Zoombies (2016) Script

[animal cries]

Female: Eden.

Female: Eden.

Female: Eden.

Female: What if I told you the garden of Eden was not a myth.

But a reality.

And what if I told you that there is a Utopia full of enchanting animals and natural wonders, waiting for you.

My grandfather had a dream.

To bring all of nature's wonder to one fantastic location.

Female: Welcome to Eden Wildlife zoo.

Eden started over fifty years ago, as a rehabilitation retreat for endangered animals.

Soon, this sanctuary will be open to the public, so that everyone can enjoy the wonders of our bird Aviary, our African Savanna, Alligator swaps, and our kingdom of the great Apes.

And don't forget to download our state of the art app, so you can track the progress of your favorite animals.

You and your family will be able to monkey around on a variety on a kid friendly amusements.

Including our climbing wall, our new water park, And our high tech high flying zip line.

Where you will soar across our African planes.

Make your reservations today.

And be the first to explore Eden.

Our doors are opening to you and your family soon.

Eden is not just a zoo.

It's an adventure.

[monkey cries]

These are the last two.

Put them with the others.

Until we know what we're dealing with, protocol dictates we must contain all potentially diseased primates into a confined area.

Female: Is it the Marburg Virus? A zoo in Puerto Vallarta had an breakout.

Could be rabies. Could be simian varicella.

Monte: But these animals aren't sick. -Not yet.

But until we know what we're dealing with--

Female: Dr. Gordon! Convulsions!

Lock that door! If she escapes, every animal in this place could be at risk!


Female: She's going into cardiac arrest!

[fast beeping]


Her heart stopped.

Then we'll restart it with intracardiac epinephrine.

Sir, forgive me, but it's violation of the World Health Protocol to use that serum on such a small primate--

I don't give a damn about protocol.

This animal must live.

[monkey cries]

[angry monkey cries]

Is it the virus? Gone airborne? -We don't even know if it's a virus.

This is strange.

[monkey growls]

[zombie growls]

Whoa! -What the?



Where did it go?





Come here, baby.

Come here, baby!


[distant growls]





[growl] -Alright! Robin, look.

I'm going to paralyze her.

I need you to--

Why won't it open?!

Robin, what are you doing?!

I'm getting out of here!

Dr.Gordon: Get back here, Robin!


Robin! Get back in there!





Female: Welcome to the first day of your zoology college internship at the Eden Wildlife Zoo.

Hi! I'm Dr. Ellen Rogers.

My grandfather built this endangered and rehabilitation refuge over fifty years ago.

Because of our efforts, animals such as the American Alligator and Gray Wolf are now--

[interrupts] Girl: Mommy! Mommy, I want to see Kifo.


Sweetie, remember we're supposed to play the "quite game" while mommy's working.

Sorry, babysitter called in sick.

Perks of being a single mother.

Do you still have the California Condor?

We have African lions, spider monkeys, nolan warthogs, --What? I don't know.

Rothschild giraffes, Just make something up, Jane. You owe me.

Because you're the reason I'm even at this stupid zoo, and Queensland koalas.

[whispers] Koalas are marsupials.

Just tell Brad my mom went nuts again and I had to take her to the hospital.

The one thing that we don't have, is rude students.

Hey! I was talking!

I know. We could hear you.

Well it's a very expensive phone.

Which you can collect at the end of orientation.

And that goes for all of you.

[sighs] -Fork them over. Fork it over.

What a joke.

Thank you.


Actually, I was planning on documenting every step of my internship with photographs.


You can do that when the zoo is open to the public.

But for right now we are still private.

And I do not want any of our secrets to be put out there on social media.

So, come on.

[chuckles] [scoffs]

Thank you.


It's not like I'm cutting of your arms you guys.

I'd rather you do that.

[animal cries]

[alarm blaring]

This is my stop!

Slow down! -Sorry. My name is Ricky, and I want to run my own Aviary one day.

Don't we all?

Are you firing me and replacing me with this kid?

No. It's intern orientation day.

But I don't need an intern.

No, but the zoo does.

[whispers] And the education subsidiary financing that comes with it.

Nice shirt.

Are the raptor hawks in there?

And saker falcons?

What about a hooded vulture?

We have just about everything but a partridge in a pear tree.

What do you have against them?

They're not endangered.

All the birds in our Aviary are.

[ringing bike bell]

Are these the new recruits?

Hey! Would you like me to introduce you to them?

I don't have time. Rex sent me out to check an alarm at the vet clinic.

Anything I should be concerned about?

If we all got worried every time Dr. Gordon accidentally tripped the panic button, we'd all have ulcers.

[ringing bike bell]

Okay, well let me know if anything's wrong!

Chelsea: The birds are important to us, we keep them captive and away from the other animals for a reason.

Some of these birds are the only ones left alive on the planet.

I can't wait to see what they eat.

I just may feed you to them if you don't calm down.

So, Amber.

What is a young Republican like yourself doing in a place like this?

I cannot believe she took our phones. I mean, my mom is gonna freak if she can't get a hold of me.

What are you doing here? I thought you were a poli sci major?

I am.

But homeless people scare me and I'm allergic to babies, so this is my only option.

[sigh] -Wait? What?

Ugh! -Okay, our intern supervisor, Gus, should be here.

Yeah well if I had my phone, we could just call him.

Okay. I've had enough of the attitude. I've kept my end of the bargain.


Yeah, um.

Thanks for keeping this a secret.

Can you sign this for me, please?

If Gage and the other find out, They get me kicked out of my sorority and my mom will become more manic than she already is.

Why are you on probation anyway?

Let's just say I lost my temper at the wrong bar with the wrong policeman.

Thanks again for arranging this.

Oh no, no, no. You can thank your grandmother.

Being related to my biggest donor has its privileges.

Mommy! Mommy! When do we get to go see Kifo?

We can go see kifo right now. Let's go.

Okay, if Gus does not show up, I want you to walkie me. Channel 2.

Or you can just give me my phone back.

Nice try.



Oh, hey!

Sorry, kids. I was just breaking in the new bathroom.

So who want to get in the pen and help me feed the warthogs?

[sarcastic] [chuckles] I do! I do! Pick me!


You don't look like the kind of girl that wants to get dirty.


Well you don't look like the kind of guys who has ever seen a girl get dirty.

[clears throat]





Hi Kifo! Did you have a good day?

Sweetie, sweetie. You really need to be careful. Okay?

He won't hurt me. Say hi, Kifo!

Hi Kifo.

Is that a cross-River Gorilla?

Yes it is.

It's the only one in American captivity.

And it can talk to your daughter?

Yes. Kifo and Thea practically grew up together.

I wanted her to have friends her own age.

But didn't really expect it to be a Gorilla.

Look at that.


AJ, I'm guessing your the kid they stuck me with?

Yes, sir! I want to know everything there is to know about primates.

How they think. How they socialize.

That's great. Let's start on how they poop.

Nice socks.

Okay, sweetie. It's Kifo's bedtime.

Bye, Kifo. -Bye, Kifo.

Our refuge is a self-contained community.

By having a minimal human footprint, our animals can adapt to captivity much more naturally.

I concur. In my thesis, I argued why free-range zoos are better than traditional caged ones.

Can you count? -Sure.

Fantastic! [both chuckle]

I want you to go down to the basement and I want you to take inventory of all the gas and methane tanks.

Gas and methane. Got it.

Oh! [chuckles] And you can lose the tie.

I liked my tie.


You know, I was kind of hoping to do a little more than just count cans on this internship.

Ellen: Wait until you add expense sheets.

I'm also going to need you to sen faxes, pick up Fed-Ex, and answer phones--

What is wrong with this new system?


Okay, there we go.

You play sweetie while mommy works.

Is your daughter always here?

When the nearest day care center is over 30 miles away you get creative.

And being in the middle of the boonies here is a small sacrifice to pay for the safety of the animals.

Besides, this is my playroom too.

I earned my PhD on Captive Breeding Theory right over there on that equipment.

When I grow up, I'm going to be smart and learn how to use a telescope, too.

It is a microscope, sweetie.

So you're a scientist? What made you give that up to become a zoo director?

So I could run the refuge and do it right.

Oh! We really gotta run.

Okay. Bye, sweetie! -[kiss]

Male: Hey buddy.

What is it, Boris?

Boris: Whatcha doing?

I'm working. Quit it.

Boris: You busy?

Come on, man. [screams]


Boris, stop scaring him.

Oh, come on. Ty is scared of everything.

Especially the animals.

I swear that Gorilla was trying to mate with me.

How was she?

He was gentle. [Boris laughs]

Ellen: And this is our security.

[clears throat]


Good Morning, Dr. Rogers.



Oh, Boris. Yes. [chuckles]

So I ran into Johnny outside. He's on his way to Dr. Gordon's office.

Is everything okay?

Ty: I can radio and see.

Thank you.

Hey Rex. You should meet me out in the promenade in a few minutes.

I have a new victim for you.

Ah! It's about time we hired some new help around here.

We can't run this place with two security guards and a dog.

Did you hear that?

He just called you a dog.

Sic'em -[growl] [laughing]

So sorry to keep you waiting.

It's fine.

We're still a bare-bone staff around here.

Is that a zip line?

Ellen: It will be. The line will go from here all the way around the zoo.

Part of our family fun adventure makeover that we're doing.

But if it brings in revenue, I guess it's was worth it.

Rule number one, security guys don't dress for church.


I will kept that in mind if I ever with security.

Ellen: [laughs] You guys. This is Rex.

Rex is the head of our security.

I'm Gage.

You're not Leslie Hogan?

Well if he is, he stole my name.

I'm Leslie. I go by Lizzy.

I'm sorry, I'm just--

It's fine. It happens all the time.

And I look forward in changing your assumptions.

[radio] Ty: Security to Rex! Security to Rex!

Ty: It seems everything isn't okay at the clinic.

The Alarm has been tripped, but no one is answering his walkie.

Copy that. We're on our way.

All right guys! Talk to me. What's going on?

The alarm at the clinic is still going off. -And Johnny's not answering his walkie or his phone.

Well try the clinic's intercom system. I'll call Dr. Gordon's cell.

Hey Boris, can you call his assistant, Robin? See what's going on.

Ellen, we could see for ourselves what's going on if we invested in more security--

[interrupts] No now.

Ty: Secutiry to Vet team. Respond.

This is security. Is anyone there?

Dr. Gordon's cell phone goes straight to voicemail.

So does Robin's. -Okay guys. Maybe he went home.

Dr. Gordon leaves early on Mondays anyway.

Well then, who activated the alarm?

Could be a hazardous animal escape.

Yeah, you would think that. Drama queen.

Okay, I highly doubt that anything dangerous escaped from Dr. Gordon's clinic.

Since he only deals with small monkeys and lemurs.

Guys, actually, Procedure calls for a team of at least five guards to go when the first unit doesn't respond.

Boris: Who's this brainiac? -My intern.

Who I think is trying to get out of doing inventory of the gas cans.

My professor did say that I would lean everything there is to know about managing a zoo.

Including security. -Okay. Okay. Okay.

You win. You win. But when we get back, you are cleaning out the staff refrigerator.

Rex: With all of us gone, you'll be here by yourself. You okay with that?

It's a zoo, not Jurassic Park.

So I take it you've done security before?

Yeah, my last job was security patrol at a junior high school.

I thought I could make a difference.

In the end it made me swear off ever having kids.

The kids were that bad, huh?

No, but the parents were.

And that's why I chose to come here.

At least animals are a bit more reliable and tame.



There's a reason they call it wildlife.

Just remember, it's the animals that need protection from the people.

Not the other way around.

[Boris and Ty] Yes, Dad!

Looks like Johnny made it here fine.

Ty: Johnny!

[into walkie] Security to Vet team. Do you copy?

Hey, hey, hey. Taser stick only.

Boss, we don't know what's wrong.

We don't know what's right.

Let's go.

Your boss said no weapons. -It's not a weapon. It's an accessory.

Some women wear wedding rings. I wear firearms.

But that's against the rules.

Look, would you feel safe if I had a gun or not?

I just don't want you to get in trouble.

It's too late for that.

[alarm blaring] ♪


[alarm blaring] ♪

[beeping/alarm continues] ♪ Dr. Gordon?


Maybe they forgot to lock up.

That's not very professional.

Boris, kill the alarm.




Well now you guys are really going to see how a zoo works. [chuckles]

Okay, you know what?

This goes against all zoo protocol that I've studied.

Alright, I'm not certified, let alone trained to handle this taser.

Guys, your insurance adjustor will go n a rampage if I get hurt.

No one? [bang]

[screams] -Get behind me.

Get the Dr. out of there!

Hold on doctor. It's just us.


The electronic lock's jammed.

Break it open! -We're trying!

Doc, we're just trying to help.

Push now!

Are you pushing?

I am!

Break it open, Boris! Let's go! -That is not helpful!

Ty: On three!

Ty: Two!

Ty: One!



Barricade - Barricade the doors!



Robin's dead.

Where the monkeys?

Johnny. He tried to help me.

I shouldn't have, I shouldn't have let him.

They're all dead.

They're all dead.




Doc, are you alright?

[heart beat faster]


[screams and groans]


[high pitch monkey screaming]

Why does it sound like that?

[high pitch monkeys screaming]

It's their running cry.

[monkey high pitch screaming]


[high pitch screaming]




[monkey screaming]





[screaming continues]


Help him!


It's not working!

Rex: Shoot it Leslie! Shoot it!

[mokey screaming] -[grunts] I can't!

Gage, you have to kill it!

Okay, okay, okay!



[screaming] [grunts/groans]

Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit.

[high pitch screams]


Why do the animals have to fight?

'Cause they got tire of being nice.

[radio] Rex: Ellen, come in. Ellen are you there?

I'll be right back.

Ellen: What?

Rex: Dr. Gordon's dead! They're all dead!


All of them?

We need to get everyone to safety and I'm gonna call the police!

Rex: No, no. This entire zoo could be overrun by the time they get here.

People are dead!

I'm calling the police and I'm notifying their families.

[radio] Rex: We're going to track down these monkeys, and contain them before they infect the other animals.

No! Get back to the watchtower immediately.

Rex: Not until I contain the monkeys!

Well, I don't think we can call them moneys anymore.

They turned into something...different.


It should be easy to find them with the tracking equipment.


They're heading west.

To the African and Australian exhibits.

I'll make sure I head over there.

What about the Aviary?

What about it?

We have thirty-seven endangered species in that Aviary.

If these monkeys infect these birds and they take flight...

I'll make sure the monkeys don't make it to the Aviary.

We'll trap and kill them if we have to.

Rex, we are these animals only protectors, not their predators.

I don't think we can follow that rule anymore.

Be careful.

And be quick!


Are you okay?

Everything's going to be fine.

How far away is the African exhibit?

About a quarter mile away.

That's where Amber is. -I'll drive.

Shouldn't we wait for the authorities to handle this?

No need to wait. We are the authorities.

[alarm blaring]

[beeping] Attention! This is not a drill!

Ellen: I repeat, this is not a drill!

Ellen: Attention! This is not a drill!

Ellen: I repeat, this is not a drill!

Ellen: The zoo perimeter have been sealed off for the safety of our zoo personnel and for our other animals.

Attention! This is not a drill!

I repeat, this is not a drill!

Ellen: The zoo perimeter have been sealed off for the safety of our zoo personnel and for our other animals.

Please seek immediate shelter in a secure and locked facility!

Attention! This is not a drill!

Attention! This is not a drill!

I repeat, this is not a drill!

Ellen: The zoo perimeter have been sealed off for the safety of our zoo personnel.

Seek immediate shelter in a secure and locked facility!!

Okay everybody. Let's go into the feed storage shed right now.

[alarm blaring]

Don't get any bright ideas.

[alarm blaring]

[alarm blaring] ♪ I don't like that. Parrot: I don't like that.

What are you doing? Parrot: What are you doing?

Stop it! Parrot: You stop it!

That siren means a dangerous animal escaped.

Parrot: Escaped! Escape! Escape!

Come on. You can help me lock up.

[alarm blaring]


When can we unlock the doors?

As soon as they secure whatever animal has escaped.

[alarm blaring]


Okay. Get down from there.

[monkeys screeching]


It's too late!

[monkeys screeching]


[hog squealing]

Go this way! [monkey screams]



Go up! Go up! Go up!


Give me your hand!

[hog squealing]



Ellen: I don't care what your standard procedure is!

No! We cannot wait that long!

We could be dead!

And so could the animals!

Fine! Call me back! I'm not going anywhere!

Oh, sweetie.

Sweetie, didn't mommy tell you never to eavesdrop on her while she's at work?

Are the animals gonna hurt us?

Some of the monkeys got out.

Bad monkeys?

They're just sick.

But I'm not bad when I'm sick. Why are they?

I don't know.

I don't think the monkeys know why either.

Are they going to hurt Kifo?

We need to protect him! -No! Sweetie, Sweetie.

Kifo wants me to protect you.

He told you that?

Yes, he did.



[whispers] Sweetie.


Want to go back to the play room?

Let's go.

[animal cries]


[birds chirping] [rumbling]

We should get help.

Quiet! Did those monkey come back?

[stomping] [growl]

Oh my god!





Please! No!


Watch out!

[growling] [screaming]

[screaming] ♪


[screeching tires] [honking]


Kyle: Help! somebody help me!


Kyle: Shoot him!

Help me! -[cocks gun/gunshot]


[gunshots] [screaming/crying]

[screaming] Help me! [gunshots continue]


Careful, don't hit the girl.

Thanks! [cocks gun]

I'm going for the brain.

[screaming]Will someone please shot it? [gunshot]


Amber! You okay?

Oh my god!

No, no, no! You're okay.

You're okay. You're fine.

[crying] I could have been in a soup kitchen. or helping the bums clean up trash. But no!

I thought it was so cleaver coming here to serve my time in a stupid petting zoo.

It's okay.

I'm gonna die here.

No, no, no, no. Amber, you're going to be okay.

You're going to be fine.

I thought my mom was going to kill me for getting arrested but [hyperventilating]

I don't have to worry about that now, do I?

Somebody help me over here.

[Amber crying] -You're okay.

[radio] Ellen: Rex! Come in. Where are you?


Ellen, we have more dead. Both people and animals.

Rex: How soon could we expect to get help from the outside?

The police have informed me that they need to wait for the CDC before they can approach the zoo.

Ellen: The CDC reps are on their way. But they are coming from Atlanta.

And it maybe be at least three hours.

Okay. By that time it maybe to late!

I mean, this thing might spread across the whole zoo by that time.

No! Chelsea assured that the Aviary is safe and secure.

That no monkeys are getting in there.

This isn't about the monkeys, Ellen.

Something crazy is infecting this whole zoo.

Lizzy thinks it affecting their brains.

Their brains?

Rex, please.

Just get to the watchtower and we will wait this out until the CDC arrives.

Okay. What if I run into any animals along the way?

I never thought I would say this, but...shoot to kill.

I can't take anymore chances of anybody getting hurt.

Ellen: We've already lost enough life.


Rex, not all the animals have turned.

We shouldn't turn this zoo into some kind of safari poaching expedition.

We won't have to if we don't confront the animals directly.

I don't trust these people.

They're going to protect us.

Please, Gage. Just come with me.

What? Out of the zoo?

All of the animals have a tracking chip implanted.

See these two yellow dots right here?

These are giraffes. Even the dead ones.

Either you're coming with me or I'm going by myself.

So by tracking all the animals, that includes the birds too, right?

Not all of them.

That's too dangerous.

That Aviary is huge. if this virus infects just one of those birds and it flies out of here--

I know, I know.

Well knowing about something and doing it are two different things.

If we run fast the animals can't catch us. Come on! That is a suicide mission.

[distant growling] And you're better off with them? I don't think so. -Yes!

[growling] [amber screams]



Amber: Help us! [gunshots]


Rex, prop his head up.

Oh my god! am I starting to turn into one of those things?

No. We don't even know if what they have affects humans.

[panicked] Gage: But what if it does? What if I become one of them?

Then I attack you! And maybe I'll try and kill you!

Okay. Look, look, look. We'd just have to kill you first, buddy, okay?

[engine starts]

Sorry, I'm not ready to die.

[screeching tires] Hey, hey, hey! Come back!

[screeching tires]

With all of our equipment.

I want to help the animals.

Honey, even I don't know how to help the animals.

Use your telescope.

I don't have a telescope.

You mean my microscope?

That's what I said.


[police radio] Air support, coming in!

[police radio] Don't see any activity yet.


[police radio] Perimeter secure.

Ellen: Hagfish theory... claims endangered animals have the choice to choose their destiny to either evolve or go extinct.

But evolve into what? -[interrupts] Mommy!


One lump or two?

Um. [chuckles]

None, because you are the sugar I need.

Thank you, my dear. [phone rings]


Oh, thank God!

Yes, I have told everyone in my staff to stay away from animals.

But there are people out there that are scared.

Yes, I will check right now.

Okay. Alright, so we got two flashlights.

One swiss army knife and a gun with five round in it.

What about your walkie?

It's in the jeep. Which your girlfriend took.

She's not my girlfriend.

Who cares who's girlfriend she is!

Because of her we have no transport. No way to contact Ellen.

[elephant trumpeting] No, no, no.

Elephants are friendly.

See. Told you.

[whispers] Yeah, well how do you know it's not infected.

Elephants don't have any natural predators.

It stands to reason that the infected will leave them alone.

And if they leave the elephants alone...

They'll stay away from us too.

Oh well, take your pick, kids.

We have never had an animal escape before.

And I don't expect one now!

[police on radio] Alright, ma'am. Let's just calm down.

Now, has any employee exited the zoo?

No! No one has left.

That's good.

I'm gonna need everyone to stay inside.

Right now we cannot take any chances.

I have told everyone to stay on the premisses. -Hold on, ma'am.

No, no, no. Do not put me on hold again!



[swat radio] Tango, this is bravo team.

[beep] [swat radio] Moving in.

[radio] Copy that. Weapons hot. Everyone check your corners.

[radio] We don't know what we're going to run into down here.

[radio] Eyes up.

[radio] There it is. You're on point.

[radio] Keep it tight. Stay together.

Go, go, go.

[growl] -[radio] What are we looking for down here?

[radio] What's that over there?

[radio] I thought I heard something.

[radio] Moving in.

[radio] Ellen: if you can hear me, pull your men out! Now!

[swat team radio] What the hell is that?


[screaming] [[gunshots]

[swat radio] It's not going down!

It's not going down!


[screaming] Oh God! I'm in so much, Aah!

[birds chirping] ♪

Are we safe here?

Safe enough.

How much is enough?

If the animals want to get out of here badly enough, it's gonna take more than bullets to stop them.


[birds chrirping]


Im - I'm going to check on the parakeets.

You go do that.



[radio] Ellen: Come in, Rex.


[radio] Ellen: Why aren't you on your way to the watchtower?


[radio] Ellen: Why are you leaving the zoo?

Rex you can't leave! I need you here!

[screeching tires]



Hey! Help me! help me, please! Please! Open the gate.


Hello! Please help me!

Help me!

Amber! Where is everyone?

Ellen: Answer me!

No! You're gonna answer me! You're going to open the god damn gate. Let me out of here!

Ellen: Amber, where is Rex?

He's probably dead by now and I will be too if you don't open the gate!

I can't do that!

Amber: Yes you can!


Amber: Hello?

Amber: Are you gonna help me?

Amber, look to you left.

Amber: Are you gonna help me?

What do you see?

Just open the gate!

Ellen: Amber, get out of there now!

I am not going back there.

Just open the gate!

Amber, NOW!

I'll scale the walls if I have to.





[growling] [screaming]


What's that Kifo?

You want more tea?

I think you had enough.


That's impossible.

[beeping continues]

I would have seen it if there was an animal in here.

Sweetie, did you see...


[door creeks]

Thea: What's that?

You want to invite Mr. Koala to the tea party?


[animal calls]

[koala grunts/groans] Mr. Koala?

[Koala groans]






[screaming] Thea!

[beeping] ♪ Please! Please! [beeping]

[screaming] [banging]

Please! Please work!

[breathing heavily]

[Ellen crying]

I don't want to play with my animals anymore.


[elephants trumpeting]

Ssh! Not so loud.

It's okay. They're just marking their territory.

Hey Rex.

I know this is my first day on the job but I want a raise.

Just take my job. I'm retiring.

What's wrong?

I'm not sure.

How easy is it to break into the Aviary?

Aviary is a solid steel cage.

It's secure.

As secure as this place was?

Let's get out of here.

[elephant trumpeting] Come on, girl. -Let's go.

[elephant trumpeting] It's okay.

My elephant's scared too.

Is there something on the ground?

[animal cries] [rustling]

It's not in the ground.

It's in the trees.

[animal cries]

[panicked trumpeting]


Rex! Look out!

No, no, no! Aah!




[screaming] ♪



No! Oh my god!

[monkeys screeching] -No! [screaming]

[animal cries]

Are you guys alright?

Yeah, thanks.

Hey what did you shoot at those things?

It's a rocket gun I have left over from the independence day firework show.

Have you got any spare around amount of bullets?

Quick! Get them inside before they come back!

Watch his leg! Watch his leg!

Lizzy: We can lift him together. Come on. -Slow. Slow. Slow. Slow.

[Rex grunting] -Take him by the table by the window.

Okay. [grunts]

You're okay, mate.

Watch his leg.


Hey! AJ close the door! What are you trying to do? Let all the animals in?!

Of course not.


Guys, I think these cuts are getting infected.

Come with me. I have some ointments and antibiotics back here.

Lizzy: Thank God.

You'll be okay. Just hang in there, alright?


Just a little more.

You think I'm going to turn into one of those monsters?

No, man. You'll be fine.

Alright. You're good, brother.

[groans] -Hang in there, Rex.

This might hurt a little bit.

[screaming] -Sorry. [groans]

Look, I don't care if you put us in a quarantine chamber for the next ten years!

You have to get us out of here!

When can I expect that?

No! Two hours? No, no, no, no. Please.


Wait, wait, wait.

What are you doing, mommy?

Trying to figure out what is changing these animals and how we can stop it.

When can't stop them.

Until they get what they want.

What do they want?

Isn't it obvious?

They want to get rid of us.

Are you sure you're okay? And the birds are fine?

[phone] Chelsea: We're okay. I'm babysitting buddy boy here.

Chelsea: Luckily nothing got in except for a rat.

And you can imagine how long it lasted with all the birds and prey here.

Just, everybody is very concerned about you, and that's-

Do I tell you how to handle you Gorilla?

No, no. I wasn't implying that you are not capable of handling the Aviary.

Dax, we're on lock down. We're not going anywhere.

Neither are my birds. I got this!

[hangs up]

[clears throat]

Chelsea says, "Hello".

And that the birds are fine.


Is this our only mode of transportation?

I think it's safe to say the tram had it's last service run a while ago.

What about the zip line?

I saw it from Ellen's office. It goes from the watchtower--

[interrupts] Down to the kanga grounds. Which aren't that far from here.

No, no, no, no, no!

Guys, that zip line is none operational. We cannot use that.

Doesn't have the proper safety equipment attached.

It's not happening.

Gage: So, what are our options?

Dax: Well, we wait.

Gage: Wait here so those things get us?

Dax: You got any better ideas , brainiac?

Be careful, that's sharp. We use it to cut Bamboo.

At least it's something to protect ourselves with.

Other than just screaming at the animals.

We need to get to that Aviary.

Not with your broken leg.

We cannot let anything happen to those birds.

As stubborn as Chelsea is, she can't handle an outbreak if anything happens.

We gotta get there.

I'll go.

By yourself?

Why not?

Wait! You guys. We should stay together.

I mean, think about, we're safe here.

We have plenty of food. We have plenty of water.

And most importantly, we have--

[beeping] -Look.

Lizzy: The animals are closing in on us.

Dax: Shit! I got to get out there!

I don't think that's such a good idea. -Excuse me, intern.

This is my sanctuary and I decide what's good.

Daxton! The kid has a point. Don't go!

You don't understand.

None of you do. Kifo is more then just a gorilla!

He is the only animal of his kind still left alive on this planet!

I'm not gonna be here just to watch-- -Daxton!



Hey buddy.

What's going on, man? How you feeling?

Oh, no.

Kifo is turned.


Easy! Easy!

[roar] Hey! Hey!

[roar] [crash/scream]


[roar] [crack]

Kifo! Please! No, no, no! Kifo!


[whisper's] Rex.

Lizzy, I need you to make me a promise.

Don't let any bird or any other animal get out of the park. You understand?

But I-- -Don't.


But- -Promise me.

I promise.

You're coming with us.

I can't out run them, Lizzy.

Then stay here and we'll come back for you.

[breathing heavily]

Don't do this.

I know my purpose.

And you go out and figure out yours, okay?

No. -You'll be okay.

You go.

[roar] [screaming]




No! This way!

Why don't we just go the way we came?

Get out of here! I can't hold him much long! Go!

They have us surrounded.

Hurry! Quick!

[grunts] ♪



No, no, no!



Come on! Go, go, go.

How do we get out of here?

Up those rocks.

Come on. Let's go.



Shit! Come!


Come on! Come on!


Guys, come here! Come here!


Okay. Come, let's go.

Come on. Come on. This way!

Is that area clear?

I don't see any animals.

Then again, they can be in hiding.

How you like your internship so far, boys?

Did you go to college?

Didn't even graduate High School.

Why did you do that to yourself?

Why do you make your life harder then it needs to be?

All I ever wanted is to be left alone.

That's why I chose security.

People usually walk the other way when they see me coming.

Lizzy: It's fine by me.

I don't need anybody to like me.

I kinda like you.

No you don't.

Yeah, you're right.

I don't.


Look, I need your help.

Rex made me promise not to let any of the animals escape the zoo.

Especially the birds.

We're gonna have to kill them.

They're just birds.

But they can get infected.

That's another even better reason to set them free.

And what's to stop the birds from pecking at the changed animals even once we've freed them?

By that logic, we should kill every single living creature living on the planet.

If those animals get out of the zoo, we may be forced to do just that.

Shh! Listen.

You hear that?

Is that the police?

It's Amber.

Let's go -Let's go.



[shouting] Amber!

Amber! Amber, Stop!


Oh my god!

I want to go home to my mom.

[spitting] -Whoa!

No, no, no. You're going to - you're going to be okay.

Gage. Hey.

She may have left us behind. But at least she had the decency to come back.

We need to get her body out the car.

We can give her a proper burial later.


Grab her feet.


Security to Ellen. Are you there?

Lizzy! Where are you?

Ellen: Hang on. Let me switch to my phone. Come on, sweetie.

We're by the gorilla sanctuary.

[phone] Lizzy: Things got a little crazy.

You have no idea how crazy it's been getting over here.

How's Rex doing?

I'm sorry, Ellen. Rex didn't make it.

Ellen: Lizzy.

I want you to get all the interns and I want you to get out of the zoo.

Ellen: When you get to the gate, call me and I will unlock it.

What about the CDC?

I don't care.

I am not waiting for them anymore.

And I don't care what they do. I don't care if they arrest me.

I'm getting us out of here alive.

Ellen: i will go to the Aviary and I will get Chelsea and Ricky.

Wait a minute, Lizzy?


Where did you say you were?

The gorilla sanctuary.

It's safe?

No. Nowhere in this zoo is safe.

Get in your jeep and drive now!

Ellen, what is it? -Ellen: Lions!

Ellen? -Ellen: [static] surrounds... [static] Get out [static].


Ellen: Gosh! Hurry! -We've got a problem.



I'll drive.

[revving engine]




Take this!

Well, I'm never a very good shot.

So get better at it.



Gage: I dropped a shell.

[roar] [screaming]

[grunts] Lizzy! Lizzy!


I got it!

[gunshot] ♪ AJ: Yeah!

Good job!


[screeching tires] [screaming]



Come on.

I think I know a way out of here.

Chelsea: Ellen, we're perfectly fine.

You know how strong the Aviary is.

I can't just release these endangered animals into the wild and risk their extinction.

We risk our own extinction if those birds get with the infected animals have in their systems.

I checked the brain matter of a koala that attached Thea.

Ellen: There is an enzyme in the brain cortex that I have never seen before.

I am getting this samples to the CDC.

And Chelsea, I need you to release the birds.

Ellen: And don't go anywhere until I come and get you.

What's wrong?

Parrot: [whistles] What's wrong?

The birds. Ellen wants me to set all the birds free.

How do we do that? Parrot: How do we do that?

I can automatically open the roof. We do it sometimes for cleaning but it's not very practical.

Do you need help with that?

Parrot: Help with that. Help with that.

Shut up.

[parrot mimicking Ricky] -Can I please set this bird free first?

Come on. You can let him out over here.

Guys! Wait! -AJ hurry! We need to get to the Aviary!

Before it's too late.

We're not gonna make it on time! -Yes we will!

No we won't! -AJ, calm down.

No! The birds are going to get infected and escape from the zoo and kill everyone!

[roar] -Ssh! Listen.

[animal cries]

What is that?

Something big.



We gotta go now!

Why are they acting like that?

Chelsea: I don't know.

It's like they're trying to get away from something.


I knew it.

The zip line was exactly like the one I used during my summer in Hawaii.

But Rex said it wasn't completed yet.

It's close enough. The grappling hooks are already installed.

Where are the body harnesses?

We're just going to have to hold on, alright?

Oh my god! It's high.

Look. The reservoir is slick. The momentum is going to carry us all the way across.

Just focus on the watchtower until we get to the other side.

Can't we just hike? -No!

We either leave now and get away. Or we stay and get taken by--

[roar] -Now!



Ah! I need your help! It's breaking.



Hold on!


[screaming] -Lizzy: AJ!



You okay?

Come on. Come on.

Stay here! Do not move!

Quick! Both of you come!


We gotta go! -Now!

Come on! We gotta go!



We're going down to the basement, right now!

We can get out through the garage. -What if they're down there too?

We're going to kill them before they kill us.

You remember those gas can I wanted you to count?

You want me to do inventory now?

No! We're going to use them.


Quick! We don't have much time!

We need to get to the utility closet.


Grab as much as you can carry!

[cocks gun]

[cocks gun] ♪

[cocks gun]

Okay. When the birds are free, we'll use the gas cans.

You're going to set the Aviary on fire.

Do I have a choice?

It's us or them.

My grandfather would be so disappointed.

No he wouldn't.

You're doing the right thing.

You're keeping us alive.


[beep] Ellen to Aviary.

Is anyone in there?

This doesn't look right.

Well maybe they set all the birds free and left.

Gage, you stay with Thea. -Mommy! No!

Honey, i have to go check on the bird lady to make sure she's okay.

No you don't.

We'll go.

If anything happens I need you to set fire to the Aviary.

Even if you're still in it?


In case it's locked.

And be careful.

If anything happens, promise me you'll destroy the Aviary.

[knocking] Is anybody in there?

Ricky: Help me!

That's Ricky.




Ricky! Where are you?

Where are the birds?

Voice: Help me.

Voice: Help!

Come over here.


They're going to chew their way out of there.

Whatever happens, stay inside.


[thud] [grunts]


Voice: Help me! Help me!


Voice: Help me!

Help me.

Help me!

Oh my god.

Help me! Help me!

Help me! Help me! Help me!

Help me! Help me!

[gasping] It's nesting in me.

[indistinct dialogue]

Chelsea: It's nesting in me.

Oh my god. -It's nesting in me!

[various birds chirping]

We gotta get outta here.







[crying] I'm so sorry, Grandpa.

I tried. I really tried.





Nice! Yes!

It feels so good right now.



Where are they all going?


She already started.



[knocking] [not audible]



[screeching tires]


Get in!


We're not done here yet.

The fire won't reach them on time.


Pull up the truck as close as you can to the Aviary.


Just do it! Please! Trust me!





[glass shattering]

What are you doing? -Keeping a promise.





[cocks gun]





He doesn't look very happy.


Let's go! -Run!



We're almost there!

We're almost there.


Ellen: Go! Go!

Okay. Okay. We can get up! We can get up! One at a time!

Gage, help them over the gate.

Lizzy! -Just go!



[roar] -Lizzy!

Go! No!

No! [screams]


No! Kifo! No!



[helicopter approaching]

My grandfather, trusted me with his dream and...

I ruined it.

My whole life all I wanted to do was save endangered animals.

You still did that, mommy.

I did?

You saved our lives.

For that, I think your grandfather would be very proud.

Yeah, I hope so.


I don't think I'll ever get use to flying.

So, get better at it.