Zona hostil (2017) Script



Abda, cut his shirt.

Yes, ma'am.

He's not breathing.


Damn it!

IV ready. The Guedel won't go in.

He's full of shrapnel.

First get him breathing.

We'll check inside after.

We'll do a crico. Okay.

We're taking fire!

Isabel, hurry up! One second, please.

Sobrino, talk to me!

I can't see anything, damn it!


Hold on!

I'm cutting.

Let's go!

Give me a minute, Luis.

We're leaving!

Hold on, please!



Now, Isabel!

Captain! Captain!

Hold on, hold on.

I've got it.

Come on.

No, no, no.


Come on.

He's a wreck.

He's not breathing, he's too messed up.


Abda, with me. Yes, ma'am.


Let's both calm down, I'm not upset.

Yeah, but I say no to buying him a cell phone until he's 12 and you go and buy him one.

No, look, anything can be justified.

Whatever you want.

Okay, I will.

Your sister sends you a hug.

Fine with me.

What time did we land?

At 14:03.

Go get some rest, I still have a while left.

I'll wait for you.

No, don't wait for me.

See you tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.


Good morning, Captain.

Good morning.

Thank you.



This is the new nurse, Private Sanchez.

Morning, Captain. Welcome.

When did you arrive? One hour ago.

We were expecting you yesterday.

Your first mission in Afghanistan?

Yes, Captain.

What experience do you have?

As a civilian I worked at a clinic in Borne, in Barcelona, and when I enlisted they sent me to Intensive Care.

Good place to learn. Morning, Captain.

Private Sobrino, gunner. Private Sanchez, nurse.

Welcome. How are you?

Medical experience in combat?


Do you have any other name besides Private Sanchez?

Raquel, Captain.

Have you had breakfast, Raquel?

Yes, on the plane. Good.

Because our shift has already begun.

Fucking Ledesma.


Major, you're out of your mind!

Yeah, but now we have somewhere to grab a few beers.

And these won't eat themselves. After my shift.

After your shift? There won't be any left!

What's going on here?

Vital signs monitor, respirator connected to the oxygen tank below, the perfusion pump, suction apparatus, intravenous fluids in those bags, the defibrillator under that bench...

Abda handles it.

All small material and instruments always ready in your vest.

Isa, excuse me, can we talk?

Not now, Luis. I'm with Sanchez.

Any questions?

Yes. When we have to operate, where do you want me?

Always behind us.

I'm here by the patient's head, Lieutenant Abda on this side with the IV and you pass us materials from those bags.


Always have everything ready because out here nothing ever happens until it happens.

SOMEWHERE NORTH OF BALA MURGHAB 17:00 H Greyhound, this is Falcon.

How do you copy? Over.

This... Greyhound...

Signal's weak, you're breaking up. Clean the mike and try again.

Falcon, this is Greyhound. How do you copy now?

Now it's loud and clear.

Falcon to all units.

Stay on the Husky tracks.

I repeat, nobody leave the tracks.

Falcon to the whole convoy. IED, prepare for complex attack. Acknowledge.

Greyhound, copy that.

Maño, Hook, Puma, fall out.

All units, station the snipers on the hills.

Lynx, take a higher position.

- Copy that. Angulo, that hill.

Snipers, watch out for booby traps up there.

Peña, are you okay?

I'm okay, sir. It's nothing.

Falcon to all unit leaders. Situation report.

Head of the convoy is clear. No attack over here.

This is Falcon. Copy that.

POI (POINT OF INCIDENT) 17:15 H Conte, find a landing zone for the MEDEVAC.

I'll give you a platoon, a sniper team and the interpreter.

Rashid. Yes, sir.

Sergeant Aguilar will stay for support with his platoon.

Yes, sir, Lieutenant.

Once they evacuate the wounded, get your ass out of here.

Understood? Yes, sir.


No need to tell you who that is, right?

General Conte's son.

Who was also a lieutenant at one point.

Give him a hand.

We have two injured American soldiers.

One seriously with a chest contusion and difficulty breathing and another less serious with facial injuries.

Bruised thorax? Asymmetrical breathing?


Sounds like a pneumothorax.

Lie him down and elevate his head.

Copy that.

More information. A Spanish soldier with a rock impact on his helmet and sand in his eyes.

Doesn't look serious, over.

So he's still conscious. Dizziness, disorientation?


Keep him awake. I'll pass you to the captain. What's the terrain like?

Irregular and very dusty.

I need you to secure a landing zone.

Copy that.

ETA in 9 minutes, over.

Isabel, go to channel 2.

Channel 2.

I had to find out from your sister that you're going back to Madrid.

That's why I didn't tell you, so you wouldn't give me shit.

Why do you want to leave?

Give me a break, Luis.

I'll draw you a map later, I have to prepare the evacuation.

Changing to channel 1.

Ready to land.

Cover the other flank. Spread out.

I can't see anything, damn it.

Go, go, go!

Changing to Fast Reduction, Luis. Okay.

Hold on, we're tipping!

Hold on!

Watch out for the blades!

Fucking great.


Everybody okay?


Abda? Yes, Captain.

Sanchez? Yes, Captain, all good.

Let's go.

What the fuck is this? What the fuck?

What a shitty landing zone!

It's not so hard, damn it!

We could have all been killed!

Is everyone okay?

Who are you?

At your service, Captain. Lieutenant Conte.

Come on, move it!

Damn, what a hard landing.

Get all the gear.

Yes, sir.

Is everyone okay?

Where are the wounded?

Over there, Captain.

Get the gear. Let's go!

Excuse me, Captain.

It's a pneumothorax. Sanchez, the gear.


Let's lower him.

One, two...


Herat, do you copy?

Captain Torres.

What? A rollover?

The American convoy continued its journey.

The legionnaire escort went with them and left five vehicles behind at the POI.

25 men, the two wounded Americans and the crew of the crashed MEDEVAC.

Lieutenant Conte is waiting for orders.

General, the Chinooks are ready to fly and pick them all up.

When could they leave?

In 20 minutes, General.

Inform Conte that we're on our way.



If we bring back the helicopter on the same mission, we won't have to return.

You want to bring back the helicopter?

We can't leave it there...

Ledesma, we'll blow up the MEDEVAC.

Just evacuate the crew and the wounded Americans.

Colonel, if the helicopter only tipped over, it can be recovered for service.

It can still save many lives.

The Super Puma is at the limit of what a Chinook can carry.

Yeah, 7,900 kilos. But it's lost its blades, which is 250 kilos less.

I'm sure Captain Torres can take off the rest.

They'd have to spend the night there.

General, we'd be turning a routine rescue mission into a complex operation with no guarantee of success.

The problem is the photo.

The photo.

If we leave the helicopter there, blown up or not, the bad guys will take a photo with it.

And it fucking pisses me off, if you'll excuse my language.

But if we bring it back, we can turn this accident into a victory.

Put me through to the doctor at the POI.



Yes? This is Doctor Varela.

At your service, Colonel.

We're considering recovering the MEDEVAC but before we decide we need to know if the wounded can stay there overnight.

They're stable but we should evacuate them as soon as possible.

That doesn't answer my question. Yes or no, Varela?

Yes, they can, Colonel.

Thank you, Varela.

Colonel, can I talk to her?

Varela, what's up? Put Torres on.

But tell him I'm the colonel. Tell him, damn it.

The colonel.


What's up, Luisito? Did you forget how to park or what?

If you took your eyes off Varela's tits...

Stop talking about tits, this is serious.

Are you getting us out of here or what?

Now that you ruined my dinner, I have to find something to do.

Listen, I need you to do something for me.

Anything you want.

You have to pluck your bird's feathers.

It has to weigh 1,500 kilos less.

You convinced them we can do it without tools, what a bastard.

Seriously, don't make me look bad.

- Pluck as much as you can. We'll get right on it.

Have a good night. I'll see you in the morning.

We'll be waiting.

What's up, Vilches?

How's your leg, Captain? Much better.

You were quick disengaging the rotor.

The engines, electrical and hydraulic equipment are all fine.

It's a bitch to have to blow her up.

How can we reduce her weight by a ton and a half?

What are you talking about?

She's coming with us.

Awesome. We'll remove the weapons support, the blades...

And the armor plate weighs at least 300 kilos.

And the gasoline, which must weigh a ton.

It'll take a while.

So the sooner we start, the sooner we finish.

Yes, sir.

You're not going anywhere until I see that leg.

Not now, when we finish. Yes, now.

"Yes, now." You're just as stubborn as your sister.

Come on.

Set up a tent for the wounded. Yes, sir.

Maño. Yes, sir.

I want your vehicle on this hillside, covering the area from this rock to over here, got it?

Yes, sir.

The RG. Hook, where are you? Here, sir.

Parapet the exposed flank from the wounded nest.

Yes, sir.

The rest of us will use that slope as a trench to defend the south area.

And, of course, the helicopter.


What is it?

The heights behind us worry me.

Why don't we park the vehicles against the slope for cover?

The snipers already have those heights covered.

How are we on food and ammo?

Ammo? Barely enough.

The Americans left some food and water for one day.

Got it. Any questions? None.

Anything? Questions? Anything?

More questions?

Gentlemen, get to work.

Let's raise the tent. One, two and three.

And when I went to give her back her pashmina, she dropped and covered her head like she'd just seen the devil.

That's probably because she found you ugly as fuck.

Movement at 10 o'clock.

About 300 meters.

It's a fox.

Fucking awesome.

Lynx, this is Bull.

We're reorganizing the perimeter to spend the night.

Wait for instructions.

Copy that, Bull.

Lynx to Bull. If we're staying, can Peña come up and support us?

Our backs are getting a little cold.


Peña's out of danger, but his eyes are hurt.

We'll send someone right up. Over.

Copy that.

Thanks, Isa. I know the helicopter coming with us is thanks to you.

Don't thank me. I wanted to evacuate the wounded.

Besides, it's better this way.

We only have one MEDEVAC left.

Without medical rescue, there's no reason for us to be here.

No reason for you, apparently.

I've been offered a job as head of the Emergency Room at Clínico Hospital in Madrid.

It's a great offer.

Like Sabina says, you'll feel like a bullfighter behind the Iron Curtain.

You're a military doctor, damn it. You'll get bored there.

Yeah, because this is so much fun.

You mean the kid the other day, right?

I'm leaving, that's it.

Puma, your vehicle is sticking out. I want it in helmet defilade right now!

Greyhound, this is Lynx.

This is Greyhound.

A man, 300 meters south south-east of your position. We'll keep watching.

Copy that.

Greyhound to the whole squad. Everyone stay alert.

Looks like a shepherd.

Yeah, they're all shepherds.

Lynx, this is Greyhound.

Can you see if he's armed?

I don't see any weapons.


Should we fire a warning shot?

Negative, we'll follow the rules of engagement.

Maño, Hook, watch your sectors, damn it!

Lieutenant, by now he even knows the size of our underwear.

This is Lieutenant Conte.

Unarmed non-combatant observing our camp at 200 meters from our position.

Request satellite tracking.

Look, Lieutenant. If he leaves, we're sold out.

Rules of engagement.

I need fucking confirmation that he's hostile.

Fucking rules.

Whoever made them has never been to Afghanistan.

If he had he'd know that all tucus look the same.

The same turban, the same vest, the same Kalashnikov...

Greyhound, this is Lynx. He's only a kid.

If he leaves, we're sold.

Give the order, Lieutenant. Make my day.


Come back here!

Damn tucu! Rashid, come back here!

Son of a bitch!

Greyhound, this is Lynx. I have a shot, but he's about to disappear behind the hill. Last chance, Lieutenant.


Greyhound, this is Lynx. I've lost him.

I repeat, I've lost him.

Are you crazy or what?

What the fuck were you two saying?

Take it easy. He's a boy. It's okay.

He says he lives in a village nearby.

He heard the explosion and came to see what it was.

After all the time you spoke? Don't lie to me, you bastard!


We've got him.

What's he doing?

Copy that.


Shepherd my ass!


Alert everyone that the insurgency knows our position.

Yes, sir.


Castro, Rodriguez! With me!

Check the hook.

Okay, everyone.

We're going to calculate for 20% overweight.

Why the long faces?

What are you worried about?

The cables, sir.

We can tie one end at the head of the rotor to sustain the weight and another from the back hook to the tail to keep it from swinging.

We don't know what state the tail is in.

I think it's better to avoid it so it won't bend and focus on the head of the rotor.

If we lift from only one point, it's going to swing like crazy.

Especially if it's windy.

Yeah, that area is a bitch.


We have to do it with two hooks.

Let's see.

We hitch to the head of the rotor, so the helicopter won't bend.

Then, one cable goes to the back hook and another to the front hook. That's it.

How's the performance data table? It's coming.

Can I bring you some coffee or anything? Sorry, sir.

Give me a hand.

Careful. Come on, grab it.


Be careful.


Are you almost finished?

Even working all night won't be enough.

You're making too much noise, Captain.

We'll try to be more quiet.

When night falls, there can't be any light on the perimeter.

I know, I know.

I'm also going to need one of your gunners.

Take Sobrino, she's very good.


Yes, sir?

You're under the lieutenant's command.

No problem, sir.


The accident wasn't your fault.

I'm the pilot, I'm responsible.

Yes, I know, Captain.


When a superior apologizes, accept his apology. All right?

Yes, sir.

Lynx, this is Greyhound.

I'm sending you the Super Puma's gunner.

You're fucking kidding.

Sir, with all due respect, Maño can do it. He knows how we do things in the Legion.

Negative, she'll do it.


Climb the hill and report to Corporal Carranza.

Yes, sir.

Don't blow her head off on her way up.

Damn. He's sending up a girl grunt.

Well, if she's hot...

Here she is. Yeah.

Private First Class Sobrino reporting for duty, sir.

Okay. This is Angulo.

Climb up there and protect our backs with that machine. Let me see.

Not bad, to defend the helicopter. Tracer bullets, right?

Yeah, that's right.

It'll give away our position. So only fire as a last resort.

Yes, sir.


How are things done in the Legion?


Yeah, she's hot.

Go to infrared.

Yes, sir.

They don't have night vision.

If they attack, they'll wait until sunrise.

Yes, but our men are in for a long night.

So you bought it? Sure, I'm the best uncle in the world.

How many kilos have we taken off?

600 and something, we're not at 700 yet.

Good lord. Okay, let's get to it.

Lights? Lights out.


Pain... Let me see.

You speak Spanish? A little.

Paella... One beer, please...

These foreigners waste no time.

Hey, beautiful. You want to get down?

Well, Sanchez?

I think... you're more handsome when you're quiet.

Have you got a boyfriend...


You just blew it.

You're too green, Sanchez. He'll be all over you now.

All over and under, with all due respect.

Did you bring the perfusion pump? I forgot.

Okay, I'll get it.

Sanchez, the light!

Sorry, Captain. I didn't realize.


Lights out!

What the fuck were you thinking, Private?

Sorry, Lieutenant...

You think we're fucking camping here?

That's enough, Lieutenant.

It's her first mission here. I don't care, Captain.

You need to know you've come to a war.

This is hostile ground.

Nothing happened. But it will, Captain.

It will.

I'm here to watch over every single one of you.

Including your precious helicopter.

My precious helicopter has saved hundreds of lives.

You know what the Afghans call my precious helicopter?

The Sound of Life.

With all due respect and subordination, Captain, this is a war.

We're not an NGO, we're soldiers.

Sanchez, act like one. Yes, sir, Lieutenant.



With all due respect, Captain, the lieutenant has a stick up his ass.

Yes, but he's right, Abda.

A tiny mistake and people die.

And those are the ones we always remember, not the ones we save.

Be more careful, Private.

No more mistakes. No.

Come on, gentlemen, we're in deep shit.

Francis, go ahead and start yours up.

Alvite, call the tower and request a slot to take off.

Weren't we leaving in the morning? Change of plans, we're leaving now.

Where? Sir, where?

Why do you want to fly to Bala Murghab already?

To be closer to the POI at dawn.

So we can go in as soon as a window opens.

- Torques 100% joined. Check.

Transmission instruments and engines green.


ACS locked on.

Ready for take off.

We're ready back here.


Mine. Yours.

Take off in 5, 4, 3...

2, 1...

Taking off.

1,200 meters to rocks by trail.

So the bitch dumps him on Skype.

Peña's really on a shit streak.

950 meters to top of hill.

She's super hot.

If she's not with him, I can bang her.

Damn, Angulo, you're sick.

Sir, I haven't seen the fox in a while.

Lynx, this is Greyhound.

You see the motorcycle?


No targets in sight.

Come on, you bastards. Show yourselves.

Greyhound, this is Lynx.

I've got it. Ready to fire.

See any weapons or hostile movement?


No weapons in sight.

Wait, Greyhound.

He's leaving.

This is Lieutenant Conte. - Conte.

4 SUVs and 3 motorcycles are approaching your position from peak 405.

I'll keep you posted.

How many? 47, sir.

You hear that, Conte?

47 insurgents in all.

For X-ray, 32570.

For Yankee, 69541.

Copy that.

Greyhound here. Everyone on alert for possible attack.

Don't move or speak or even breathe.

Do you copy?

Damn! She's going to crack our heads open.

What's up?


A herd without a shepherd to the north.


Greyhound, this is Lynx.

Herd without a shepherd 362 meters north of our position.

We'll keep watch. - Copy that, Lynx.

Tell Sobrino to keep her head down.

Not a single fucking shot until they show their faces.

We can't give away our position.

Damn it.

Greyhound, this is Lynx. Reporting.

Motorcycle approaching your position from the west.

Copy that. We hear them but we can't see them.

There are two more.

They're approaching in parallel along the trail.

Greyhound, Lynx here.

They've stopped 370 meters away from your position.

What the fuck?

They're raising dust.

To hide the attack.


Jump those rocks to take their flank.

Yes, sir. Vazquez, with me.

Yes, sir!


Take cover!

Return fire! Return fire!



Suppressive fire on the ridge!

Jaramillo, blast those bastards!


Lynx! Turn off that light!

This is Lynx! We're taking suppressive fire!

We're pinned down!

Can't offer support!

Goddamn it!


We have to go after them!

We have to get them out of the light!

Vazquez! They're using them as bait!

Don't go near the light!

Eliminate the threat first!

Where are you going, Angulo?

I've got them!

15 meters to the right of peak 804.

Across the valley! Get down!


Greyhound, Angulo's wounded!

- Angulo's wounded! Damn it!

Fire, return fire!

Concentrate your fire!

Cover him!

Touch it and I'll blow your head off, you bastard!

Fuck you!

Help me!

Lynx, the fucking lights!

Now, sir!

Take cover!

Captain, get down!



Greyhound, this is Lynx. Enemy snipers withdrawing.

I took out a motorcycle but the other one got away.

I'm okay.

They shot me in the ass! Damn it.

A little closer and you'd have to bang Peña's girlfriend yourself!


This is Greyhound. Extreme precaution. I don't want any more wounded.

Aguilar, are you okay? Yes, Lieutenant. How's Vazquez?

Bullet wound with entry in the shoulder blade.

It punctured the lung. We have to intubate him. Abda!

The oxygen tank is in the MEDEVAC.

We'll take him there. Sanchez, laryngoscope and tube.

Right away. Come on, pick him up.

Hold the perimeter!

Lynx, this is Greyhound.

How's Angulo?

He's okay. It's just a flesh wound.

Copy that. Come down. Do you need help?


Sobrino and I can handle it. Damn.

My first time getting shot. It's nice and warm.

Like I peed myself.

Abda, help the sergeant first.

Yes, sir. Lieutenant! The stretcher. Help.

Yes, sir!

Gavilan, bring two men over here!

On three.

One, two, three.

Take care of Vazquez, sir. I'll handle this.

Squeeze tight.

Here you go.

Who do you think you are?


The cops you trained started shooting at you.

What a shame.

But I'm not like them, you understand?

The Taliban killed my whole family for taking me and my sisters to Barcelona.

I do have a reason to be here, more than you.

I'm not like them!


Landing zone in sight, permission to land.

Anything you need, sir. Captain, if I may...

Come in.

Excuse me, Major. Captain Lazaro.

What's up? Bad news from the area.

What happened? There was an attack.

The insurgents are concentrated in the rearguard at this height.

Our people are here, trapped in this hollow.

In this area.

You said we're here, right?

Yes, sir.

Look closely.

This is like a giant bowl full of dust, it's where they make it, that's our main problem.

But we can fly in and position ourselves on top of the cargo before all the dust covers it.

Yes, but how do we stay in position?

If we can't see the cargo, we'll drift.

We can put two vehicles in the distance as a reference.

If we focus on them, we can tell if we're drifting. Then it's a question of skill.

Skill? Then someone else should do it.

No, seriously. It's a good idea.

Between the two of us we can pull it off.

What do you say, Castro?

In theory, yes, we can. Nacho?

I think so, sir.


Get the gunners ready. I'll handle it.

We'll eat and drink in the Chinook.

Get to work. Yes, sir.

Lazaro, I need plenty of ammo for the vehicles. Food, water...

As much as you can give me. Anything you need, sir.

Here, for the gunners.

Conte, I'll bring you up to date on the new situation.

Activity in the area has picked up. We've identified two pick-ups, three SUVs and a large number of motorcycles.

We think they're preparing an attack at dawn. I'll keep you posted on their movements.

Give me a count of how many come in.

The border is 350 kilometers from the POI.

How long have the Tigers been out? Before they run out of fuel, pull them back and send them over.

Two groups of 6 men at the top of the trail.

Captain, they keep coming.

You have about 200 insurgents in the area.

Another truck in transit 4 kilometers from the enemy position.

There will be more at dawn.

Conte, this is Colonel Bermudez.

If the position becomes indefensible, you're authorized to blow up the MEDEVAC and evacuate in the vehicles.

Yes, sir.


Captain, have you got a second?


How is Vazquez?


I wish I could say out of danger, but it's still too soon.

Could the wounded be moved into in the vehicles?

Yes. Do it.

And the MEDEVAC crew as well.

Don't worry, we're not going anywhere.

We control this location. Not what's out there...

Inside the vehicles you'll be safe from gunfire.

Next time start there.

Next time.


Aguilar. Lieutenant.

Remember what you said about the vehicles against the slope?


Do it.

Yes, sir.

The Americans can't send us any Apaches. What about the Tigers?

Almost empty.

If we send them to the COP for fuel and ammo, how long would that set them back?

40, 45 minutes.

That's too long.

The insurgents don't know that we're almost out of ammo.

Send two Tigers to the POI.

If we're lucky, the insurgents will fall for the bluff and flee.

And send the other Tiger to refuel.

Let's give Ledesma a chance to go in and get them.

Lower him carefully.

Come on, Norris. Up you go.

Luis, Luis.

Pick it up, pick it up!


It's great to hear your voice, sir.

Isabel, what did you do to my friend?

We removed around 650 kilos before the attack.

I don't think we can take off much more.

Bullet in the ass!

What's up? Yeah.

Can he lie face down?


Yeah, I can hear you, Ramon.

Go ahead.

I'll tell Vilches.


Sure, sure.

My anti-bullet charm must be broken, Captain.

Don't worry, this one won't kill you.

I can't leave you guys alone for a second.

Watch and learn, Peña. She took out 4 tucus all by herself.

Want to join the Legion?


Hang in there, you're okay.

Take him to the RG. Yes, sir.

All set.

Peña, give us a hand.

Will do. Bye, Ramon.

...and three.

Isa. What's up?

Tell Vilches to find a landing zone for Alpha 2 and Conte that we need two of his vehicles as a reference.

Anything else?

Ana asked for a divorce.


She wants a normal life.

Just what I can't give her.



I'll go do that.



Would you like some water? Yes, thank you, Sanchez.

How are we on ammo?


At most, to repel one attack.

That's your father's medal, isn't it?

There's something I never understood about the general.

How could he like that beer with lemon crap?

He drank it by the liter.

My father didn't drink.

He did with us.

Your father was a great leader.

The best man I've served with.

He had the balls to give orders, to fight, to drink when he had to.

And to cry, if necessary.

Why are you telling me this?

With all due respect, because you're driving me nuts with the damn medal, sir.

This is a last resort.

Do your job and leave the fighting to the legionnaires.


Everything will be fine.

Don't worry.

The hospital is getting a great doctor.

If the Tigers don't come soon, they won't get much.

You're the best soldier I've ever seen.

You're an extraordinary woman.

Please, take care of yourself.


I think we could all use a quote from our creed right now.

Legionnaire knights,

from our creed, recite with me "The Spirit of Death."

Out loud.

"To die in combat is the greatest honor."

"To die in combat is the greatest honor."

"You only die once."

"You only die once."

"Death comes with no pain."

"Death comes with no pain."

"And dying isn't as horrible as it seems."

"And dying isn't as horrible as it seems."

"The most horrible thing is... to live on as a coward."

"...to live on as a coward."

Take cover!

On the ridge!

Save your ammo!

Only take good shots!

Spread out!

Only gunner and driver on the vehicles!

Hit the mortars!

Everyone, hold the perimeter. I repeat, hold the perimeter.

Keep them at bay!





Last clip!

I'm out!


Last clip!




Captain, you know they're running empty, right?

Damn. Always the life of the party, Lieutenant.

This is Ogre 1. Enemy located.

Positive identification.

I'm out. Ogre 2, take over.

This is Ogre 2. I'm out too.

Alpha 1, we've opened a window.

Two, you see the point?

Alpha 2 here, we see it perfectly.

Go ahead, Alpha 2. You can land.

Look at this mess.

It's worse than I thought.

Alpha 2 on the ground.

Maintaining power in case the ground gives.

Okay, have the cargo crew get off.

Looks like Santa Claus just got here.

Let's see what he fucking brought!

Who's in charge? I am. Lieutenant Conte.

First Sergeant Rodriguez. I've got rifle and machine gun ammo.

Part of it is here and part where the helicopter landed.

Captain Torres?

Over there.


Grab someone and go get the ammo!

Jaramillo, give him a hand!

Maño, Hook, this is Greyhound. Park vehicles for reference.

How are you, Captain? Everything secure.

Perfect. This dust is fucked up, huh?

I know, I know.

Ground to Alpha 1!

This is Alpha 1.

We're preparing the cargo.

I'll put you through to Captain Torres.

Ramon, go ahead!

Thanks, Luis. Hey, good work with the reference vehicles.

Thank you. Here's Rodriguez.

Thanks, Captain.

Ground to Alpha 1.

The cargo is ready.

Castro, what do you think?

Fucked up, sir.

Really fucked up.

Let's give it a try.

Cargo in sight.

Cargo underneath us.

Out of sight.

Cargo in sight back here.

Torques 100% joined.

Preparing hook.

Instruments green.

Releasing cables.

Cables dropped 100 meters over vertical.

Begin descent.

80 meters...

70 meters...

Fucking dust!

I can't see anything, sir.

I can, we're good. Continuing descent.

40 meters...

Son of a bitch!

Still at 40 meters.

I still can't see anything. Do you see the references?

Can you see the ground, sir?


Major, should we abort?


Isabel, Isabel!

What happened, sir?

Who's Conte?

Sorry, Luis. What happened to you?

It's nothing. Who's Conte?

At your service, Major.

We have to blow up the MEDEVAC.


Luis, I can't see anything.

I can't see the references through the dust.

What do you mean, blow it up? Yes, damn it.

You have to take it, sir.

With all due respect, you can't imagine what we've been through for that helicopter.

There has to be something you can do.

This is Ogre 1. We're out of fuel.

We have to leave. Good luck.


I think I've got it.

Let's see.

We've got two 25-meter cables, right?

We join the two cables.

25 meters and 25 meters.

From the main hook of the Chinook.

That's 50 meters.

No matter how much dust gets kicked up, I doubt it'll reach the Chinook. I'll be able to see the references.

Yeah, but with only one cable, it'll swing like crazy.

And if the cable snaps, it'll whip around and hit the rotor.

Luis, what do you think?

It's your chopper.


Julia, damn it!

Okay. Shall we try it?

Let's go.

Let's go!

Come on, gentlemen, let's go!


I'll leave at the end with Rodriguez and his crew.

Sanchez, stay with Abda and the wounded.

Yes, Captain!

Mine. Yours.

Ground, good luck.

Let's go get it.

Cargo over vertical.

Don't drift too far right, sir.

Begin descent.

80 meters...

70 meters...

I can't see anything, sir. Like before.

I can, I see the reference points. Continuing descent.

60 meters.

Don't back up, keep descending.

50 meters.


Releasing cable.

Torques 100% joined.

Preparing hook.

Everything green.

Releasing cable.

Cable released.

Major, this is control.

The insurgents are back.

They're regrouping. Prepare for

- an attack. Quickly, ground.

RPG on the right! Motherfucker!

The cable is swinging!



Come on, baby!

Ground to Alpha 1.

Cargo is hooked!

Begin ascent.

Cable tense, continue ascent.

Sir, over vertical!

Six feet higher!

Careful, don't drift left.

Keep rising.

The cargo is vertical!

Keep rising!



70 meters.

Free to fly.

Ground, gather your team.

We're coming for you.

Alpha 2, - go down for them. Copy that, initiating maneuver.

Gunners, cover Alpha 2.

Quit screwing around and get on board!

Jaramillo, in the valley!

Captain, we need to get the hell out of here.

If we get lost, look for the heat of the engines.

Give me the okay.

We move on three.



The cargo is swinging.

Carranza! RPG!



It's spinning, sir!


I'm here! Hold on!

Alpha 2 at 9 o'clock.

I know, I'm on it!

Damn it...


Mine! Mine!

The cargo is stabilizing.

I've got it!

Lieutenant, help me!

We have to get him to the Chinook.

Sanchez, you take it.

Alpha 1, all set.

All personnel aboard.

Alpha 2, give us cover.

We're rising.

Let's go, gentlemen!

It's a car bomb! Jaramillo, don't ram it!

Aguilar, hit the pick-up!

Damn it! They're trapped.

They're trapped. Luis!

They're trapped!


Ledesma, do you copy?

Listen, the legionnaires are trapped.

We have to go back for them.


What do we do?

We have to dump the MEDEVAC.

They're carrying the wounded, it has to be us.

Are you sure, sir?


Prepare hooks.

Preparing hooks.

Hook prepared.

Ready to cut.

Stop, stop, stop!

Ogre 3 to Alpha1, do you copy?

God bless your eyes, Major.

Copy that, over.

You almost missed the party, Ogre 3. Did you bring gifts?

Affirmative. Refueled and reloaded. Can you mark the target?

Target marked by laser from Romeo Golf. Positive ID.

Ready to fire.

Come on, go, go, go.

Come on, let's move our asses!

Good work, everyone.



Yes, sir!

When we reach the base, the beers are on me!

Are you a Real Madrid fan like your dad?

To the death!

Then you can forget it, Lieutenant!

Let me see...

All good, Abda.

I'll tell you something.

You're a bunch of fucking lunatics. I'll never ride with you again.