Zoom (2006) Script


* Have you checked out the temperature lately?

* There's a fever that's about to break

* There is a game to be won and a song to be sung

* This is a battle cry Make no mistake

* So don't look back The past is past

* The future is coming fast

* You better make room We're coming through

* Loud and clear MARSHA: The Zenith Team.

Five young superheroes who fought to protect the world from evil.

* We got the hand to turn this around

* We got the plan to make it go down

* We got the void filling this room

* We got the minds The minds to go voom

* Get up, get up, get on that train

* It's becoming so insane

* This tiny blue marble is rolling away Led by Captain Zoom and his brother Concussion, the team saved many lives.

ALL: Team Zenith.

MARSHA: Oh, and with the help of their sidekick, Dr. Grant.

The government sought to enhance the team's powers using Gamma-13 radiation.

Zoom got faster and stronger, but the Gamma turned Concussion to the dark side.

He turned on his own team.

* We got the hand to turn this around

* We got the plan to make it go down *

Zoom lost his powers and his brother.

We're coming up now. Prepare to deactivate cloaking device.

LARRABY: I told you not to call me unless the world was going to end.

I don't know about the world ending, but we've been tracking a pan-dimensional anomaly that seems to be moving toward our time-space continuum.

Dr. Grant, I speak Greek, not geek.

Let me put it this way.

Concussion is still alive, and he's coming back.

He was destroyed.


We were there. We both saw it.


ELECTRONIC VOICE: 12 days and counting.

The time has come.

I'm reactivating the Zenith Program.

Find me some kids.

Misfits, outcasts, weirdos.

Give me that file.

Zoom's the only one who can train them.

Now, get to Long Beach, find him, evaluate his condition, and bring him back here.

You know he won't cooperate.

You won the Nobel Prize, Doctor.

You'll think of something.


Okay, he's looking. Come now.


There's a car coming, lady.

Hey, look out.

Yeah, you're sure you're okay, huh?

That guy almost killed me.

(SCREAMS) Watch out for the grease.

Should have told you about those grease spots.

Come on, get up.


GRANT: Hello, Zoom.

It's Jack.

Okay, Jack.

It's good to see you.

Wow. You got old.

It's been, what, 30 years?

What are you doing here, Grant?

Well, uh, we're-- we're starting up a new team.

Men's slow-pitch softball?


No, a new Zenith team.

You can't be serious.

We are serious, Mr. Shepard.

Why is the green dress talking?

Oh, I'm a psychologist.

I'm sorry. This is Miss Holloway. She works, uh, with me.

Oh. Yes, and despite the theatrics, which were not my idea, by the way, you're the only one who can help us.

You're the only superhero left.

Somebody's been giving you the wrong information.

So, if you'll excuse me, I got work to do.

We're here to take you back, not to invite you back.

And we're authorized to use whatever means necessary.

JACK: Grant, Grant, Grant. You can't shoot him.


Nice. Sorry.


Trick or treat.

Here you go, sweetie.

CHILDREN: Trick or treat.

GIRL: Thank you. BOY: Thanks a lot.

Give it here, Howdy Doo-Doo. Bully.



* Hang on, hang on, hang on

* Everybody just get on, get on, get on Oh, my gosh.

* Hold on Thank you.

* Sometimes I wanna cry and throw the towel in I'll take that.

GIRL: She's so weird.


That was a good one.

* So gather round I'm here to say

* You'll never make everybody's day

* You might as well catch the tiger by its tail


* Everybody just get on, get on, get on Oh, my gosh. What just happened?

How does my hair look?


Perhaps you'd like to come up and finish Newton's equation?

I think Newton can finish his own equation.


Now, Dylan.

* So gather round I'm here to say

* You'll never make everybody's day

* But while you're around you might as well

* Catch the tiger by its tail


* Hang on, hang on, hang on

* Everybody just get on, get on, get on

* Get started and go on, go on, go on

* Everybody just hold on


Check it out. Lard-butt's going to snap the board in half.

* And hang on, hang on, hang on




* Go on, go on, go on

* Everybody just get on, get on, get on

* Get started and hang on

GRANT: Wake up, Zoom.

Zoom? Welcome back to Area 52.



Thank you, Grant, for bringing me back to a place I've been avoiding for the last 30 years.

Uh, you have two choices as I understand it.

One is to stay here and the other is to go directly to prison.

(SIGHING) How long in prison?

We are also very happy to pay you $500,000.

You know you could've just said that instead of shooting me with a dart.


Mr. Shepard.

Mr. Shepard, I can't tell you how happy I am

(SCREAMS) that you've come aboard.

Oh, it's you.

Do you have an inner-ear problem or something?

Uh, Zoom... Jack.

Right, Jack.

Uh, Miss Holloway is our leading researcher in the area of latent superhuman abilities.

She'll be in charge of training the new Zenith team.

She's also quite a fan of yours.

I have every issue of Captain Zoom And His Amazing Team, most of them still in their original plastic sleeves.

That's creepy. But do you still have that green dress?

I even have the fifth anniversary double issue, Zoom Vs. The Atomic Melt.

I have it in Japanese, German, Farsi, Hindi and Braille.

How about that green dress? Still have that?

Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please?

The return of Zoom.

Show of hands, who here does not live with their mom in her basement?


We have assembled a group of 10 special candidates.

The extent of their abilities is still unknown, like it was when your team arrived.

We wanted your help in choosing the ones with the best potential for a new Zenith team.

Well, for half a million dollars in cash and prizes let's take a look at those contestants, shall we?

What, are we forming a spelling bee?

I assure you, they are all quite gifted.

Gifted what? They-- They're a bunch of kids.

And what power do they have?

I haven't read or heard about a Gamma event.

Well, there weren't any.

My studies in meta-human psychophysiology have made Gamma treatments obsolete.

I am quite confident that we can develop their abilities far beyond what was achieved during the Gamma-13 days.

And we can do it safely and naturally.

I'm sorry, I must've dozed off there for a minute.

Times have changed, Zoom.

Well, they'd better be able to do some mind-blowing stuff.


What is this? She's blinking fast.

She was better in the audition.

I am a little cooler.

* Every morning I wake up just the same Oh, dude.

* Another victim of ordinary fame

* I don't see myself Now you see him, now you don't.

How you doing?

* I'm just your average, ordinary, everyday superhero

* Trying to save the world but never really sure


Pass the hand sanitizer, please.


Stop that.

You're singing the alphabet. That's-- That's-- That's not a power.

And your voice is average, it's not super.

It is, too, super.

Get another table in here, please. Right away.

* I'm just like everybody else

* After all the hype it's hard to tell


I see things.

Do you see dead people?

I see that you suffer from a massive inferiority complex.

I try to hide that so well.

I'm Jupiter the Gas Giant.



MARSHA: Say, "Excuse me." Yikes.

Is he doing it, or is he just naturally that chubby?

* I'm just your average

* Ordinary, everyday superhero

* I'm trying to save the world

* I'm just your average

* Ordinary, everyday superhero It's so cool.

* I'm just an average, ordinary, everyday superhero *

Miss Holloway, how would you like to introduce our trainees to their new instructor?

I would love to. You ready?

Yeah. I can't wait. Okay.

That is getting so old.

Well, considering you can read my mind, I don't have many options.

I can't read your mind. I just feel stuff.

And you could stop hitting on me entirely.

No, I--I can't do that.

You and I are destiny.

Children, I would like to formally introduce you to a very great man, Mr. Jack Shepard.


Sorry. I don't remember eating that.

Great man or washed-up loser?

It's a fine line. What a nice kid.

Is the long hair and the James Dean angst just a package with you?

Mr. Shepard is uniquely qualified to be your new instructor.

And now he'll tell you why.


Oh, yeah, kids, do you have any idea what you're doing here or why?



Come on. Come on. Me, me, me.



All right, the little one.

We were brought here in super secret because we were selected out of a huge group of kids because we're really special and they needed special kids for a special course.

That's what Miss Holloway said.

I don't think I've ever heard anybody use that many "specials" in a sentence.

She actually, uh, worked it in there one more time than Collins did.

But it's all a lie.

We're here because we're different.

We're not different. Come on. Chill out.

You can pick up a car, and you're six. How different does it get?

Don't tell her that. Don't be a jerk, man.

DYLAN: What? Tucker, I'm not being a jerk. Okay, children.


Sorry. Okay, maybe this'll help.

I spent a lot of time here at Camp Secret when I was just about your age. And you know what?

It pretty much ruined my life.

Mr. Shepard.

Hey, the military would like you to be just like me.

You have to work hard and focus.

But most of all, most important, you're going to need massive doses of Gamma-13 emissions.

So let's wheel in that big machine and--and zap the little guys, huh?

That's not true. Mr. Shepard. Hallway.

Right. Let's go to the hallway.

You guys want to slip into that lead underwear, you wanna protect your privates.

Always the smart aleck.

But he is definitely the target, sir.

The center of the dimensional probing is following Zoom here, from Long Beach.

We've finally found something that Shepard excels at.

Being the bait.

If you can't get those kids combat-ready in time, I'll have to dose them with enough Gamma-13 to sterilize a trailer park.

And if that should happen, you can rest assured, sir, that I will do everything in my power to make sure it's not my fault.

I told you. We will not be dosing the children.

Based on what we have in there, I think you might want to dose them just a little.

Come on. Drop them by a nuclear facility and leave them there.

Or drop them off at the dentist and have them x-rayed 200 or 300 times.

I don't think you understand their sensitive condition.

What about my sensitive condition?

I'm being asked to betray children for money.

Are you done?

I left a little pause there in case you wanted to slip and fall again.

Grant, what am I doing here?

Come on. Let me show you something.


I made that suit for you.

Too bad you never got a chance to wear it.

Welcome back, Zoom.

It's Jack.

It's Zoom.


Where'd you put... Is this...

Cool. Zoom comics.

Tucker, wait. Do not touch this.

This is a first edition. Don't even touch the sleeve.

Now, everyone, please put on your pH-balancing, antibacterial gloves.

Or not.

Why are you giving us these?

Well, I'm not giving them to you, but I'm showing them to you because yesterday you asked me why Mr. Shepard was a great man.

Well, this is why he's a great man.

Because he collects comic books?

No. Because he is the comic book.

Mr. Shepard is Captain Zoom.

And these comics are a record of the incredible things that Zoom and his amazing team did to protect mankind.

He was the leader of the Zenith team faster than Quicksilver, the Flash and Superman all together.

No way.


Zoom. You're Captain Zoom.

Can you eat fast, too?

Zoom. Do something fast.

Well, I guess the cat's out of the bag, huh?

You don't look like a superhero.

I don't? Are you sure?

You know why?

Because I'm not a superhero.

There's no such thing as superheroes.

No matter what people told you around here, you're not superheroes.

We're superheroes?



You're definitely white kids, I'll tell you that.

Yeah. What?

Do we get names? And costumes?

I'm sorry, what-- what's your name again?

Cindy Collins, age six.

Cindy Collins, age six. This isn't a parade.

Or a Girl Scout jamboree or some sleepover.

It's a military installation.

You get military stuff. Functional ware.

You see this?

I used to be able to move my entire body that fast.

So they put me in a polycarbonate silicone suit.

That way I didn't vibrate out of my clothes.

You've got to stop doing that.

Can my superhero costume be a tutu?

Are you even trying to listen to me?

So what are they going to make us do?

I don't know, dude. Let me think about that for just a minute.

And you're supposed to be training us.

(SCOFFS) Give me a break.

You can barely tie your shoes.

Come on, let's let Mr. Zoom finish his oatmeal.

It's Cream of Wheat, dude.

It's remarkable. 2.5 tons per arm.

Wow, you shaved.

Wow, you noticed.

Would you believe that little girl is holding

5 tons above her head?

Look at that.


JACK: Cindy, what are you wearing?

It's my alter eggo.

You mean your "alter ego"?

I'm a princess.

Cindy, you're not a princess.

But I look pretty.

Yeah, but pretty girls don't have any real friends and they never get any respect.

Take Miss Holloway, for instance.



Nice toss, Cindy. Really good.

Why don't you get a juice box and a-- and a Rice Krispy treat?


* Come on, come on, and tell me

* Why you're staring

* Come on, come on

* It must be what I'm wearing

* Come on, come on, and tell me

* Why it is taking so long for you to recognize and stop *

It's unbelievable.

It's as if he's not even there.

JACK: Because he's not there.

Oh, he's escaped again.

Uh, security, Code Dylan.

I repeat, Code Dylan. Thank you.

I don't know why he does that.

Because he doesn't like it here, Grant.

Don't know why not. It's good food.

Dr. Grant.

Tucker won't come out of the bullpen.

It's okay, Tucker.

I know you don't have any control over this thing yet, but can you please try to expand?

I am trying, all right? You're wasting your time.

Jack, you are undermining his confidence.

What confidence?

He's a lazy little chubba bubba.


Hey, Marsha.

Exactly what part of him is this?


Hey there. Those kids aren't going to be ready for anything.

Unless, of course, you put Tucker in a vat of paint.

He swells up, you could do a room in a couple of seconds. Other than that...

Well, maybe if you trained them at all...

Look, you know, it just might help if I knew what I was training them for.

I'm sorry. I don't have time right now. I'm late for a meeting.

Look out.


Oh, man... Hey, are you all right?

Yes. That was some fall.

You know, you're a nice woman.

But this whole program is a mistake.

The last thing the world needs is a bunch of kids running around in costumes thinking that they're heroes.


What happened to you?

What happened to the Sacred Oath?

Issue number one.

"Faster than fast. Truer than true.

"In the pursuit of justice

"there is no speed limit." There is no speed limit.

Yeah. Are you bipolar?

It's a comic book.

It's government propaganda. They made it up.

I'm sorry. Who's talking? To cover up.

(SINGING) It wasn't true.

It's not... None of that stuff is true.

It was true to me.

MARSHA: The brain scans do not correlate with the children's test results.

They are subconsciously suppressing their full abilities.

We face an imminent threat.

These kids have got to be ready now.

Sir, it might help if I knew what the imminent threat was.


Sorry I'm late. I didn't get the memo.

You know? Hey, but I heard the word "imminent threat." What--What exactly...

Hold it, Shepard. We're holding a meeting for people who matter, and Miss Holloway.

JACK: Well, I think maybe a big bowl of prunes might turn that frown upside down, General.

Guards, take him where the losers are plotting another failure. He knows the way.

Go to see your family, huh?

Get him out of here now.

ELECTRONIC VOICE: Five days and counting.


* It's stupid, contagious

* To be broke and famous

* Can someone please save us from punk rock 101

* My Dickies, your sweat pants

* My spiked hair, your new Vans

* Let's throw up our rock hands for punk rock 101 *





You mind telling me what was going on between you and Larraby?

Jack, it's late.

I can't help those kids unless I know what's going on.

You know, when they started talking about bringing you in...


...I was ecstatic.

Finally I would meet the only real superhero left in the world.

Would you let that superhero stuff go, please?

A hero who would fight for justice at all costs.

I was a really lonely, kind of weird child.

Well, at least you know you've grown out of that.

And the only comfort I found was in reading about you.

That's because you're out of your mind.

You gotta stop with this comic book stuff.

You know, the first thing you said to me was that you're not a real superhero. Right.

Well, I didn't believe you then.

But congratulations, because you have convinced me.

You are nothing but a bitter man happily getting paid to take your resentments out on these children.

It's horrible.

All right, then.

We'll do this again.

JACK: Hey, that was a good meeting last night, Grant.

Yeah, it was cool. It was just a simple staff meeting.

That's what I thought, simple staff meeting, based on the way I was shuffled out of there.

So where we going?

Oh, we've got combat training tomorrow.

We've got to get you into some protective gear.

I don't want to hold your hand, thanks.

I don't want to hold your hand.


Let go of my hand.

That's quite painful.


All right. I'll hold your hand. Careful.

And what'd I tell you about costumes?

It's not a costume. It's my perfective gear.

Yeah? How's a ballerina costume going to protect you?

Are you crazy? Who wants to hurt a ballerina?

Other ballerinas, Baryshnikov.

JACK: Wait a minute. No way.

(ELECTRONIC HUMMING) Is that you, Mr. Pibb?

You recognize me?

How you doing, buddy? Give me five.

SUMMER: Mr. Pibb?

JACK: Yeah, that's the name we gave him.

We didn't have many friends down here, so they built us one.

He'd go get you candy and sodas, that sort of thing.

You were nice to him.

Do you have to touch things to, like, understand them?

Not always.

What's he thinking about now?

He thinks you've had an increase in mass.


It's impossible to know what he thinks, Miss Jones.

His program is a rudimentary 15-megabyte system.

He has no thoughts.

I suppose you don't have thoughts of what your life would be like if you were a figure skater?


Well, then. I guess I'll leave you kids in the capable hands of Jack Shepard.

You do that, Grant. I'll take care of them.

Mr. Pibb, is that old Rambler still down in the hangar?


Got the keys?

JACK: All right, come on, guys. Watch your heads.

Come on, this way. Get over here. Go over there.

All right, Pibb.

Knock off the security cameras.

Open the door.

Let's go. Go, go, go.

All right, stand right there. Ready?

TUCKER: Whoa. DYLAN: Whoa.

It's the flying saucer from Area 51. It exists.

SUMMER: Look at that.


We rebuilt it as best we could after it crash-landed in the late '40s.

It's really awesome.

Yeah, it's amazing.

Yeah. It's really cool.

And is this what's going to take us to all of our superhero gigs?

I'm getting goose bumps.




JACK: Got to stabilize this thing.

TUCKER: Can I try? You want to drive?

Yeah, definitely.

All right, just sit down there.

And you want to get, uh, your hands in that green and blue slime.


Little gross in there, isn't it? Nasty, yeah.

JACK: Oh, boy.

TUCKER: Let's make this thing rock.

Yeah, how do you make it go faster?


Therein lies the problem, guys, of the FE-12.

We never really figured this thing out.

It only goes 20 miles an hour.

Maybe there's less to figure out than there is to understand.

* When I am down and I am blue TUCKER: Hey, barbeque, to go.

* Is close my eyes and think of you JACK: Tucker, put the cow back.

TUCKER: But I'm hungry.

Tucker. All right.

* Life was getting hectic and things were unexpected

* When I first received your call DYLAN: Hey, hey, hey. Watch the...


...light pole.

MAN ON SPEAKER: Hello. Welcome to Wendy's.

May I take your order, please?

Classic Triple, lettuce, tomato. Get me one.

Classic Triple, lettuce, tomato... I got it.


Can you see? Can you see this?

No, it's all green and blurry.

Extra fries. Hold on a second.


I'm going to have a...

What kind of toys do you have?

Chicken. Spicy Chicken Sandwich.

The other order's Crispy Nuggets.

Is that it? Uh, six Frosties.

Six Frosties. Chocolate.

All right. Now, what's everyone else drinking?

* When I am down and I am blue

* All I have to do

* Is close my eyes and think of you

* And the world is new CINDY: We come in peace.

Take me with you.

REPORTER: That's right, Bob. We're outside the Wendy's where apparently a lot of people have seen some type of flying saucer.

(LAUGHING) I'm here with David right now, who actually works at Wendy's.

David, can you tell us what you saw?

DAVID: I saw the flying saucer. I saw it land.

I saw it make this noise that it made.

It went...

(EXCLAIMING) as it wobbled, and then...

That's it. That's the way they sounded.

That's the way it was.

And you actually saw the aliens? I mean...

Well, it's not that... The alien in the spaceship ordered from me.

(STUTTERING) You know, I don't know.

Maybe the spaceship runs on ice cream.

That's my theory.

Because he ordered a whole bunch of Frosties.

Oh, no.

JACK: Just go back and act like nothing happened.

We had a great day. Let's just leave it at that.

All right, you guys?

If I were you, Dylan, I'd disappear. Hey, Marsha.

Mr. Shepard. How dare you?

Do you even know what you've done?

Yeah. I got you a hot chicken sandwich.

No, thank you.

Are you a vegetarian?

You're supposed to be training these kids for their first simulation.

And instead, you're out gallivanting in a stolen spaceship.

Was I gallivanting?

Looks like the saucer's not the only thing stuck in the '50s.

You're probably 50.




I'm not a vegetarian.

It's a life choice. Nothing wrong with it.


Let go of my face, please.


What are you doing in here?

I had a bad dream.

Well, I'm sorry you had a bad dream.

That's easy to do here, I guess.


Let's walk you back to your room.

Can I sleep here?

Just for tonight?

No, that's not a real good idea.


You don't want to stay here. I snore.

I'm quite gassy.

I'm scared.

Hello? Little help here?

You want to stay on the couch?

Thanks, Mr. Zoom.

Can you let the light in?


I'll leave the door open.

Because why would we want it dark while we're sleeping?

Good night, Cindy.


Mr. Zoom?

Cindy, please.

Am I different?


You know, but in a good way.

I feel too different.

Yeah, I'm sure you do, because you're wearing a rabbit outfit.

You gotta go to sleep, Cindy.

Is that why Mommy and Daddy sent me here?


You were right the first day.

You're-- You're special.

There's nobody in the world that can do what you do.

Your parents, who love you very much, they sent you here so you'd learn how to use your difference

to help people.

Good night.

Good night.

That was bolted to the wall.

GRANT: Welcome to our fully operational, multi-platform J-1000 mission simulator.

It is imperative that you learn to avoid enemy fire.

A bit more advanced than in your day, eh?

Yeah, in my day we just had that British guy named Ben who threw sticks at us.

So what are the holes for?

It's funny you should ask that.

That's the first question people ask.

Uh, our technician is Dick. Dick?

Uh, the holes are for firing the paintballs.

All right. I'm out of here.

Oh, great. Another Code Dylan.

He must like that isolation room.

Uh, we'll have to proceed without Mr. West.

The objective is to get the kids to, uh, 70% combat capacity.

I'm going to start them off easily, about 10%.

What do you think? 10%?

Yeah, yeah. That sounds great.

Dick, 10.


GRANT: Children, your goal is to stop the simulator by pressing that red button in the center.

How hard can that be?

I don't know.


Are you working on attraction or repulsion?


* Pressure pushing down on me Ready?

* Pressing down on you

* No man asked for

* Under pressure that burns a building down

* Splits a family in two That would be attraction.


Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't...


Oh, no.


* It's the terror of knowing what this world is about

* Watching some good friends screaming let me out!


* Pray tomorrow take me higher

DYLAN: Whoa, whoa.

Watch out.

Look out.

* These are the days it never rains but it pours I'm getting...


* It never rains but it pours I want a name.

Ten more, that's your name.

* It's the terror of knowing what this world is about Get me a name.

Hey. How about nine more? There's your name.

* Pray tomorrow take me higher



* Can't we give ourselves one more chance?

* Why can't we give love one more chance?

* Why can't we give love, give love, give love

* Give love, give love, give love, give love, give love

* 'Cause love's such an old-fashioned word Excuse me, Dr. Grant.

CINDY: Sorry, Dr. Grant.

Why the rush, kids?

* This is our last dance Watch out.

* This is ourselves under pressure *

You see, it all works together in a double helix.

So if you can manage to...

I've got a thing. If you could get the double helix going, I'll be right back.


Think double helix.

That was ridiculous.

That was really bad.

I thought it was fun.

Hey, guys. I shook down our robot buddy, Mr. Pibb, and I got you some snacks.

I got mine already. Thanks.

You guys look like modern art.


Come on. How'd you guys think the training went?

Oh, please. Like you care.

Hey. Chill out a little bit.

I'm not the one that dropped you off here at the military base, you know.

No, you didn't drop us off here, but you were supposed to teach us.

Thanks for all the training, Captain.

You don't care about us.

She's right.

I got hit with so many paintballs, I've got more bruises than skin.

Mr. Shepard? What?

You care about us, right?

I brought cake.

Don't be fooled, Cindy. He only cares about himself.

Come here. Let's go get you cleaned up.

Wait. Hey, look.


Smells like old socks in here.

Is he in there?

Sucks being in here, doesn't it?

You know, Larraby actually knitted this.

He and Grant, buck naked by a fire, knit one, purl two.

They, uh, knitted this to contain people like us.

I got out of here three times.

And I'll bet Cindy could get out of here whenever she wanted to.

When I was her age, I used to just have one leg work faster than the other.

I did this kind of fast hopping thing.

So you could skip?

Hop. Let's go with hop.

One day, a bunch of my buddies wanted to go down to the creek, you know, to throw fish at each other, paint our face. Guy stuff, you know.

I--I wanted to go there so bad that I concentrated and I just began to do my little, uh...

Skipping thing.


All of a sudden, man, I was there.

Boy, they noticed that.

And then other people noticed.

People like the Zenith Program, they noticed.

So they dragged me and my...

They dragged me and my older brother...

I didn't know you had a brother.

They dragged me here, and Grant, I think he's had enough.

Let him out. Come on, Dylan.

MAN: This is Control.

This is Mr. Grant. You can release Dr. West.

I'm sorry. This is Dr. West. Could you release Mr. Grant?

Okay, you want us to release... No, don't release Dr. Grant.

Release Mr. West.

Wait, you want us... You just said... Just do what I say.

Yes, sir.

ELECTRONIC VOICE: Two days and counting.

I'm pretty sure the ice cream's this way.

CINDY: "Outdoor Survival Simulator"?

TUCKER: Sweet.

This room is so cool.

What's Dr. Grant doing in there?


Close the door.


Oh, very good. That's great. It's closing up.

Keep it open just a...

It's going... Oh, no, it's go... No, no.

Uh, it closed.

Good job.

Shouldn't you be in bed? Seriously.

Are you waiting for Peter Pan?


I'm just kidding around. Tucker.

Could you back off the control panel a little bit? There are buttons on there I really don't want you to push, because...


I told you not to...

Why didn't you listen to me?

Okay, that's it.

Summer, I want you to open that door.

I want the rain to stop right away, please.

You're making me very angry, children.

This is not funny. This is not...




What's he doing?

Press another button. Do not push button.

I told you, no button.

If you...


No more buttons.

SUMMER: Do it, Cindy.



Oh, nasty. Come on.


It is the emotional core that is missing in these children's lives.

JACK: ...that magnetizes so you can't move.

Put your head against these little diodes and they give you

13 times the lethal dose of Gamma radiation.

DYLAN: And that made you more powerful?

Dylan, they're not going to put you in here.

That's why I'm here.

To encourage your talents naturally.

Dylan, I'm talking to you. Where do you go when you fuzz out like that?


You don't perchance get a little headache over your eye when you do that, do you?




Dylan, I got an idea.

I want you to think about Summer right now.

Stand here and see if you can find her.

DYLAN: But she's nowhere near here. I understand that.

Trust your instincts. Go down this hallway in your mind and find her.

I'm in her room.

No, I...

I can see her dancing.

This is unbelievable. This is a real gift.

It's called mind-sight.

Look, these kids are going to need a leader.

This team needs one.

And a leader is someone who can see the way.

I think that may be you.

DYLAN: And which one of the old team had the mind-sight thing like me?

JACK: Oh, Marksman.


What happened to him?

And your girlfriend, Ace?

They all lost their lives doing what they do, being heroes.

Like in the comic book.


So this killer, Concussion...

I thought that was all made up.

Some of it was made up.

So this maniac wiped out the whole team?

It really wasn't his fault.

I mean, they made him into that.

He was part of the team?

Yeah. And you trusted him.

He was your friend, and he...

You don't know what you're talking about, okay?

Concussion was your brother.

His name was Connor.


* I can't stand to fly

* I'm not that naive

* I'm just out to find

* The better part of me

* I'm more than a bird

* I'm more than a plane

* More than some pretty face beside a train

* It's not easy to be me

Summer, what's with the necklace?

It was the last thing my parents gave me before they left.

I guess they couldn't handle my powers.

Can I...

I'm sorry, Miss Holloway.

We couldn't find him anywhere.

Okay. Thank you.

All right. Well, we'll just have to proceed without Mr. Shepard today.

Uh, if everyone will open up their books...

Hey, sorry I'm late, but I had to get my gang together.

Make the measurements, guys.

Don't be afraid to tickle them.

It almost looks like you're glad to see me.


No, no, I'm not... I'm not glad to see you.

I mean, the children are glad to see you.

And, well, I guess if they're glad to see you, then I'm glad to see you. I don't know.

Okay. I'm glad.

Go ahead. Okay.

Well, anyway, kids, this is what we're going to do.

We're gonna continue your physical training, along with your teamwork exercises, but to complement your internal strengths.

Yeah. When do we get names?

We'll deal with that, but right now, most importantly, I want to deal with the fundamentals, and there's two fundamentals, control and execution.

Think about it. Control and execution.

Come on, guys. Follow me.


* Don't write yourself off yet

* It's only in your head One. Two. Three.

* Just try your best

* Try everything you can

* And don't you worry what they tell themselves Pull.

You all right?

He's invented a super fabric for Tucker.

Congratulations, Ed.

* Everything, everything will be all right, all right


The coolest, strongest, best time you ever attracted or repelled something because whenever that was, it was just...

JACK: Nailed it.

* It doesn't matter if it's good enough

* For someone else


* It just takes some time

* Little girl, you're in the middle of the ride

* Everything, everything will be just fine CINDY: I got it. Yes.

* It just takes some time

* Little girl, you're in the middle of the ride *


Yeah, man. Nice job.

Well, how are they?

They're enjoying their victory.

It's been quite a week for them.


Why the sudden change of heart?

They're becoming a--a real team, those kids.

And I didn't realize what an incredible team I had until they were gone.

And I'd like them to avoid that same mistake.


No. It's beautiful.

No, I mean do you like nuts?


Uh, yes, please.

There you go. Thank you.

I think if we'd had someone who, um, cared about us and taught us to succeed as a family, things would've been different for--for Connor, and certainly for the rest of the team.

Somebody, um...

Somebody like you.

I ain't cleaning that up.

GRANT: Our only hope lies with Marsha and Zoom training the kids.

You can't be considering Gamma radiation after what happened to Zoom's brother?

Concussion becoming evil was a horrible result.

He's coming for Zoom sooner than I thought.

And this is where he'll emerge.

These, uh, will allow you to see the dimensional rift we've been tracking.

He's more powerful than I thought.

You better have a plan that works this time, birdbrain.

Well, the kids will have to distract him so that we can launch the sonic net I've designed.

The net will capture him in such a way that it causes him to concuss back on himself.

Is that our only option?

Well, if Zoom still had his powers, his speed could create a mega vortex which would trap Concussion and reverse the dark effects of the Gamma radiation.

How much time have we got?

Oh. Forty-eight hours. Tops.



Anybody home?

Hi. Hey.

Nothing to wear?

How'd you guess?

Come here. Maybe I have something for you.

There it is. I knew it was in here somewhere.



That's perfect.

Are you sure? Oh, yeah.

It's just one of many purchased for dates that never happened.

Turned out to be lonely nights reading my comic books.

In between the crying fits.

It all started with my prom.

I always thought the prom queen should be the girl with the highest I.Q.

Now that would make sense.


Hey. Hey.

Finally, a woman without a lab coat.

We got a party now.

You know, I like having you here. Don't get me wrong.

But I'm not sure Cindy can handle the competition.

This is really nice of you.

Well, they worked hard. They deserve this.

* Would you dance

* If I asked you to dance?

* Would you run

* And never look back

* Would you cry

* If you saw me crying Look at Summer.

* Would you save my soul tonight?

Hi. Hey.

So, where are you going dressed like that?

Why? Do I look stupid?

No, you look nice.



You like it?

Yeah. You look beautiful.

Um, I thought your necklace looked a little bare, so I made this for you in R and D.

For everything I see in you, and everything I don't.

I think your powers are wonderful.

I'm not that wonderful.

I mean, I just hope you're not disappointed with what you do or don't see from here.

As long as I get to keep looking, I guarantee you I'll never be disappointed.

* I can be your hero, baby

* I can kiss away the pain

* You can take my breath away

Do you want to dance?


Do you mind if we take these off?

Because you are so... blind.

Whoa. Let me put these back on.

No, it's okay.

You'll just have to move a little closer.


Still can't see you.

* I can be your hero, baby

* I can kiss away the pain LARRABY: What the hey is going on here?

This room is off-limits.

Hey. Come on, Your Highness, calm down.

You're going to have a stroke.

Look. Have a drink. The kids are just having fun.

The kids want to have a little fun? I like to have fun.

Kids, let's take a 10-mile run.

Guards. Holloway.

Make sure it happens now. Move out.

Boy, for a straight guy, you're dramatic.

What's all this stuff? What are you doing?

Something I should have done long ago.

You're going to hurt these kids like you hurt my team.

To meet my standards, whatever it takes.

We'll be starting first thing in the morning.

Let's get cracking.

Hey, guys. Everybody. Get up. Come on.

Get up.

Come on, gorgeous. Hop up.

Sleeping's for wimps. Get up. Come on.

Come on. Come on. Come on, come on. There you go.

(WHISTLES) Everybody. Come on. Get up.

Hurry, before the guards see us.

Good, good, good. Figured you guys would be getting tired of sleeping.

Come on. Tucker, come on, buddy, get up.

Roll that big potato out of bed.

Hit your light. There you go, come on.

Get up, get up.


What's the matter with you?

What time did you go to bed last night?

How tired can you guys...

All right. Somebody brush his teeth, get him in his outfit. Let's go. Come on.

I said let's go.


All right, all right.

What are you dressed as, Super-Poodle?

What is that?

DYLAN: Where are we going?


Oh, neat. An electrical panel.

It's a secret electrical panel.


Come on.


DYLAN: I'm tired. Let's go back to bed.

I'm hungry. I'm cold.

Stop whining. Superheroes don't whine.

Where are we?

We are someplace where the cameras won't see us.

SUMMER: Whoa, what is this?

TUCKER: Are we getting our names?

Finally, we get our names.

Wait, I thought you said names don't matter.

All right, all right. I was mistaken.

You want names? You got to have names.

Uh, Chubby will now be called "The Incredible Bulk."

Oh, dude. That's stupid.

You, the bully, let's call you "Strong Girl."

I want something pretty.

That is pretty.

No, it's not. Yes, it is pretty.

And for you, let's go with "Mental Chick."

Mental Chick? I like that.

That is not funny. Yes, it is.

I think it's good, 'cause you're... TUCKER: I like it.

That's terrible. You're not calling me that.

Yeah, Mental Chick and Invisiteen.

Whoa. No, that is terrible.

Come on. You're Mega-Boy. Mega-Boy?

What do you call me? Houdini.

Houdini? You know? He's always escaping stuff.

Princess. Princess.

And she's Wonder. Oh, thanks.

All right, I give up. You guys want to name yourselves, you've named yourselves.

Houdini. Princess.

Wonder. Mega-Boy.

Now we're a team. Now we're a family.

And this family is getting out of here.

I'm taking you someplace safe tonight.

TUCKER: But we're heroes now.

And we have names and everything.

JACK: I know you do. You have names, you're heroes, but I think it'd be safer if we just got out of here.

Take the FE-12, we can use that and...

What's the matter, Dylan?

DYLAN: I'm in a hallway.

Stay out of the ladies' room.

Okay, now, I'm in a control room.

JACK: What do you see?

I see Dr. Grant and Larraby.

Tell me they're wearing women's dresses.

There's frozen images on a screen.

I know what they're training us for.


Your brother.

He's alive. He's coming back.

That's impossible.

Stay out of sight.

MAN: General Larraby, it is only a matter of moments before Concussion will be here.

At 8:59 p.m., the portal broke through the final dimension.

Wow. Just when I was beginning to like you.

"It's all for the kids, helping them cope, "bring out what's best in them."

What are you talking about?

Stop the innocent routine, okay?



That's when we deploy the sonic net.

What the hell's going on?


Right now, my stomach flesh is burning.

Jack. Jack, can you talk to me?

Not now, Holloway. Guards, get her out of here.

My brother is alive? Why didn't you tell me?

Oh. Well, you know...

Is that a flock of birds or my car alarm? Hold on a minute.

We didn't tell you about Connor because you didn't need to know.

They're going to be heroes, Jack, and heroes always do the right thing.

You're going to send these kids up against Concussion?

They'll never have a chance.

Not the way you've trained them.

Guards, take this bozo away.

ELECTRONIC VOICE: One hour and counting.

I'm way too big for this. You can't... Guys...

You know, they're just a bunch of kids.

You can't do this.

MAN: Five, seven, and nine clear.

WOMAN: It's a go.

We're clear over here.


What'd you see?

They're prepping the Gamma-13.

Miss Holloway will stop them, won't she?

I don't know, Cindy.

I don't know.


Well, I'm...

I'm afraid it's time.

MARSHA: I'm so sorry about this. Truly.

It's okay. We're used to being used.

I know there's nothing I can do to make this up to you, except possibly...



That was awesome.

Come on, let's go.

Can I help you, Miss Jones?

Put me down, Miss Jones.


Man, that is so hot.

You think so?


Hey, not bad. Nice work.


Hasta luego, man.

SUMMER: I'll check this one.

TUCKER: I think he's... Where is he?

I think he's over here. No. No. He's right here.

Hey. Somebody call for a rescue party with extra cheese?

Hey, it's about time. Open the door.

You want to do the honors?

Hey, maybe something like, uh, "Stand back. We're going to break the door down" could have been tossed out.

You know there's a little green button to the left that says, "Open"?

TUCKER: You all right? Yeah.

Wait. Why is she here?

No, it's cool. She's one of us.

What do you mean, she's one of us? She blows.

Yeah. No, I mean she blows.

Come on. Show him.



So you've got powers?

Remember I was kind of a weird child?

That's why I came here.

Why didn't you say something? This is, like, great news.

You're like part of the family. Uh, dudes. Escape, remember?

Right. Let's go.

I want this done as fast and efficiently as possible. Highest levels.

Yes, sir.

(ALARM BLARING) What's that?

What's happening?

JACK: Dylan. Open it up.

What are you doing?

I'm saving the day. That's what I do.

Summer, get us out of here.

This is all wrong.


This goes there and that, there.

Hey, Dylan, get inside.

Get inside.


Shut the hangar doors.

Shut the hangar doors.

Oh, boy.



We're hot to go.


What about Jack?

ELECTRONIC VOICE: T-minus 10 minutes.

JACK: You got to drop me off here and take the kids someplace safe.

We're not leaving you. Well, then, wait here.

At least do that. Wait for me.

Let me talk to my brother. This is between him and me.

But we're family.

Believe me. I know what I'm doing.

I know what I'm doing.


What am I doing?

Mr. Pibb, Jack's out there all alone.

He needs our help.

Will you distract Concussion?



JACK: Connor.

My God, it is you.

Connor, it's me, Jack. It's Jack.

Nobody wants to fight you.

I just want to talk.


You got old, little brother. Yeah.

Well, I guess I didn't have the advantage of living large in some dimensional rift where I don't age...

Living large? Try alone.

Conscious only of being betrayed by you in that living hell.

Betrayed? You took out the whole team.

You shouldn't have tried to stop me, Jackie.


What did Mom tell you about calling me Jackie?

That was good.

Boy, that... That smarts.

Well, you certainly haven't lost your touch, brother.

Have you lost your powers, Jack?



You've got to stop doing that.

You have lost your powers, Jack.

Boy. Hey, are those new boots?

You know, when you say lost my powers, I think if I really looked, I could find them.


This is even better than I expected.


Load up the sonic net and prepare to fire.


This is it, Jack. I've waited 30 years for this.




Wow. They must have really dragged you out of the mothballs, huh?



Well, hope you got an army behind you.

Or a tiny girl in pigtails.

What is this, "Attack of the Pre-schoolers"?

These kids, they don't know what they're doing, Connor. This is between you and me.

So this is the new team, huh? Cindy, go back.

You just run up to the big bad guy all willy-nilly now? Is that how it goes?



Cindy, run.

No, no.


Cindy, are you okay?

Cindy, you're safe now.

You're okay. It's me. It's Jack.

Please, Cindy, don't do this to me.

You're all right. Come on, Princess.

Princess? That's me.


Mr. Shepard, you moved so fast.

Yes, I did.


I knew it. I knew you hadn't lost your powers.

Guess I just needed a reason to use them.

Jack, I'm sorry. You were right, man. We weren't ready.

Yeah, yeah. Come on. You read the comic books.

Superhero secret, first plan never works.

CONCUSSION: Is that it? Is that all you got?

Not by a long shot, sonny-boy.


Stand back. No, no, no. Everybody, get back.


Load up the second net and prepare to fire.

That's a fantastic idea, sir.

I wish we had a second net.

Why, you fumbling, bumbling bozo.


Okay, all right. You guys, wait right here.

I'll be back in a second, give or take.



Just like riding a bike.

CONCUSSION: Is that it?

Is there anyone else who can face me?

I'm still standing here, you little twerp.

Sir, I wouldn't do that.


What's that sound?

Hey, it's... Jackie.

Actually, it's Zoom.

Suit looks good.

Nice suit, lizard-boy.

Let's play ball.


* It all comes down to this

* You take your best shot, might miss

* You take it anyway

* Got the will, you'll find the way

* To change the world someday Zoom. Hey.


DYLAN: Hey, Connor.

You kind of suck at this, don't you, dude?

* It's on and on

* Today's your day, so come on bring it on

* It's on and on

* It's on and on

* Today's your day, so come on bring it on Hi.


Oh, no. He's going to miss.



* It's on and on

* Today's your day, so come on bring it on Zoom. We have a chance to save him.

You must close the vortex.

Must save Connor.

* It's on and on

* It's on and on

* Today's your day, so come on bring it on

* Today's your day, so come on bring it on *



Connor, the vortex worked this time.

Maybe you can use your powers for good.

I'm sorry, Jack.

Give your little brother a hug. Come on.

Yeah. I got my brother back.

We did it.

Now that's what I call teamwork.

This is Connor. This is Dylan. Come on.

Welcome to the family, brother.

This is Marsha. Nice to meet you.

You, too. Hi. What's your name?

Cindy. Cindy.

Hey. Summer.

TUCKER: I'm Tucker. How's it going?

Tucker, hi.

Somebody's going to have to drive on the way back. We've got the...

Can I? Can I drive?

Can she drive? Yeah, she can drive.

We got the FE-12 running again.

Remember the old saucer from back then?

Oh, yeah. Where is it? Out there? Oh, yeah.

LARRABY: Hold it, Zoom.


What are you going to do now?

You know us heroes.

We always do the right thing.


Come on, Grant. We got work to do.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.

It's Princess Rapunzel.







My prince.


That's my Princess.


* Have it all if you want it


* Hanging out with your friends

* It's days like these you really wanna hang out That's what I'm talking about

* And don't you know it's days like these

* That hit you on the chin Enjoy the ride

* It's days like these

* Yeah, get your, get your groove on Nothing goes wrong

* Everything's all right


* It's days like these you really wanna hang out That's what I'm talking about

* And don't you know it's days like these

* That hit you on the chin Enjoy the ride

* It's days like these GIRL: Ready.

GIRLS: Go, red.

Go, white. Go, red.

Fight. Fight. Fight.



* I'm just your average, ordinary, everyday superhero

* Trying to save the world but never really sure

* I'm just your average, ordinary, everyday superhero *

MARSHA: And so, Zoom was reunited with his brother and a new Zenith team.

But they were more than a team.

They were a family.

ALL: Team Zenith.

* I'm just your average

* Ordinary, everyday superhero

* I'm trying to save the world *

WOMAN: Marker.

I'll try one time bigger.

No, I'm kidding. I'm kidding, I got it.

I'm quicker than you think.


We're funnier on TV. Maybe it's the screen size.

If you went like this. MAN: Rolling.

* We like to poo in our pants

* We like to poo in our pants *

That's not in the script.

Look, dude, I don't know.

MAN: I apologize.

No, I want to do it just like that.

These... Have a sensitive condition?

Who knows? You're the one who's supposed to say the stuff.

You're the one on camera. Who cares about me? Shut up. I'll do it.

These children have a... Are in a...

All right. Sorry.

And you want these little lunatics to be like me?

Now I've forgotten exactly what to say because I was so in love with Courteney for just a moment.

Where's Matt LeBlanc?


ALL: * We like to poo in our pants

* We like to poo in our pants *


* Average, ordinary, everyday superhero *


* Have you looked at the stopwatch lately?

* When was the last time you clocked in?

* There is a race to be run and a song to be sung

* There is a fine line wearing thin

* So don't look back The past is past

* The future is coming fast

* You better make room We're coming through

* Loud and clear

* We got the hand to turn this around

* We got the plan to make it go down

* We got the void filling this room

* We got the minds The minds to go voom

* Get up, get up, get on that train

* It's becoming so insane

* This tiny blue marble is rolling away

* Have you checked out the temperature lately?

* There's a fever that's about to break

* There is a game to be won and a song to be sung

* This is a battle cry Make no mistake

* So don't look back The past is past

* The future is coming fast

* You better make room We're coming through

* Loud and clear

* We got the hand to turn this around

* We got the plan to make it go down

* We got the void filling this room

* We got the minds The minds to go voom

* Get up, get up, get on that train

* It's becoming so insane

* This tiny blue marble is rolling away

* Don't look back The past is past

* The future is coming fast

* You better make room We're coming through

* Loud and clear

* We got the hand to turn this around

* We got the plan to make it go down

* We got the void filling this room

* We got the minds The minds to go voom

* Get up, get up, get on that train

* It's becoming so insane

* This tiny blue marble is rolling away

* We got the hand to turn this around

* We got the plan to make it go down

* We got the void filling this room

* We got the minds The minds to go voom

* Get up, get up, get on that train

* It's becoming so insane

* This tiny blue marble is rolling away *