massacre at noon.

Tequila was first made ​​me smile.

6 months is a long time.

I have never seen one for the last 6 months .

media referred to them as:

predators. I'm probably the only one who survived.

I was wrong.

I'm not the only one remaining.

A guy in our camp last night.

Feeling happy if met were still healthy.

But this is different.

Very cool, It looks messy.

I like it.

I always wondered.

Maybe it's too long, for months I do not feel anything other than sadness, pleasant feeling.

It's fun.

Hi handsome.

I'm sorry, I do not mean to bother you.

What are you doing to me?

You do not remember anything? He was shot.

You shot him?

No, I'm not going to do stupid things like that?

No, Lyle who shot him.

Lyle? Yes.

How many people here?

I am now alone, Fast Lane Debbie.

We have 6 people, Jerry, Alysson, Ricky, Lyle Father and Jesus. - Father your Jesus?

They call him that.

I'll go look for it. My first story.

I do not want to hear where, But he is my first story.

You know, it's a miracle when ...

Touch her ​​... she does not.

Lyle was a bad experience.

And you, I'll bet he very good at playing a "pistol".

I serve, so no one was shot. To no one shot?

You do not know, cowboy ... Relax ...

Also nearly one year Since the last time I met a man.

I brought ... I'm sorry, I should not have ...

Yes, he should not have.

Hey, What's that?

Only Cola, I bring it to you.

I can bring others to you? Ah yes, give me tequila.

Sorry, we did not have tequila.

I'll let you rest.

Come on Debbie.

He will soon return, he's fine.

The Debbie favorites.

There sesuati do you think? Debbie What are you doing?

He knows this area, why treat it as such?

Do not make me guilty, Alysson.

I know you want it.

Seeing him like that.

Trying her virginity? This is sad.

Is that Debbie? at least I'm not the person the prancing like riding a bicycle.


I just tried to greet him with the greeting "welcome".


Yes, welcome.

Hey! Please remove this hand!


This conversation is not over.

Damn, Jerry, hold for a while.

Hey, calm down!


He scares me.

No luck? - Well, that's, do not know whether functioning or not.

He is doing?

He is injured but will recover slowly.

I'm not sure he could survive out there for quite a long time.

I do not know, it makes me worry.

Worried? What about us? By hell out there ...

If there were no survivors from hell, maybe it's dishonesty heart.

Son of a bitch! See her brother did this to him!

Ricky? Let me go!

You do not learn to control appetite?

Here, look! Let him go, Lyle, you're hurting.

We're just kidding, right Ricky?

Alysson Come on, you actually defend it.

Gold was assayed by fire. So it was good for him.

Understand what I'm saying?

You have to be careful, if you have a weapon, I'll be careful.

You know who I'm talking about?

Fuck you, nice to meet you.

Father, son is doing the wrong thing.

He was born just 12 years and now act arbitrarily.

I am 15 years old, greasy food!

Hey stranger. you need a chair? welcome ... sit down?

It is quite difficult. Well, leave it alone.

Hey, how do you feel? Very good.

Thank you for meraawatku.

Are you hungry?

Why did you shoot him?

Why would you do something stupid?

I think he's one of them, they eat meat.

Are you stupid or what?

Where is my car? I'm leaving it behind, outside the moat.

What causes it? You want to leave?

Tomorrow morning you brought my car here.

What do you mean morning? I did not wake up before noon.

Okay, I'll take you.

Hey stranger, what's your name?

I do not have a name. Not any more.

Do you have a family? Yes.

So, where are they? Dead.

So, there you go.

I'm not the only one who survived.

Looking around here.

Here too quiet, too quiet. The cannibals were not yet fulfilled?

We eat meat, now called so?

We have met a cannibal but we resolve them quickly.

But it's only a matter of time before they came here.

Always the same. You've been here how long?

It is hard to say clearly, three months, possibly more.

We are the only one who survived. Are you a cannibal?

No, he was a fugitive. Ricky, disrupt the speech was not polite.

I know it.

Not cannibals.

There is a town in the south of here.

There is no air base. We are planning to go there and fly from this place.

Jerry, a good mechanic and always strive to try.

I never flew in the Air Force, from the Pacific toward Hawaii.

There are islands outside the coast of California.

Really wild. No man who ever lived.

We decided to start from scratch, far from the epidemic.

We not ready to fight the cannibals.

We not ready to deal with them.

We kill, we survive this pandemic.

I do not blame them.

They poison and crazy.

They saw us coming, they were waiting for us.

Like them, we just ate.

We prepare the cow herd, to be taken to the slaughter house.

But we survived.

Thanks to this person. Father has saved us all.

All of us have been blessed.

Meat is delicious. Alysson.

It takes time to eat.

The door was open.

Do you trust.

Let me know what you believe.

I believe there is good and evil demons.

I believe if we do not memilikiny, we will be there tomorrow.

What do you believe? Heaven and Hell?

It's all a fairy tale.

Finding your way to a tropical paradise, build castles in the sand.

If not, then what is not a fairy tale?


We need hope.

And make no mistake. Of course not ...

And you will be there.

There is only one way to escape. Really?

What is it?


Compensate for the bad things we have done.

He is a crazy bastard, but he true.

Everything okay?.

Yes, okay.

Her knife looks really cool.

I have to work better.

Work? tore the flesh is the job?

Not really a job, The only way to survive.

Nothing else, hanta it.

It was cold and empty.

Cold and empty the only thing left to me.

Now you have us, just need be polite and invite someone to talk to.

We all feel lost, Still the same.

I want to talk about expectations. I have started writing a diary.

He's right.

I do not like men much ado.

The only thing they get yet .. .

They want to take my soul.

It is very embarrassing.

It was very severe.

My car was destroyed, and the wound in my shoulder ridicule a man always comes to mind ...

I really wanted to kill him.

As I say, we have to look for the missing piece.

You have to look for me.

Fix it!

I could see in his eyes.

He will cause serious errors.

I hope he knows, I was a hunter.

And feared before I rip his heart.

And fired a cross in his neck.

I'm here.

Hey, do you need help?

Massacre in a day.

A bottle of wine.

More good times in the past week.

I like his style.

Delicious too!

I only bring this stuff?


First he would hold his hand, then he spins.

And cut off the hand of the person.

Very sadistic.

Sounds too excited, what is interesting about the story.

What do you think of when kill and how much?

I'll be right back.

I do not know, but still not enough.

I'm sure he had killed as many as a dozen these days.

He will teach you to be tough like me?

You've pretty much.

Why did he go too fast.

Stupid whore.

That bitch ...

This is the first time for you?

He did not even say "good night".


But he definitely knows what he is doing.


I know how he feels.

If you want to talk to someone, then I will listen.

Many people who do not know what they want, believe it or not ...

But I understand.

What he thinks is "open party" with him? Allyson Yes.

Where there are roads, there is a man.

I see you, come on.

So, do it.

Yes, let's do it. - Really? Yes.


I want to do this sooner.

I have to take off your shoes.

Come on, all right.

We have to go from here.

What happened?

He's going to kill me. Who?

Where's Jerry? I do not know, let's go.

Pull continue.

Where is Ricky? I do not know.


Ricky, where are you?

Ricky. What?

Ricky, where are you?

Alison. Ricky.

Help me to hold the door. Where is Hunter?

I do not know, pull continues.


You think this is funny, huh?

No one laughs Alison.

Not any more.

Are you okay Ricky.

He handled quite well here, huh?.

You can wear panties?

Where is Jesus? I do not know.




Run. Damn.

Come on.

Come on.


Come on.

Hey, I'm here to play with you.

I think you're better off there.

Come on, get out of here.

Go on, it's mine.

I'll show you.

I also know how to play it.

To completion.


Go away.


Everything OK?.

Ok, thanks for asking, Alison.

Just feels like a broken bone, exposed and infected one shot this damn thing.

like being in hell.

But I'm fine.

Does anyone know about the devil?

I do not know what it is. It would be terrible if we attack.

Who wants it?

I'm just saying, they are not easily shot dead.

Yes. Yes.

Damn, that's what I thought.

What about the father?

Father died.

Father is dead? What happened?

Now what will we do? Where should we go?

Anyone have an opinion?

Also gasoline for the car? There may be out there, something that could fly.

I'm not sure it's ready, but I'm ... He will fly.

If you could slash I will take him to fly. No one thought to look for it?

Wait, it's fuel for aircraft? Where would you get it?

You do not think we'll be back, right?

We have other options. I kept it last month. It changes so fast.

Perhaps the city was now empty.

Empty? I'm sorry, I do not want to walk the perilous night.

I think we are just going to get killed.

Who is about to be killed? He almost killed you?

Well, U? We also nearly killed him.

Lyle is dead, is dead. Go!

You're taking me? Sorry, but why do not you go alone, Alison?

What do you want? What do you think of others besides keegoisanmu?

Miss, come on.

Jerry, take his truck.

Does anyone want to do something?

Play this.

You want it?

Yes, it's input.

Yes, that's it.

What are you doing?

God. I'm not a coward like your sister.

I'm sorry, I just ... Just ... what?

Looking for a little fun on the road?

Hey, are you okay? Everything okay?

Everything is fine, Alison. Thanks for asking.

Everyone knows that he's seen it.


Hey, I know you hear me.

Listen, about last night.

I was drunk and I had made ​​a mistake.


What do you mean what? We did it last night.

Well, I drink too much and do something ...

Doing something?

Ok, Well, just something.

So, I drank too much.

Yes, me too.

Do not forget, okay?

When people drink a lot and ... they feel does not happen.

I do not remember that happening to you.


What do you think?

Do not underestimate the silence.


I have ignored which is not supposed


No, all right.

Hey, who does that?

Very hard.

You Want a suggestion? Be careful, nothing to hide here.

And waiting there to kill you.

I've seen this before.

What is it?

Go on, son.

What's this?

Oh, my goodness.

What is wrong.

I think it's not possible.

I see the evil things that absolutely horrible.

I think people should go away from things like this for the better.

Damn, you're right, we should get out of here.

Then be my last night experience.

What else are you waiting for?


We need petrol.

Guys, Where's the truck?

Sounds good.

Hey, where are you going?

Can you tell what happens now?

Whatever you want to say before you go?

Hey, do not pretend not to hear me, ok? We know each other.

Where are you going?

We need a car.

I went to look for the car.

What are you waiting for? Let's go.

I will follow him. Ricky, you're still here.

Come on. Ricky dwell there.

Nothing you can do there, shut up here.

Oh, very smelly.

Take this as a precaution.

What about you?

Do not worry about what I do?

What's this?

Be careful.

The atmosphere is very quiet.


I want to leave this place, I want to release and pull my clothes naked.

Sounds good.

It's already happening.

Debie, what you've already got a girlfriend yet?

Why ask who my boyfriend?

No, I just want to say I do not have a girlfriend. We can ...

I want to pee.

I could ...

Do not be silly.

It's like you've ever told?

What is going on here?

I do not know.

Ricky, is that you?

Do not joke anymore. I do not want to play around.

More comfortable with one ass.

What do they do?

Look at what he did.

Maybe they want to go.

Why would he say that?

He just did it for fun.

This guy once told me.

What did he say?

Fuck out of here.

This is not how the way treat a girl.

Hey, I found ...

Come on, get out of here, What's this?

What's in there? What do you see?

We saw a few things. Come on.

Where Debie?

Debie die? Not possible.

Let's go.

Ricky, do not, let's wake up.

Come on, Ricky.

Rick, come on.

Ricky quickly.


Come on.

Now how about this?

Crazy man.

I found the car.

Hey, what's going on there?

Let's go.

Hey, thanks okay.

Do not lie. Thank you.

I learned a lot of skills in the classroom.

There are too many assholes out.

I've wasted time.

How much?

I did not work long enough, just drunk all day alone.

You know I wasted a lot of time, Why not?

Never know when your family will come back to the house.

I do not know where to start.

I just want a drink.

Before I knew what was happening. I shot everything that is approaching.

The night was terrible.

Not the first time it's happened in my house.

The next morning I opened the door and looked inside.

All decorations scattered on the floor.

That's when I knew what should I do for my daughter.

I want to be there.

Prior to the incident.

I know, I could save him.

That's one blessing.

He said the father a happy birthday.

He was already dead.

Everything is nothing left, just ice cream and cake covered in blood.

It was the first time I feel weak.

And also for the last time.

Only one thing that makes me want to stay alive.

What is it?


What would you do when all of the dead?

One day when you wake up and realize a loved one is not near you?

I still do not know the reason why I'm still alive.

I know what happened to him. I can not imagine his mood.

He does not need anymore. Everything in his death.

Go ... forever.

What do you think? Fairly quiet, is not it?

Do not look too deep.

We'll find out soon.

That's enough, we can do it.

We can start. Okay, first we have to get out of this hell.

Are you ready? This is a fact.

fresh blood. Still new, they just do it.

And I know they're watching us.

What's this?

Give me some time, okay!

You can not turn it on?

Come on, honey.

Come on, damn garbage.

Let's try again?

Come on.

Come on.

I did it.

It's the best sound I've ever heard.

What day is today?

Damn, we need fuel.

Hey, we need fuel.

There's a better place than this place?

Now, I really want to go there.

It's your lucky day. I will give you that freedom.

You can arrange flowers and walk along the beach as you please.

And you will get the first turn.


Jerry. Not!

Help me.

Save me, stop him.

Help me.


Go there.

Soon, they could be anywhere.

We're going to die. Shut up.

We do not have much time. Shut the fuck up.

We're going to die. He says ...

We're not going to die.

We rely on that door for a long time.

And then we die.

Where is he?

You want to escape?

Yes With this.

Dad will love this ..

We do not have much time.

We will shoot when the door is open.

No, You're going to run and get into the car.

What about you?

I'm going to kill this bastard.

No, they are too strong.

Do not worry dear.

It suits me.

What are you doing? save it.

Are you ready?

Please take me away from here no matter what happens, We will meet again.


Heroes always survived.

I remember last night. You're an amazing girl, Alison.

Me too.

Even though I made a mistake, with a bastard.

Ricky, start the car. Okay.

Quickly go.

What is it? Not!

Nothing can hurt me?


Come on. Hunter.

Come on.

Go, run.

Come on.

I remember that I did not have many reasons to live.

But I did not expect this.



Where it started there will be over, asshole.

You go to hell, I will go and look for you ...

I have a sniper right?

Alison, what do we do?.

True, Ricky.

We do it.

That was the last time I saw Hunter alive.

Heaven waiting for him, He has saved us.

So, I want to pray for him.

only hope, he found what he wanted.


one hand I'm calm, on the other hand I feel screwed.

Now I'm still breathing. I do not know why I have not been punished.

work has been done, but I never finished.

But I know who can solve it. And that if he wants to end it.

And only I can finish.

Original sub By: OGI CIREBON *** ***